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Nick Young The Thriller: Sweet Moves, Sweet Hair

Updated: December 22, 2010

That move. I saw Nick Young pull out that sweet, tricky move against the Charlotte Bobcats on Monday night. It was slick. It was sweet like bear meat. It was smooth enough to match …

… Nick’s hair style after the game:

Which, of course, reminded me of this:

Which, of course, led to this:

Nick Young The Thriller … Keep doing what you do kid.

  • bgalella

    You have to admit his haircut is pretty sweet.

  • jtshoopsblog

    Eeeeeyew!!! Nick Young is sportin’a jherri curl. That nasty!!! No girl will wanna touch his hair that’s for sure

  • larry smith

    All black folk’s don’t have nappy hair. Nick Young was born with good hair. Check out his parent’s, and his brother’s hair. And look at Young hair in high school, look at his movie, it’s all natural.

  • Money


  • Ken Williams

    So Larry, why does this mean that Young’s hair is “good”? Why is nappy hair considered bad?