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POLL: What Should We Believe About Gilbert Arenas?

Updated: December 7, 2010

Last Friday against the Portland Trailblazers, the decision was made to bring Gilbert Arenas off the bench. After missing four out of six games and then coming off the bench versus Toronto, it was time for John Wall to start. But next to Kirk Hinrich and Alonzo Gee at the wings instead of Arenas? It seemed curious at a minimum. So, speculation, contributed to by myself and others, ran away with itself … because what else are we to do with curiosities? Feed the algorithm monster with pixels I suppose.

“Well, Hinrich IS Ernie Grunfeld’s darling (Arenas ain’t) … and maybe the team would rather get Wall and Hinrich used to playing next to each other for the next couple of seasons” — (even though Hinrich is likely to bolt D.C. as fast as Mike Miller did, probably back to Chicago when his contract runs out after the 2011-12 season … if he’s not traded before then).

“Maybe Flip Saunders wants Arenas’ scoring off the bench since Nick Young missed the Blazers game due to what was reported to be a thigh contusion.”

“Maybe the ‘Arenas and Wall can work together’ idea is being phased out.” — (amid rampant Arenas trade rumors that have been vehemently denied by Ted Leonsis)

“Maybe Flip Saunders was just grasping for straws with lineup changes on struggling team.”

“Maybe … who knows?”

None of these are attributable quotes, just meaningless, speculative phrasing.

The Washington Post’s Michael Lee wrote:

“Now that Wall and Arenas are healthy, Saunders still starts Alonzo Gee? Nothing against Gee — he’s a solid, blue-collar guy — but he has gone from not playing in San Antonio to starting for the Wizards. But are the Wizards really in a position where they can have an $18-million sub?”

Point is, people, media included, seem to want to see Arenas and Wall on the court together … and that becomes more prevalent with the sanctity of starting at hand, even though simply starting in an NBA game can be rather meaningless.

For better or worse, it was taken that no matter what Flip Saunders’ “reason” was after that Blazers game, inquiring minds would be less inclined to actually believe it. Then again, with all that’s gone on with Arenas, is it really that big of a deal that he’s making $18 million to come off the bench? I’d be inclined to say no … and that Wizards fans are probably just glad that he’s doing something, anything on the court to earn his pay.

But let’s go ahead to Flip Saunders’ answer after the Portland game about Arenas coming off the bench anyway:

“He’s talked a lot. He’s been talking a lot with Sam, he mentioned it to me earlier in the year. He mentioned to Sam that he wanted to come off the bench, and he thought that he could have more of an impact, you know, for the team at that point. Now I think that when reality came to do that, I don’t know if he was so sold on it at that point, you know” … {mildly chuckles} …  “But he came in, especially with Nick being out because of his contusion of his leg, we had offensive firepower we could bring off the bench and match up against their guys and get some points from that second group.”

The ball is in your court, Gilbert. What say you?

“I don’t mind right now.” -Gilly

Whatever that means. But what do you think, reader of this site? You see the man’s face spitting out his own words…

  • Are we to think that this is actually eating Arenas up inside, because we’ve been told over and over again in the past that he’s got a big ego … one that this probably doesn’t sit well with?
  • OR, is Arenas more of a changed, lesson learned person who understands what his role is now, and he’s just willing to do whatever to play basketball because he lost so much court time due to injury/suspension?
  • OR, is Gil just shutting up doing what he’s told because he has no leeway?

What do you believe?

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