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Scenes From The Baseline: Wizards 104 – Pacers 90

Updated: December 30, 2010

Maybe it’s a good omen that the Wizards won their last home game in 2010 as we go from the year of the tiger to the year of the rabbit in 2011. Great, more missed bunnies at the rim … kidding.

So let’s begin to kick-off the new year on a more positive note by looking back at some of the pictures from Wednesday night’s 104-90 win versus the Indiana Pacers that I took from the baseline. But first…

Congrats to Jennifer Lin, who was the first to correctly answer the Twitter Trivia for free tickets to the game (courtesy of StubHub), which was:

In Wizards-Bullets franchise history, 6 players from U. of Maryland have been drafted by the team. Name 3 of them.

Jennifer’s answers were Steve Blake (’03), Juan Dixon (’02) and Lawrence Boston (’78). Len Elmore (’74), Howard White (’73) and Will Hetzel (’70) were also franchise draftees from UMD-College Park.

Pictures with captions.

This is when Mike Dunleavy Jr. knocked Josh Howard down with his laser eyes because Howard was kicking a tiny Tyler Hansbrough in the head.

I call this the Double Costanza. It’s an obscure American phrase that depicts guys who can’t jump that high off the ground, which is happening twice here with Psycho-T and Every-Once-In-A-While-Over-The-Course-Of-7-Days-Dray.

Two possibilities here: 1) Dunleavy is using centripetal force to get around Andray Blatche’s screen, 2) Andray is a stripper pole.

This is Duke’s Josh McRoberts trying to slowly back away from an imaginary bear. Hilton Armstrong is trying to run and push him toward that bear.

Isn’t it funny how at sporting events people are encouraged to yell for no good reason? (With a focus on the word ‘good’.) For instance, in the picture below, the young lady handing out free Chipotle burritos withheld a burrito from this young boy until he yelled for it. But is that the right thing to be encouraging America’s youth to do? … Yelling for things? Isn’t that how we ended up with Glenn Beck?

Anyway, I ‘spose, what else would people do for a free burrito at a live athletic competition where getting loud encourages the team? A talent show? That’d take way too long. Then she gave him the burrito.

This is Nick Young fighting through close to a gazillion opponents for a rebound … he had nine boards on the night, which isn’t a career high, but we’ll call it a career high anyway, because it actually is.

Nick, doing the same thing here, except against only nine opponents. Still pretty tough though.

Vodka farts are the worst … gots to air them joints out … but does Dray have to do it during the game?

When Nick Young draws a charge, it puts intensity on the faces of witnesses.

Who says American players straight out of high school don’t have European fundamentals? Here, 31-year old Rashard Lewis puts on a text book display of flopping to draw a charge call. He even yelled and stuff, I heard him. (Also notice the Sean Elliott technique with the heels of his feet over the restricted area.)

I don’t proclaim to have heard or to telepathically know the exact phrase Tyler Hansbrough was thinking here, but I’d imagine it to be, “Oh, Heavens no!!?” (said in the flabbergasted, ranging-pitched voice of a heavy-set Southern lady with flabby arms).

The trick is … and that’s just it. I wanted to start some caption with “The trick is …” but then I didn’t really think it through after that. Here’s a flying Cartier Martin.

Mike Dunleavy didn’t get the joke here. I didn’t either. Wasn’t able to hear, but I think the exact phrasing included the words “dude”, “goofy” and “white” … but not necessarily in that order.

There’s a man … he’s in this blue outfit with huge muscles, perhaps steroid/anger induced … I can’t see his eyes … and I think, I think he has a gun … and there are all these scantily clad women around … [It’s pretty much a ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ from here.]

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