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ShareBullets: Gilbert Arenas’ Shoes

Updated: December 17, 2010

Some pics, commentary and links …

First, congrats goes to Tom Yi for winning two lower-level tickets to tomorrow’s Wizards-Heat game thanks to StubHub. Tom was the first to respond via email with the correct answer to the following Twitter Trivia question: “Name the last Washington Wizard to achieve 20 or more rebounds in a game.”

The answer, along with other Wizards/Bullets who have achieved a 20-plus rebound game since the 1986-87 season, can be found courtesy of

Tom writes about his Wizards fandom:

“I’ve been a big Wizards fan since moving up to the DC area after college.  I try and watch as many games as I can and read up on the blogs.  Truth About It and Bullets Forever are great.  My 5-year-old son and I are big Gilbert Arenas fans, but are still hoping he can regain his Agent Zero form.  We are patiently waiting for the young players to develop.  We are not big fans of LeBron to say it mildly so this is added incentive to cheer on the Wizards!”

The runner-up, David Thompson, will receive a pair of Wizards cufflinks thanks to

DCist column & Gil’s shoes.

My column this week at the DCist is called ‘Patience With The Impatient’ … it’s about the Wizards, you should check it out.

SLAM Online has a post highlighting the fact that Gilbert Arenas wore his Under Armour Micro G Supreme PE shoes against the Nets last night. Arenas has been seen wearing Under Armour shoes at times this year, but sporadically at best. SLAM mentions that he wore them in his second game of the season against the Cavaliers, but SLAM doesn’t mention that Arenas only wore them in the second half.

The website, Sole Collector, back in early November, claimed that Arenas would soon be wearing Under Armour shoes all the time. That didn’t really happen. CNBC’s Darren Rovell chimed in to assure people that Arenas wasn’t being paid a dime by Under Armour. [Click here for more.]

Before the Portland Trailblazers game in Washington on December 3, Arenas sported his Under Armour’s during pre-game warm-ups, but then changed to some Jordan 10s when it came time to play (the ones pictured above). After the game, I asked Gilbert about his shoe situation:

Were you just wearing the Under Armours for pre-game, or what was the deal with the switch in shoes?

Arenas: “I was wearing the Under Armours and I forgot the sole, so I said, ‘You know what, let me just wear these shoes and I’m going to wear them next time out.'”

Well, there are rumors, or reports out there that you were affiliated with Under Armour. Not signed by them, but some sort of …

Arenas: “You know, right now I don’t know. I’m just wearing shoes that I like from when I was a kid since I have so many at home that I collect and all, so I said, ‘You know what, let me start wearing them.’”

And that was that. Who knows who to believe, and it’s not that big of a deal in the first place, but something for you shoe lovers to keep an eye on going forward.


“I feel that some of these players do need to sit and watch the game and they’ll learn, because they are not learning by playing. We’re 20-something games and we’re not learning. Some players need to learn, sit, watch what veterans do, then go in. When everyone’s young, there’s no sitting.” Gilbert Arenas after the loss to New Jersey


Bethlehem Shoals on Arenas:

“Sports radio loves to talk about players who “get it”. In that universe, Arenas never did “get it”. Now, he “gets it”, except “it” isn’t about killer instinct or locker room chemistry. He never really did play by those rules — he was “an assassin” to the point of absurdity, and we all know what his idea of a lively locker room led to. That doesn’t mean, though, that others can’t learn from him, whether or not they brought a Desert Eagle to the Verizon Center. Gilbert Arenas says these things not because he could give a fuck less, or in hopes of making us all weepy on his behalf. He does it because he doesn’t have any choice. He’s always been incapable of self-censoring, and perhaps was a bit too honest at times. The difference is, these days there’s real substance to what he’s selling.”

[Free Darko]

Speaking of shoes, when asked about all of John Wall’s nagging injuries, Kobe suggested that John Wall buy Nikes. Yikes … can’t be good for Reebok. First, the design concept they came up with for Wall is pretty ugly, now people are starting to speculate that they could be hurting his feet.
[DC Sports Bog]

An unexpectedly good column on LeBron and his hatred by design by Thom Loverro.
[Washington Examiner]

A lot said here by Mike Prada.
[Bullets Forever]

Because of ownership, the Wizards should never be compared to the Clippers.
[202 Sports Blog]

The lawsuit filed by a gun dealer against Gilbert Arenas has been dismissed.

Holy mother of revisionist history indeed … RE: New York, LeBron & Amar’e Stoudemire.

Hunter Smith and the Lawsuit Generation.
[DC Sports Bog]

The JaVale McGee experience, a very long video compilation:

[via Free Darko & Outside The NBA]

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