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Wizards-Heat Play of the Game, and Gilbert Arenas To Orlando Trade Rumors

Updated: December 1, 2010

The Wizards take on the Raptors in Toronto tonight, still aiming to win their first road game of the year … and they’ll be doing it without Hilton Armstrong.

In a November 24 poll, when the Wizards were 0-6 on the road instead of the current 0-8, 33-percent of voters said the Wizards would notch their first road win tonight against the Raps. My dad recently told me that he thought the Wiz would get their first roadie in Sacramento — in that case, you’ll have to wait until December 8, when the Wizards would face the Kings with an 0-11 record on the road. The NBA: Where Amazing Happens.


Let’s look back and break down the play of the night from Monday’s game versus the Miami Heat. This one involves none other than Gilbert Arenas and Andray Blatche running a pick-and-roll, one where Blatche actually rolls to the basket. Imagine that.

Also imagine something else for a second … the Orlando Magic discussing a Vince Carter for Arenas swap with the Wizards, at least this is what’s being reported by the Orlando Pinstripped Post (h/t: Bullets Forever), also indicating that the trade could involve Blatche, Rashard Lewis and Daniel Orton as well.

Immediate thoughts:

  1. I’m not surprised this report surfaced — just a couple days ago the Orlando Sentinel reported that the Magic would be open to making a major trade with just about any team.
  2. The report seems to indicate that Orlando is reaching out to Ernie Grunfeld and the Wizards. I’d be curious to see just how stingy Grunfeld is; perhaps thinking that he might be holding the cards, I wouldn’t be surprised if he asks for/holds out for something most favorable to Washington financially. And I wouldn’t be surprised if nothing develops because of this. Orlando has no real reason to add payroll for Arenas, so Washington holds no cards, they’re just an available option. Then again, raise your hand if you think Orlando can really win a title with Carter on their roster. He’s not much more than expiring contract trade bait at this point.
  3. And I’d agree with Mr. Prada’s assessment at Bullets Forever: Rashard Lewis and his contract would not be an ideal acquisition to replace a departing Blatche, even if his three point shooting would spread the floor for Wall. Lewis would be a big step-down from Blatche’s meager low post presence … imagine that as well.
  4. Sending Arenas and perhaps Blatche within the division could blow up in Grunfeld’s face … but then again, “it’s a business”, so intra-divisional trades should not be the hold up for a rebuilding team like the Wizards.
  5. The report says that no one knows what could be holding up the trade, but I have an idea of something that could be a factor — how much would it take to buy-out Carter and never, ever see him in a Washington professional basketball uniform?
  6. If  the trade were to go down … c’est la vie … But it would  be funny (in a horrific way) if Arenas and Blatche went on to help Orlando win a title while all Wizards fans got was an injury-prone John Wall (okay, I shouldn’t even go there).
  7. If Arenas ends up departing, perhaps it was a sign that Ted Leonsis really chose his words carefully when asking Washington to re-embrace Arenas … because an “embrace” is also usually the last thing people exchange before they part ways for good.
  8. But via Michael Lee on Wizards Insider, Leonsis responded to the trade rumor in an email by saying, “It isn’t true. I wouldn’t tell you if it was true but I am telling you that it is not true.” — But that doesn’t exactly mean phone conversations weren’t had and that such an option is completely dead.
  9. In the end, nothing is nothing until it happens … and that’s about all one can say at this point.

On to the play:

The Setting: Arenas is at the one (1), Nick Young at the two (2), Alonzo Gee at the three (3), Andray Blatche at the four (4) and JaVale McGee at the five (5).

The action begins when Young cuts over a Blatche screen and curls to the hoop.

As Blatche rotates, he goes to set a ball screen for Arenas.

As Arenas comes off the ball screen, McGee sets a down screen off the ball for Gee on the wing, and Nick Young cuts through to the right corner to clear space for Blatche on the left.

Arenas rises to shoot, but also sees Blatche rolling/cutting down the wide open lane. Blatche is so free because LeBron probably thinks Arenas is going to fire the shot, so he’s just watching the ball and casually paying attention to his man, Nick Young. Juwan Howard, old as he is, already hedged out too far on the screen and somewhat ran into Dwyane Wade (who himself takes defensive possessions off and was probably trailing Arenas just a little too much). Howard finds himself way behind the cutting Blatche. A pass is made.

Are you going to jump LeBron? What should you do?

Nope. 7-Day Dray Dunk.

And that was your Wizards-Heat play of the night.

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  • FYI …

    It’s unlikely that the Wizards will be able to get Road Win #1 in tonight’s game against the Raptors.

    If I had to take a guess, however, I’d say that it will most likely happen on one of the following 3 dates:

    Thu Dec 16 @ New Jersey
    Wed Jan 5 @ Philadelphia
    Thu Jan 13 @ Minnesota


  • With the #1 pick…

    why is it unlikely we get a win tonight against the raptors? They’re just as bad if not worse than us.

  • Robert

    I think the Wiz need to keep John Wall on the bench as the sixth man (like he is tonight against Toronto). As of right now, he does not know how to run an offense. His game is more suited for the bench – energy and fast breaks. His game is not suited for an offense that needs fluidity, motion, and ball movement. He also doesn’t get to the basket enoug in the half court. He’s just not very good at penetrating and elevating in traffic. 1 on 3 fast breaks are fine as the sixth man, but they are unacceptable when you’re the starting point guard. I’ve seen way too many of these from John Wall. It’s obvious that the offense is best when Gil is at one and nick young (even tho hes a ballhog) is at 2. Defense is obviously a different story though.

  • I’m quite certain that John Wall is injury prone because of his stupid Reebok’s and poor running form.

  • Orlando would be a good fit for Gilbert Arenas.

  • Sharon

    You all can send Gilbert elsewhere if you want because let me tell you, you think we are bad now??? Wall is not ready to be a leader of this team. The way he plays, he will be on injured reserve the most of the season. The persons that need to go are Hinrich and Flip. I am telling you, the coaching is the reason for this dismal season. He could not control the team when Jamison,Haywood and Butler were here, he couldn’t control the team when he coached for Detroit(the players all said it) and he was bounched for it. As long as Flip Saunders is coach, this is what we are going to see all season. Just wait and see.

  • Leo S

    thanks for the play breakdown Kyle. It gets us thru these downtimes. I am also suspect of Flip’s control and influence on the team. Even if shots are not falling, the D and help D has to pick up.

  • Sharon

    Flip sucks and as long as he is coach we are going to suck. With the players we have, there is no reason we should be this bad. Something isn’t right and I just can’t put my finger on it. I remember saying the same exact thing last year before the blow up of the team. I am telling you, Flip does not know how to get the best from this group of players.

  • henro99

    is flip really the problem? these dudes need to show some pride and heart and play some defense! i believe the wiz can score with the best of them but they play no d!
    btw – as much as i want gil here in DC, he will help get orlando a ‘chip.

  • Robert

    I agree with Sharon. Flip is a big problem. His choice of lineups stinks. The three guard lineup of wall, arenas, and hinrich should never ever be use. I realize Alonzo Gee is good at Defense, but come on, he is really going to start? It seems like a desperation move on Flip’s part, kind of like last year when Flip decided the over dribbling ball hog named Earl Boykins deserved 30 minutes a game. Flip is just a bad coach. Look at this wizards offense, then go look at the wizards offense when Eddie Jordan was running the show (3 years ago). I would be all in favor of firing flip, firing grunfeld, and re hiring Eddie Jordan.

    And yes, Flip is definitely one of the problems.

  • Incandescent Rex

    If they even think of trading Blatche we better be getting more value than Rashard frigging Lewis. Getting a guy whose older, plays no defense, AND scores less is not a step forward.