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POLL: Who Is Kirk Hinrich?

Updated: January 13, 2011

We may never know who Kirk Hinrich really is … at least personality-wise. Maybe that can mostly be summed up with three concepts: Basketball, Iowa, Coach’s Son. His game is beyond vanilla, but it isn’t flashy either. He is Kirk Hinrich … under the radar, yet completely noticeable.

Kirk is even more noticeable now that he plays with glasses. They now encapsulate his ‘flair’ … as much as a pair of Oakley spectacles can I suppose. But who is he? (In those glasses.)

On a recent ESPN Daily Dime chat session, friend of the blog and a proprietor of HoopSpeak, Beckley Mason, likened Hinrich’s glasses look to that of a character in the movie, Team America: World Police.

I can see it … and yes, I do wish Hinrich’s shades had a yellow tint to them. Him smoking a cigarette during the Wizards’ wacky new pre-game routine instead of participating would be a blogger’s dream bonus. (And yes, Hinrich probably has good reason to appear to not like a routine that involves players throwing their teammates (the game’s starters) out of a huddle before games … folks can get hurt that way.)

My first thought regarding Hinrich’s glasses went back to NBA big man, journeyman, Danny Schayes … who didn’t wear glasses his entire career either. Here are a couple pictures of Danny via the Internet.

Pretty distinguished company, in the least.

So who is Kirk Hinrich? Let us know in the poll below.

  • williesurvive

    Obviously he is the ONLY one one the team who knows the spread!!!!