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Reminder: JaVale McGee Can Get Up

Updated: January 3, 2011

I don’t know if this is the highest JaVale McGee has ever touched on a backboard, likely not. But by my rough calculations, McGee’s touching at least the 12-foot mark here, if not higher. Probably higher.

Now, that photo I took prior to the Wizards-Hornets game on Saturday might not be the most dynamic, basketball high-jumping photo I’ve ever taken in my brief career — that title still probably goes to the picture I took below at last July’s NBA Summer League in Las Vegas where Jason Rich, playing for the Golden State Warriors’ squad, appeared to be close to kissing the rim … during a game.

But this post was really just a reminder of something you already know … that JaVale McGee can get up.

Oh, and JaVale can also wave is hands in the air as if he were apathetic toward waving his hands in the air.

  • John Wall Fever

    need to make a gif of that 3-play sequence against NO where he had that awkward javal-fadeaway-scoop shot(?), ran back done the floor and then blocked a shot, and then ran back down the court again and followed up on a sick john wall drive by dunking completely in the cylinder. I think it happened in the 1st half…but man was it funny/ridiculous. Ahahah

  • Samson151

    Javale can ‘jump out the gym’, but that’s a camera angle effect you’ve captured there. Really can’t tell how high he got. Could be 12′, could be five or six inches less. Either way it’s really up there.

  • Kyle Weidie

    I hear ya on the camera angle Samson, but I also know, according to NBA backboard dimensions, that the top of the white box is 16 inches above 10 feet … and I’m guessing that his hand appears to be touching 6-8 inches above that … so if anything, it might be 11’10” … but definitely above 11’4″, plus the length of his hand over the white box … so that’s how I rounded to 12 feet.