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ShareBullets: A New Tattoo For DeShawn Stevenson

Updated: January 21, 2011

A Photoshop, links and commentary…

Who knows if it’s true … who cares? This isn’t a gossip site. All I know is that someone on Twitter directed me to some site called MediaTakeout that is relaying gossip about DeShawn Stevenson possibly being illegally married to two women at the same time. There’s really no “evidence” as the site advertises, aside from a 2003 marriage certificate to the supposed first wife, which neither proves he is still married to that woman nor married to another. Basically, all this is a bunch of noise (and the story looks to be from early December 2010, but you won’t be stopping me if you’ve already heard). So what do we do with noise sometimes? Why, we stuff it in the Photoshop Machine, ignore the fact that we have a hand in spreading the gossip (once it’s on the Internets, there’s free-reign captain), and come out with the below hypothetical.

Just what if, instead of Abraham Lincoln, Stevenson got a tattoo of Joseph Smith, Jr. on the front of his neck, founder of Mormonism and, of course, polygamist. It just might be a scenario meant for itself.

Another question worth posing … does this provide new nickname fodder for Stevenson? Big Love? Should we call him a regular Bill Pullman? These are the questions to which there are no known, or right answers. That’s life (for DeShawn Stevenson … “Mister 50 (percent)” … Hey! Double entendre!). Now go read some links.


Michael Lee brought the hammer down after the Wizards’ 20th road loss, via Wizards Insider:

“The Wizards like to talk about they play off the crowd at home, but Bradley Center wasn’t exactly what could be described as a hostile environment. The loudest boos of the night were when a guy walked around the arena wearing a Chicago Bears jersey. Former Bucks forward Yi Jianlian heard some light jeers when he scored in the first half, but there really was no need to fear the deer.”

[Washington Post]

Ted Leonsis warns that there will plenty of Celtics fans on hand for Saturday’s game, a sellout … and that he will not be doing the Dougie.
[Ted’s Take]

Wonder how many NBA basketball cards depict an old man catching his breath with his hands on his knees … an old man who was a former Washington Bullet (but pictured as a Philadelphia 76er) who is also the current head basketball coach at the University of the District of Columbia.
[Fat Shawn Kemp]

Rashad Mobley writes about loss number twenty.

Speaking of TAI’s Rashad, ‘the’ Questlove gave him a birthday shout out, which was yesterday for Mr. Mobley … he’s inching closer to being a man of a certain age.

Rashard Lewis is battling knee tendinitis, says it’s plagued him since Orlando. And actually, he’s seemed to have dealt with tendinitis his whole career, back to the Seattle days … so it’s not much of a surprise that at his age he’s dealing with it again. It was inevitable. Here’s to hoping he’s able to cope with it well.

Dan Steinberg is one of my absolute favs, but he found the laziest reason in the world to write a Wizards-related blog post.
[DC Sports Bog]

David Simon (of ‘The Wire’) goes tit-fot-tat with the Baltimore Police Commissioner.
[Warming Glow]

Arby’s could be up for sale … hopefully Ted Leonsis buys it brings one to D.C.

The problem with Redskins fans already hating the team potentially drafting Cam Newton is that if they have a chance to and don’t, he’ll probably win three MVP awards. Also, because selecting Cam Newton would be the most Redskinny/Danny Sndyer(ish) to do, and I like it for the irony. And probably also because the entire Redskins culture and environment could ruin Newton, which some people probably think he deserves with the whole check to the dad issue (at least Oregon and Alabama fans). And I say all of this as a Redskins fan. Why not keep swinging for the fences? (And missing.) Finally, I think guys like Mel Kiper Jr. mock draft Newton to Washington as a way to challenge the absurdity of Snyder.
[Hogs Haven]

Speaking of the SEC (in a sense), classic stuff on Florida’s Will Hill.

The band I feature in TAI videos sometimes, The Five One, they’re playing at the Black Cat in D.C. on February 11 … they’ll be joined by Violet Says 5 and The Mighty Heard.

Here’s another picture of the former Wizard for the heck of it.

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