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ShareBullets: Cracking The Rock

Updated: January 13, 2011

Figured a picture of Pookie via New Jack City was apropos considering the title of this post that features commentary and links…

But, unrelated, here are some pictures of Wizards…

The thought had entered my mind before Flip Saunders said something along the sentiment in his post-game press conference after the Wizards’ “thrilling” 136-133 overtime win over the Sacramento Kings on Tuesday. Could, in some strange way, a game almost blown several times over by the Wizards actually be good for the team going forward? Maybe, just maybe, if the Wizards fight through mistakes at home and win, despite emptying the entire chamber of bullets into their own feet, then perhaps they can get over that hump on the road. It’s all about Flip Saunders pounding that rock, I suppose, and maybe there’s a more considerable amount of cracks in it now.

Speaking of … my column this week at the DCist touches on this theory and the consequences of a bad win, such as the one over Sacramento. Go read it if you please.

Regarding Nick Young’s career-high 43 points, Gilbert Arenas says that he “learned from the master.” Maybe, but I wonder how many times the master had over 85-percent of his field-goals come as the result of a teammate’s assist (12 out of 14 on Young’s 43).
[Wizards Insider]

Speaking of Young’s 43, Rob Mahoney of the New York Times’ Off The Dribble blog relates it to the ‘Hot Hand’ Theory. Here’s the relevant chunk of text (for me), but read the whole thing:

“Trying to establish or disprove the hot hand theory by using available data is futile. This isn’t a faith vs. science debate, but one internally within the scientific (read: statistical) community over whether the methods used are an acceptable way to draw conclusions.”

[Off The Dribble]

Kevin Chouinard was the big winner of the StubHub tickets to Tuesday’s game. Kevin also has a blog about basketball called Anaheim Amigos where he wrote something about that “classic” Wizards-Kings matchup … one thing Kevin wondered in particular:

“John Wall crashed into some empty courtside seats in the third quarter.  These seats weren’t just any vacant seats.  Ted Leonsis and his party were in those seats both before and after Wall’s collision.  Where were you Ted?  Why weren’t you there to protect the franchise with that big, lovable Greco-American belly of yours?”

[Anaheim Amigos]

Will JaVale McGee and Andray Blatche ever be a good frontcourt pair? I continue to have serious doubts, but read what Sean Fagan has to say nonetheless.
[Bullets Forever]

There might have been some funny business going on with the game clock during the Kings game (via The Point Forward), but that has since been debunked by’s John Schuhmann and a commenter on Sactown Royalty. Basically, the game clock via CSN Washington was screwed up, not the official game clock.

Are the Wizards and Capitals really helping keep the D.C. budget afloat (via 10-percent of the city’s revenue coming from the area surrounding the Verizon Center … so says Ted Leonsis)?

Is Leonsis calling Groundhog Day a bad movie here?
[Ted’s Take]

On the contrary, it’s a great movie, but something bad to experience … just ask Antawn Jamison, who is now experiencing Groundhog Day in Cleveland. Here’s when Jamison had his Groundhog Day moment in Washington:

Sure, the baby is laughing … but he doesn’t know DeMarcus Cousins (neither do I) … still, I can’t help but feel like he could headbutt that baby at any second. Click to see what the heck I’m talking about.

Maybe that baby should get this DeMarcus Cousins ‘Fat-Head’ so he can be scared forever.
[Cowbell Kingdom]

An interesting story by John Canzano about the legacy of Zach Randolph.
[The Oregonian]

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