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ShareBullets: Portraits Of A Young Team & Wizards Picture Leftovers

Updated: January 27, 2011

Some leftover pictures, commentary, and links at the bottom…

Kevin Seraphin.

At some point during the Celtics game, mid-third quarter, John Wall expressed dismay about a questionable call that didn’t go the Wizards’ way … that’s a $50 fine face, perhaps.

On Boston’s subsequent out-of-bounds play, Wall did what he usually does in bouts of heightened emotion, good or bad … he pulled his shorts up.

Unfortunately, that kept Wall from playing defense, such as hand-carrying the ball and getting his hands in the passing lanes.

Rajon Rondo was easily able to get it to Kevin Garnett under the basket…

… But Andray Blatche, yes, that Andray Blatche, was able to recover and get the block.

Here’s when JaVale McGee, per usual, just lost track of who he was supposed to be guarding … his back was completely turned. The cross-court pass easily went to Nene of the Nuggets and he easily dunked it.

In most cases, this dunk wouldn’t be considered ‘on’ on JaVale … but since it was his responsibility, and since the ball smacked him in the head on the way down, we’ll just go ahead and say it was.

Hey Vince Carter … what’s happening?

Mean mugging a big ticket.

This picture is actually illegal in three states, so if you are in one of them, please leave.

No, this is not an offensive rebound. This is Rashard Lewis just dropping in a bucket, aka an old man’s dunk. Get off his back though, he’s been in the league since high school.

Andray begged to hear and/or tell a secret from far away, Channing didn’t oblige.

It would be totally funny if I told you the ball went into the ref’s crotch. Right? … Right?

Nick Young loves himself after dunks.

A man from Turkey Poland, a man from China and Andray Blatche walk into a bar.

No one man from Turkey should be this excited about Vince Carter doing something.

Funny thing is, this is exactly how Nick Young looks at himself in the mirror.

This is Andray Blatche dribbling, typically.


John Wall could participate in the Skills Challenge at NBA All-Star Weekend … if you vote him in. Chris Paul will definitely be participating, now fans must choose four more entrants amongst Wall, Baron Davis, Tyreke Evans, Derrick Rose, Tony Parker, Derek Fisher, Stephen Curry and Russell Westbrook. I voted for Wall, Rose, Curry and Westbrook.

Anthony Marci rips into the Wizards’ defense at HoopsWorld. He writes:

“Many of their frontcourt players exhibit a complete failure to see the ball when on the opposite side of the floor. They do not lane clog and they seem overly concerned with guarding their own man instead of embracing the fundamental team defensive principal of stopping the ball first.”


Kevin Broom of the Washington Post’s fan blog outlines that Nick Young’s great statistical season is likely fool’s gold. This goes to highlight the fact that I’m hearing that the Wizards would trade Young in a heartbeat, with sentiment from the organization reflecting the thought that guys like Young do not win championships. Not sure how you can deduce that at this point though.
[Box Seats]

There is, however, a decent case to be made for Young … From my optimistic standpoint: he has gotten good at hitting the corner three (something necessary to pair with Wall), is improving on defense, and you always need a guy who can create his own shot and finish in the open court, even if the bulk of his offensive game should be molded after Rip Hamilton.
[Bullets Forever]

Gilbert Arenas is easy to pick on, partially because he’s picked on others for so many years. The Reliable Source, which is the Washington Post’s version of TMZ, has used their one-sided “reliable source” to again convey what’s going on in Arenas’ personal life with a woman who may or may not be crazy when Arenas may or may not be crazy himself. This time, the select quote, purportedly from Arenas in reference to his kids and purportedly said to his long-time fiancee/girlfriend, Laura Govan, will not be submitted to any “Father of The Year” award contests any time soon … “You had them, you watch them.”
[The Reliable Source]

Of course, this comes on the heels of another gossip site reporting that Govan evidently cleaned out Arenas’ Great Falls home, including “robbing” his shark that cost around $6,500 a month to maintain (source: The Reliable Source), after Arenas evidently cut off communication, etc. with Govan after being traded to Orlando. The Wizards press lounge got a good chuckle out of this story during halftime of Tuesday’s loss to the Denver Nuggets (I know, what great people we are by laughing at the self-induced expense of others … also, we are human), with one member of the organization expressing joking relief that Arenas’ personal life was no longer their problem.
[Terez Owens]

Speaking of more Gilbert Arenas, Scott Schroeder reports that Javaris Crittenton could soon sign with a D-League team, likely the Dakota Wizards, the team to which current Washington Wizard Hamady N’Diaye is assigned to.

Congrats to Mike Jones … the former Wizards beat reporter for the Washington Times will be the new Redskins beat reporter for the Washington Post.
[Mr. Irrelevant]

JaVale McGee dunking over a local radio personality.

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