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Sharing The Experience of Wizards Tickets

Updated: January 10, 2011

If you follow this site, you probably know that we’ve given away a ton of tickets to Wizards games this season (courtesy of StubHub) — I think 12 total tickets to the Miami Heat game on Dec. 18, four suite tickets to the LA Lakers game on Dec. 14, and a couple other random game giveaways, such as the Dec. 29 Pacers game, etc.

Perhaps you can call me a shill for StubHub for giving away these tickets … not entirely accurate. I get nothing from it, other than the satisfaction of sending good, honest Wizards fans to games for enjoyment (while yes, StubHub gets free advertising/marketing). Yes, there is a separate advertisement for StubHub on this site, but that comes as part of the arrangement with being the Washington Wizards affiliate in the ESPN TrueHoop Network. Not that any of this really needed clearing up, just felt it was appropriate … and such a disclaimer isn’t my point.

Why I am writing this post is to announce yet another free ticket giveaway. At 10 am EST tomorrow, Tuesday January 11, I will post a Wizards-related trivia question to the @Truth_About_It Twitter account. The first person to email the correct answer to will win two lower-level tickets to see John Wall and his Wizards crew take on Wall’s college teammate at Kentucky, DeMarcus Cousins, and the Sacramento Kings Tuesday night at the Verizon Center (7 pm start time). Pretty simple … Remember: 10 AM EST tomorrow, Wizards Twitter Trivia.

But speaking of tickets we’ve previously given away, Jacob Holtz was one of two winners who received free Wizards-Heat tickets back in 2010 for submitting one of the best answers to a couple questions that I had asked. A couple days after that December 18 game, Jacob wrote to say thanks and to describe his general experience. With Jacob’s permission, I am now posting what he wrote below:

I just wanted to thank you again for the tickets. The game was nothing like I thought it would be and more at the same time.  I hadn’t been to a Wizards game since Game 6 against the Cavs and I’d almost say there was more energy in the Phonebooth last night than there was that night two years ago, but maybe that’s just the present-ness talking. I’ll be real honest and say that I was surprised at just how many Heat “fans” there were at the game too, but I guess I shouldn’t have been.

It was kind of funny for me – part of what I’d written about was wanting to see Gil and Wall and neither guy played, each for his own reason. If you’d told me that neither was going to play before the game I would have expected a blowout, but I was really proud how hard the guys were scrapping.  But Andray Blatche HAS to go. I know he puts up “numbers,” but the dude has no heart.  I don’t mean to say that he doesn’t care, because you can see at times that he does. But I’m pretty sure his best-case outlook is Sharif Abdur-Rahim – putting up good numbers for crappy teams. I used to think he was redeemable, but the play that did it for me was in the first half.  Somehow the Heat poked the ball away or something and LeBron had it out in front. Andray was right behind him but rather than challenge the shot he pulled up, even as LeBron slowed down to unleash a windmill. All Andray wanted to make sure was that he didn’t end up on the wrong end of a SportsCenter play. That’s not the kind of guy we need on our team.  And while Vale continues to make bonehead plays (see the attempted dunk from 10 feet out that led to a charging call), at least the dude plays his guts out every night.  Even Nick, who kills me with his lack of court vision, really has been coming around lately. I don’t know if we can trust Nick to continue maturing, but I’d at least be willing to invest some hope. I watched that interview with him after finding out about Gil and you could tell he’s really affected by it which made it all the more impressive to me how well he played. Bottom line, I think he might be redeemable. Blatche is so far from that though. If we can sucker a team into giving up something of value for him I would happy to see him go.

Last thing (and if you’ve actually read all this, God bless your soul) – I really am sad to see Gil go.  I loved what he brought to the table all the way up to the bitter end.  That being said, I think we could all tell he wasn’t going to be happy here – and I don’t know if that’s the organization’s doing or his own.  And ultimately, if Gil wasn’t going to be happy it was best for us to all part ways. I’m still sad about it though.

Thank you again.  I had a great time and if I get the chance I’m going to make it a point to get back down to the Verizon Center and support our kids.

‘Hey man, what are you doing tonight?’

‘Why, I’m refereeing a Washington Wizards professional basketball game.’


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