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Mavericks Bench Gets BLATCHE’D, courtesy of Andray Blatche

Updated: February 1, 2011

Andray Blatche does some good things, he does some terrible things … on the basketball court and off. He also has mounting armies of detractors and slightly less factions of defenders, who usually elect to stand on the tippy-toe of one leg in their staunch defense.

I suppose that as long as Andray Blatche is around doing Andray Blatche things, people will around to criticize and point those things out, myself included. Although, admittedly, I should be more fair in pointing out the positive things he does, i.e., I probably should not have taken a shot at him in a post about Darrell Walker’s rebounding ability. Oh well. We want Blatche to succeed, we really do, but he seems to try hard at not making that want possible through not always trying hard … you know what I mean?

His positives get over-shadowed by his negatives, by far. But that’s the bed he makes … he’s not the next Gilbert Arenas, but he is. Only Blatche can shut his critics up, not the critics themselves nor his defenders. These are the facts, just like it’s a fact that many other NBA players do not respect Blatche. Taken from something TAI’s Rashad Mobley wrote after the Wizards lost to the Chicago Bulls in Washington on Dec. 22:

“But the strongest indictment of the Blatche’s play on this night did not come from any writer, blogger or coach, but from the other locker room. As Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau finished his postgame comments and the media filtered into the visiting quarters, there was a conversation between two Bulls players about the play of Blatche.  One player observed that he played with “no feeling” during the game, and the other player said, matter-of-fact, that Blatche has always played that way throughout his career.

One player involved in that conversation left the locker room before I could follow up with him, the other declined to elaborate any further on the record.  Still, their feelings about Blatche’s lack of effort in defeat were crystal clear.”

Blatche has made Wizards fans gasp at his play plenty of times … but isn’t it about time someone from the opposing bench gasps, and not laughs, at Andray? I think so. Let’s go to the video tape … keep your eye on the Mavericks bench and your ears in tune to what the last suited gentlemen to the left is doing, the one right next to balding Brian Cardinal.

As Blatche dribbles around, preparing to take a tough shot, the suited individual appears to be yelling, “Oh McGee! McGee! McGee! Take a shot! … RIGHT NOW!!!,” and then Cardinal enters with a beastly, fatherly noise as Andray makes an insane shot while falling to the ground. What trickery from both factions.

Also, “McGee,” if, in fact, that was name being yelled out by said Mavericks bench “dude,” is neither Andray Blatche, nor was JaVale McGee on the court during that particular play. But that could be more deceptive trickery from Dallas. In any case, suited bench guy and Brian Cardinal … boom, roasted. You guys have been so Blatche’d (which means when someone makes an ‘OMG how the eff did he do that?’ head movement before aligning their lap papers and moving on … or just when Andray Blatche does something very Andray Blatche-y). Oh, right, the video…


But where would we be if Blatche’s very own Wizards weren’t getting Blatche’d? Let’s go to the video tape again.

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  • Andray Blatche is the most frustrating player in the league. He can be a star some nights and terrible others.

    Still time to put it together, just hopes it happens while in a Washington uniform.

  • Incandescent Rex

    Great post. Count me in the “Blatche defenders” group, but only because his contract is decent and I’m holding out hope that bringing in another competent big man this offseason via the draft or free agency will hide his deficiencies and allow him to conecntrate on what he does best, score buckets and facilitate the offense.

  • poppalaw

    Andre was the only starter with plus minutes last night. Does that make him great? Nope, nor does the nights when he has minus minutes make him a turkey. He seems to be the latest lightening rod for complaints about the Wizards in general and to that extent he is Gilbert. Commentators (Experts?) want to change just one thing and all will be better. Well Gil is gone and it not better; Antawn is gone and it is not better, Caron is gone and it is not better. Each was savaged before they left as being the problem with the Wiz. It is a team game and the Wiz are bad because they do not defend as a team. How many times as Wall waived as somebody drove the middle? Too many to count. The same could be said of most everyone on the team except for Seraphim, Booker and goggles ( he is too slow to play defense). However, I have not discovered or been shown that anyone does not care. When you have that you have a story and that person should be gone. Write some stories about how Flip is improving team defense or individual are improving defensively, that will be interesting. Who on the staff coaches defense?

  • john

    we need to draft a guy like Jordan Williams out of MD, move Blatche for some picks and lets start over for real.
    Booker and Jordan Williams (or some equivalent banger) should be our front court moving forward. McGee should come off the bench, he doesnt have the bball IQ to start in the NBA and neither does Blatche

  • James

    Blatche has to be the laziest and dumbest defender on the planet. His ignorance would rub on and frustrate his team mates so much