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Gilbertology Returns to the DC Airwaves; Agent Arenas is All Used Up

Updated: February 4, 2011

Everyone probably knows a big smart ass and how it’s sometimes hard to determine when they are joking and when they are not. Or someone without a filter that contradicts themselves repeatedly in the same conversation. These are the characteristics of Gilbert Arenas and why I long ago stopped trying to comprehend Gilbertology. I do not have enough degrees to dissect his words, rather, I elect to chalk them up as “Gil being Gil.”

Gilbertology was on full display during Arenas’s lengthy radio interview on Thursday with Mike Wise and Holden Kushner on DC’s 106.7 The Fan.

Arenas discussed his thoughts on John Wall, reflected on his experience in Washington, revealed what he really told Andray Blatche, took responsibility for his mistakes, hoped Wizards’ fans will eventually forgive him, and opened up about his time in the halfway house, where he learned to play chess.

The juicy parts, since we’ve yet to hear Arenas comment on this matter, were him refuting some of the personal dirty laundry that the mother of his children and ex-finance, Laura Govan, had been airing in public. He somewhat told his side of the story and kept returning, often unprovoked, to the sore subject of his failed relationship. You could definitely tell he is knee deep in the angry, bitter stage of grief.

I created a video incorporating pictures and audio from the former agent… enjoy.

And yes, sadly, the sharks are dead.

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Adam McGinnis
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  • SmileyFaceGirl

    There is always two sides to a story. Its great to get his perspective. I could sense that one half of the govan sister’s was being vile.

    Classic “If you destroy my image and I can’t get paid, how are you going to get paid?”

    When are these women going to learn that “silence is golden”?

    Love the theme music Bill Withers

  • Incandescent Rex

    Ugh. Mike Wise makes me ill. That’s not journalism. That’s one step removed from being Arena’s Press Secretary and all so he can get the exclusive. Gil is simply not credible. He’s lied to the media too many times to count over the years (about injuries, about what doctors told him, about gungate, about sitting out for NY to play). Now I’m sure gils’s girl has a mess of personal problems herself, but something tells me Gil probably handled his breakup with her with about as much maturity as he handled his breakup with the Wizards.

  • Wilhito

    A lot of these guys have had rough lives. Sometimes they make mistakes. Us “everyday” people make mistakes. Some of the same variety. It is just famous people are under the microscope more than us. Should sports stars be held to a higher standard because of how much more money they earn? I guess. I mean if I had a high paying business, in the public type job I would expect my employer would have expectations of me. As far as the general public goes, I doubt they would be concerned. My family possibly.

    You might take that I am defending Gilbert and that is okay. I am just saying that players are just like you and I. They have talent, just like you and I. It is just their talents are rewarded in a larger way. Remember though, with that large reward and public scrutiny it does not remove underlying issues. These issues are either overcome during tenure (rarely), they are hidden behind ego, or they surface during or after career. Problems don’t go away until they are addressed.

  • Adam McGinnis

    Yeah, I do not trust Govan’s side of events and Gil is spot on about the evils of this Basketball Wives show. Reality TV has really created some messed up incentives for people.

    yeah Rex, I had to include that Mike Wise part at the end. He is a solid writer but he definitely applies a less a journalistic standard to his radio show. I find funny one criticism against bloggers is that they do not possess these superior ethical journalistic standards of MSM writers when in reality, I am not shy that I am rooting for the Wizards but still can be objective and asses their on court performance at same time too. Also, I defend the team when I feel people/media are out to unfairly out to get them with an agenda. I have more rants on that topic. Gil’s history with the truth is checkered so every thing he says makes you pause and question credibility.

    Wilhito, I agree with your comment. In making this video and listening to Gil’s words over and over, I could really starting feeling his pain. This is why I mentioned him being bitter, guess being publicly called a terrible father & pot dealer would make someone salty, but through the angry words, I could sense his hurt and grief. Talking about not getting support at home after his arrest and not being able to make it work but kept trying because he never had a true family growing up, and what her publicity is doing to their kids. That was genuine and you could feel empathy. I was kind of sad after I was done making the video.

    Honestly, for a guy that has some big mistakes, not marrying her was probably a very wise decision.

    Starting a new in Orlando was not just for him professionally but personally as well. I hope he finds internal peace because as you mentioned, money and fame are not always easy solutions.

  • NotBlind

    Arenas and Govan probably deserve each other, but together they had three children (with another on the way).

    There is just no excuse for Arenas not to financially support these children and not to be there for them as his mother was not there for him when he was a child.

    The kids didn’t ask to be conceived or to be born. Give them a break.