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ShareBullets: JaVale McGee aims to do things, mostly jump a lot

Updated: February 11, 2011

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Sometimes I feel like on offense, when he gets the ball, JaVale McGee is like that guy who receives a particularly funny chain email (well, at least it’s funny to him), and then gets so overwhelmed with excitement that he forwards it to everyone he knows when it’s probably not appropriate to do so. Or maybe when he gets the ball he’s more like a little kid who sees a dancing puppy holding an ice cream cone and a PS3 outside, whereas the kid goes running through a clear glass door to get to the puppy (or to the rim) in a fit of enthusiasm.

Whatever the case may be, dude needs to chill. No one wants to seem him get hooked for the same stupid mistake he keeps making over and over again … dribbling around like he’s a 6’2″ guard.

“We explained to him, at the end of the game when he started going on his dribbling exhibition, that’s one of the reasons that we lose on the road, because we get in close games and we do those things,” said Flip Saunders after Wednesday’s match versus the Bucks.  “You can’t do that, and then players lose trust, as far as throwing him the ball in a late-game situation. It becomes easier for teams to defend against you, and puts more pressure on you, especially if you’re up a couple [points],” Saunders finished, explaining his teaching moment of quickly taking McGee out of the game when he performs such acts, as he’s done countless times before.

When a player keeps doing the same thing, you bench him until he gets it … even if it serves to the detriment of the team. Otherwise, as an individual, he’ll never learn. Any other coach in the NBA would do the same thing.

Another teaching moment came with about a minute left in the first half against the Bucks. The below picture shows where McGee received a pass inside the free-throw line, but still around  9-10 feet from the basket. The picture of McGee is blocked, but so is his path to the basket … nonetheless, it’s clear that he is about  to take off from very far away. Why? Well, that’s always the hard-to-answer question.

Yea … still very far away from the basket. Not sure what McGee is going to do here as the defender still remains perfectly positioned in front of him.

…And he ends up just trying to throw the ball at the rim really, really hard.

…And of course a charge was called. McGee was the only one of thousands who seemed to be surprised.

But JaVale can do some awesome things too … like a cuffing the ball, cocking it back and dunking.

He’s also been working on that unstoppable hook close to the rim.

Furthermore, McGee will just about alter more shots than he blocks … Brandon Jennings did not make this one.

John Salmons, however, made this one.

Jennings most definitely did not make this runner.

Andrew Bogut was distracted from making this hook shot.

Hands High.

Somebody has blockitius.


My column in the DCist this week threw out some statistical comparisons to John Wall. They don’t mean much, but they are fun to do. Early on, his stats were comparing to Oscar Robertson’s, now Wall’s rookie numbers have come down to Tim Hardaway / Damon Stoudamire / Mark Jackson rookie year levels. Probably worth nothing that Wall is a much better athlete and that those three mentioned were 6-0, 5-10 and 6-1 respectively against Wall’s 6-4 height.

Rashard Lewis has considered knee surgery, but is not opting for that route just yet. He’s dealt with knee tendinitis his whole career, possibly like John Wall will. Just saying.
[Washington Examiner]

Jeremy Schmidt of the TrueHoop Buck’s site, Bucksketball, on Wednesday’s game:

“As they often have this season, Milwaukee just looked old.  Especially when compared to the bouncy Wizards, looking to get out and run constantly.”

Dan Steinberg on the DC Sports Bog relays what happens when you sue the Washington City Paper … I’ll specifically say, ‘what happens when Dan Snyder sues the City Paper.’

Although, Redskins senior vice-president Tony Wyllie, previously the VP of communications with the Houston Texans, evidently advised Snyder to do so.

“All I did was support Tony Wyllie. He wanted to do it,” Snyder has said. It smells suspiciously like Wyllie is falling on the sword of enacting the worst PR maneuver in the world. Could Snyder’s image be tarnished any further? Now, he’s bringing Wyllie’s former good name into the fray. How noble of Mr. Snyder. Or Mr. Wyllie. Or both.

“As the digital media world evolves, it is critical to have someone like Tony who understands new media,” Snyder said about Wyllie when he was hired in May 2010.

So Wyllie, who has made it clear that the team is not suing the City Paper, rather Snyder as an individual, advised the owner of the team as an employee of the team to go after a weekly hard print paper only to see the power of “new media” (Twitter, Facebook and Google, as an article from Tech Cocktail, linked by Steinberg, points out), further expose the obliviousness of Snyder and the surroundings of idiots that he’s created.


What if the NBA held a 2-on-2 tournament at All-Star weekend pitting states/Districts/counties against each other? One hypothetical would have Kevin Durant and Ed Davis representing Washington, DC with Carmelo Anthony and Rudy Gay standing in for Maryland and Keith Bogans and Reggie Williams playing for Virginia. Ed Davis? Meh. If I’m picking, I take Roger Mason Jr. over him.
[Piston Powered]

I’m betting that Sam Cassell still wants to “get in” on a Carmelo Anthony trade.
[The Onion]

Gregg ‘3G’ Popovich is coming to D.C. on Saturday. Here’s how his interviews go and such.
[The Basketball Jones]

Crappy players who have had success against the Wizards this season, as usual.
[Momentum Three]

How to properly pronounce and/or refer to some places in D.C.
[We Love DC]

Yes, the Huffington Post is terrible.
[LA Times]

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