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QUESTION: What Is JaVale McGee Doing Here?

Updated: March 14, 2011

What is JaVale McGee doing here?

The video below will answer that question and more…

  • With the #1 pick…

    That bledsoe dunk just about sums up his basketball IQ.

  • Joe K

    After watching most the game last night. I have officially written off Javelle McGee for the nexts 2 years. He plays ball like an athletic, me me me minded never think before you do way too much energy can’t focus talent. He has ALOT of maturing to do and ALOT of his game to develop. It all will start from his mental state, which right now is just uncontrollable when the lights go on and the whitle blows.

    I hate watching him play now. He is shouldn’t be starting. Yi should get the minutes.

  • Joe K

    Furthermore, I’m all done after this. It’s like the only time he is in the right place at the right time is by chance. That Bledsoe dunk, Flip should have smacked him across the face.