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Wizards Talk: Flip Saunders & John Wall Post Thunder

Updated: March 15, 2011

Looking for us?

Sad bench shots never die.

All the questions seem the same. The answers all come out of a box. But dammit these people are working … the media covering struggling basketball teams such as the Wizards.

Everybody is usually laughing and joking around in the press conference room before Flip Saunders’ post game sessions. It’s to that point. But when Flip comes in (assuming after a loss, per usual), the stone-faced come out. There are tough questions, there are softballs, there are random ones peppered from abroad about the development of Yi.

But these days the coach is a little lighter, more comfortable. Similar to his post-trade deadline demeanor last season.

“Go ahead,” Flip said with a tinge of sarcasm as he sat down in front of the media after his Wizards lost to the Thunder 116-89 on Monday night. His attitude said, ‘Bring your best, because I already know.’

Three seated reporters against the wall formed the short end of an “L” with the first row of chairs parallel to the table Saunders sits at during press conferences. Before answering any questions, the coach looked to his right at the row sitting in orange cafeteria-style chairs and joked, “You guys look like you’re in school.”

Ice, broken. And then the proceedings commenced. Later, some blues riff ‘Bad to the Bone’ mobile phone ring went off from one of the school boys. Saunders didn’t skip a beat, saying, “That’s a $500 fine,” before turning his attention back to the questioner at the center of the room.

But all the questions are the same these days. Or wait, did I say seem the same?

In the least, both Saunders and John Wall calculate, but don’t mince their words. They are earnest. Both, especially Wall, don’t seem like the type who want to get used to this losing. Below, they talk about youth, rebuilding and frustrations after losing to the young Thunder team that everyone loves.

Wizards Talk: Flip & John

Remember these days?

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  • Joe K

    The more that I watch the Wizards. I see problems. With player, mostly attitudes, but I am seeing a pattern with Flip. I do not see him as a demanding coach in it 100%. Okay, so his starting line up is not doing it mid point of a game. CHANGE IT UP!

    I agree with John Wall 100%. The Wizards have professional players who can do things. Given they may not be as talented as some of the top teams in the league, but, I think if they played with in a system that worked (used the players talents to help win games) they could win. I do not think that Flip is demanding enough for the team to mature as quickly as they need too.

    John wall gives 110% every night. That is a winner attitude and a testimate to himself. Alot of the other player do not, and I think it is split between Flip’s expectations and on the players themselves. Yes they are very young, build a system of offense to get them going. Use their talents.

    I think Flip needs to go after this season. We need a coach that will take a player to the sideline, after making a bad play, and lay into them. In front of their teamates, getting their heads strait and building that fire. That only John Wall seems to mainly have.

  • granville w. ghost, esq.

    For the second straight year now, I’ve watched a pretty mediocre member of the Wizards act like Dorothy skipping down the yellow brick road over a meaningless triple double. Last year it was Blatche acting like he’d been shanked when a teammate grabbed a rebound. This time it’s McGee hanging on the rim to celebrate a triple double in a 20 point loss.

    It’s just like Butch van Breda Kolff once said: You can have one jackass on a team, but not more than one. They multiply.

    Flip can whine to the press all he wants about the knuckleheads on his team, but I can tell you how other coaches handled this. Larry Brown superimposed some unwarranted celebration by Nate Robinson over the scoreboard in the game film (it was something like a 25 point deficit). Scott Skiles sent Eddie Robinson to the bench after he bounched the ball off the backboard to himself for a dunk during garbage time in a horrible loss to Golden State.

  • The Wizards have nothing to play for, but they all need to take responsibility for making sure they have something to play for next season.

    John Wall has the skill set and the talent level, but Washington has to have the talent around him to make the team a contender.

    Andray Blatche and JaVale McGee good players but not ones to build the franchise around.

  • Shauna


    This team SUCKS! The coach sucks and so does the GM. As long as EG and Flip are at the helm and we have an owner who thinks the team played well considering they had injured players?? (go figure) If the NBA seriously start considering contraction, the Wizzies will be one of the first to go. McGee’s meaningless triple double further pushed the team and the orgznization into the laughingstock of the NBA and no one seems to care. So why should we fans give a damn anymore??? I was a die hard fan, was home watching EVERY that I could not attend. I mean a diehard,cuss you out in defese of type of fan. But, I am officially over it. I follow the Thunder and the Bulls now. My two favorite teams now. I can’t bear to watch that mess of a NBA team.