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ShareBullets: LeBron’s Dunk On Jeffers & The Grunfeld Pot Stirs

Updated: April 1, 2011

Links, pictures and commentary… (Worth noting: I’m not into April Fools’ Day jokes, in case you were wondering.)

Sure, new media darling Othyus Jeffers got dunked on by LeBron James on Wednesday, but…

…Othyus took it like a good sport, getting a good smile out of it before LeBron even landed on the ground. Ask Jeffers about it (I didn’t), and I bet he’d honestly say, “It’s just basketball.”

And in that, he is right. Getting dunked on is bound to happen, no biggie (if you’re comfortable with being immortalized on the Internets). Life needs good sports, and Jeffers is just that. Can’t say the same about the perpetually crying and bitching LeBron. Can’t believe Ted Leonsis let him endorse his book with a quote.

And watching the video, the dunk obviously came after LeBron fouled Jordan Crawford. Good one, refs.


The Wizards are like Ewoks?  Check out Rashad Mobley’s column.

Unbeknownst to me until it was posted, my Twitter account, @Truth_About_It is up for best “Washington journalist on Twitter” at (shakes fist at Steinberg).

Peter Vecsey is back to popping Viagra and boners over Gilbert Arenas, saying he feels sorry for Arenas like he does for stray animals. Vecsey also says that Ted Leonsis “thought about changing leadership [Ernie Grunfeld] but couldn’t find an appealing replacement.”
[New York Post]

Rashad Mobley also took part in a “Who has the most to prove?” panel about the NBA playoffs on the ESPN website.

Sean Fegan on Othyus Jeffers:

“During our time on BF, there have been many lunch pail heroes who have come and gone and briefly won the hearts of the community. Dominic McGuire, Alonzo Gee and James Singleton are some of the more recent examples, and while I have liked all of these players, none has perhaps captivated me as much as Othyus Jeffers. Some people just know how to go and get the basketball and Jeffers is one of those players. It would be a shame that if the Wizards didn’t at least explore giving Jeffers the minimum next year, because he is that glue guy that I think the Wizards have searching for all year. Plus, Jeffers is a really funny dude.”

[Bullets Forever]

John Wall threw a punch thing, Sam Cassell and Eddie House mock started a fight, and Verizon Center fans won free a Chik-Fil-A sandwich … a lot happened in the Wizards-Heat game on Wednesday.
[NBC Washington]

Gilbert Arenas:

“I feel like it’s like I’m scared to go in and jump off my left leg but I know I can. I can see whenever I go for a rebound, I’m at the rim but if I try to make a layup, I don’t even try to explode up for some reason.”

[SLAM Online]

A picture of Antawn Jamison and other NBAers as kids.
[NBA Hoot]

If anyone can tell a good story about Seattle SuperSonics history, it’s Beckley Mason.

Dan Snyder hates trees.
[Washington City Paper]

Juwan Howard needs to retroactively chill out for pretty much his whole career.
[The Basketball Jones]

Wale is sending some Foamposites back home to Nigeria.
[Nice Kicks]

Cool stuff done to Van Gogh paintings.
[Web Urbanist]

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  • That dunk was pretty embarrassing.

  • john

    How was that a foul on James? Crawford bounced off of James when they both went for the ball, do people forget how strong Lebron is? There was absolutely no push at all. Your sounding like a Laker fan right now.

  • Congrats, you are the first person ever to compare Wizards fans to Lakers fans.

    Didn’t think anybody could do it, but you did, sir, you did.

    Maybe this is a good comparison, maybe it’s not … but if that loose ball is a rebound, is LeBron not fouling Crawford by going over his back and bumping him?

    The ball is all but in Crawford’s hands when LeBron runs him over … not sure how that isn’t the foul.

  • Bryan

    No, it’s not a foul. There was body contact between both going for the ball. Jordan attempted to pass it, LeBron tipped it, which makes it a loose ball and steal by Eddie House; therefore, no rebound, no over-the-back foul.

  • Bryan

    P.S. Do you mind if I use one of your pictures on my blog?

  • Sure thing Bryan, as long as you give credit…

    And one the foul, I still think that if you have to bump a guy out of the way, or go through him, to get a loose ball, that’s a foul. Maybe LeBron didn’t mean to do it, but that doesn’t make it not a foul. Still, I could be wrong as I’m not an NBA ref … and this is so minor that it’s probably not worth debating this much.

  • Bryan

    Thanks Kyle.

    Well, I still don’t think it was a foul, but I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree. I mean, I could be wrong as well since I’m not an NBA ref either..oh well.

  • Sam

    Seemed like a foul to me, but there is a little leeway there. LeBron did jump over Crawford’s back [and onto him] in order to hit the ball out of his hands, and the resulting body contact, however accidental, is still a foul. “He got him with the body”, as they say.

  • john doe

    Where’s the foul, Kyle? The only foul I see on this article is your writing.

  • Brian

    No foul, there’s absolutely no foul there. If LeBron traded weights w/ Crawford, he would have fallen away instead, that was 100% the result of his size and the fact that Crawford was paying more attention to the ball than landing.(and let’s be honest, he flails at the end just like all NBA guys)

    The ball was loose, which does not carry the same rules as a rebound, it falls under player control. The way a ref looks at this is: both guys went for it, contact is permissible if there is no push, neither player has established a spot ON THE FLOOR, and the player approaching the ball is in control. LeBron made no push w/ his shoulders or arms (contrary to these, what sounds like must be, Washington commentators) and Crawford was not standing in one position on the floor he was in motion in the same direction as LeBron. LeBron, or any player, is not responsible for size and weight discrepancy. Another example would be, if 2001 Shaq is guarded by Steve Nash, so long as he makes a controlled post move, he’s not responsible for Nash’s inability to match his weight. When Nash goes flying on a little bump during some good footwork, it’s not a foul on Shaq.

  • jack

    your a hater period

  • Brian

    It sounds to me like the guy who made this post likes to whine as much as the man he is complaining about. People do seem to want to hear it more when LeBron does it. I’m not sure why though. Oh wait…it’s because he is the best player in the league.

  • Rodmanwins

    You got to be full of Estrogen to think that was a foul. Gosh people these days are so feeble and finicky. Lebron just happens to be big and stronger and Crawford fell. Calling that a foul would mean that you’re giving Lebron the foul for being Bigger&Stronger than Crawford which is outrageous

  • Give the man credit for smiling after he got viciously dunked on. Also it was a tough call but I say it wasn’t a foul.

  • az

    funny you post the aweseome pics then call foul…fail hater? lol

    he just be ballin. add another sick posterizer to his resume, and another player to his list.

    I like how he smiling though and shows hes a good guy with a sense of humour, players that get nasty and angry just make them look worse.

  • az

    forgot to add- how much i like, at how much that wade likes it. :)

  • Anthony

    I think that was a good non-call. I can’t remember an over the back being called on the guy closer to the hoop.

    And… I don’t think Lebron went through Crawford to get to the ball, I think if anything Lebron hit him after he hit the ball away. Which you could make a case for a foul away from the ball, but really Crawford was not in position to get back and make a defensive impact and could chalk it up as incidental contact.