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Swagy P and The Cuddler: Nick Young The Tweeter

Updated: June 11, 2011

Nick Young might be the epitome of good-natured balance. A much more mild brand of Gilbert Arenas funnies with a goofy innocence wrapped inside of a Los Angeles box, he is. But Nick clearly loves the game of basketball too, and this past season gave a small glimpse of how hard he’s willing to work for it. The future is uncertain for free agent Young, and all of the league for that matter. So as we think about the impending NBA lockout and what a sharp turn from the goodwill currently being offered by a great NBA Finals (and entire playoffs) it will be, much appreciation can be given to NBA players who Tweet. At least they will go a long way toward keeping fans close to the game during the basketball downtime, however this whole thing plays out.

All of this is to say that Nick Young is on Twitter, under the handle @NickSwagyPYoung, so let the entertainment commence. And ladies, watch out for the Cuddler

The Highlights:

Just got pull over 4 talkin on the phone once agAin drivin down Melrose [May 24]

@drayblatche hahaha yall aint messin with us out here man I heard u and gil is back N action [May 25]

had a good 2 mile run bout 2 shower and go 2 sleep call the cuddler if u need him lol good nite [May 26]

I wanna b like Dirk when i grow up man [June 2]

@agentzeroshow dog u almost got 11,000 followers thats bigg shoes 2 fill [June 4]

A after Friday ain’t gon b no more basketball it’s over 4 Dallas [June 7]

It’s over 4 them old #wizards [June 7]

Up doin my norm MTO, WSHH, Watching NBA film [June 9]

A @agentzeroshow we havin a big ass party u comin man [June 9]

@agentzeroshow naw im bullshitin I just need sum followers lol ….. Call me the stealer [June 9]

Have u ever just been drivin and next 2 u is a dude ridin a bike have u ever just wanted 2 push them off they bike lol [June 9]

just got pull over 4 havin my tint 2 dark and talkin on phone so im thinkin my tint aint dark enough cuz he still seen what i was doin mmmh [June 9]

Dog I’m lonely [June 10]

The cuddler aka the stealler is n full force [June 10]

Is she takin a num 2 N my bathroom [June 10]

Man it’s finna b hard out here n these street and with a body like mine I need shake my bunz 4 sum funds [June 10]

The cuddler will have a live show sum these bunz 4 sum fundz ….. Do the cuddler dance [June 10]

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