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Anybody But JaVale McGee

Updated: June 3, 2011

Hi there Internet. Why yes, this here site has doled a lot of criticism toward JaVale McGee in the past X amount of time. While some of it has certainly been flagrant, it is not baseless.

However, one might counter that we have not given young McGee enough praise. This may be true and to that we will say this, he is a keeper… despite all the basketball disruption that his alter ego, I’m assuming his name is “Pierre,” has caused to the playpen of team functionality and trust. He’s not a bad kid. He is young, after all, but many times disappointingly young in comparison to some contemporaries. Still, no one said an investment in youth is easy, but it’s usually always worth it, especially given McGee’s athletic parameters.

Speaking of… let’s get back to that reported/tweeted rumor the other day from Jonathan Givony of Draft Express:

Sources say Washington & Phoenix have been the most active teams trying to trade up for Derrick Williams. T’Wolves want a “veteran big man.”

That got Wizards Nation frenzied at what they could offer. Unfortunately when they looked in the cupboard of veteran bigs, there was only Ramen noodles. People would gladly jettison Andray Blatche and the sixth pick to Minnesota for the second, but we all know Minnesota GM David Kahn, as foolhardy as he may be (via the same guy who called Darko Milicic “manna from heaven“), is not taking that low-grade bait.

Ok, so what about JaVale McGee? Talk of him and the sixth for Derrick Williams and people start thinking. Well, stop thinking. I wouldn’t even trade McGee for the second pick, straight up.

Why you ask? Because of David Stern. Well, not really… Because of international basketball rules. Let me explain, it’s simple.

In late April, Stern told Miami’s 790 The Ticket radio station the following (via Sports Radio Interviews):

Well I’m going to urge the owners — and it’s not very radical but we were talking about it for awhile — to adopt the international rule on basket interference. That is to say, once the ball hits the rim it’s in play. Because I think that it’s too hard to call. I think that we don’t want to stop the game every time to see if it’s the right call, but the camera that looks down on the basket can tell the story if the refs have gotten it right. And it’s just impossible to call to make whether the ball’s touching the rim, on the rim, off the rim or the like.  And I think that would make the game faster, better, and less controversial.

Now, we’ve been hearing about this for a while, so it’s not that big of a surprise. Still, interesting that it’s at the top of Stern’s mind, meaning there’s a very high chance it happens. And if it does, JaVale McGee becomes exponentially more valuable.

Just think, instead of chasing in-flight blocks all the time, McGee can actually spend time playing straight up defense and then chase the ball off the rim after a shot. Then just imagine what he could do on offense (that is, if he is strong and willing enough to fight for position).

Trade anybody but JaVale McGee … well, and John Wall of course. Wall is an untouchable’s untouchable, and right now, McGee is the closest thing on the Wizards to that. And if the seemingly inevitable rule is in place in a new CBA environment, then that’s where McGee will be… untouchable (except for all those basketballs that hit the rim first).

Nonetheless, the Wizards still want Derrick Williams, right? As I suspect, it’s going to take more than two teams to tango. But at least Kahn and Grunfeld have dealt with each other in the past … via Mike Miller and Randy Foye for Ricky Rubio (essentially). Perhaps David owes Ernie a solid.

So… here’s my wild trade idea between the Wizards, Warriors and Wolves that surely many people will take issue with, but since it’s all in good fun, it’s all in good fun.


2nd overall pick (from Minnesota)
Johnny Flynn (from Minnesota)
20th overall pick (from Golden State)
Michael Beasley or Nikola Pekovic (from Minnesota)
[Note: Surely many would prefer Beasley, but likely not me. Bringing him back to his home area sounds like a horrible idea, just as replacing Blatche with him does. Pekovic could be a decent big man, I don’t know enough about him other than to say Google him, he’s somewhat intriguing.]


David Lee (from Golden State)
6th overall pick (from Washington)
34th overall pick (from Washington)


Andray Blatche (from Washington)
18th overall pick (from Washington)
Kevin Seraphin or Trevor Booker (from Washington)
[Note: I think I’d rather trade Seraphin in this instance, perhaps could go either way.]

The player-swap portion works in the ESPN Trade Machine — I know, none of this means much (and that Golden State probably never does this, even though Lee’s contract is absurd).

Still, Wizards fans, what do you think?

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  • This trade would be a dream come true. Probably too good to be true. We are going to have to give up an asset besides draft picks to get the #2 pick.

    I don’t think we have anyone worthy. After Wall, the roster is filled with players whose maximum upside is ‘solid starter’. Not sure I see the Wolves giving up DW for that.

  • WizLove

    Your trade idea would make Washington an East contender. I would LOVE to see SOMETHING like this happen.

  • You don’t think Kahn would essentially take Lee & #6 for #2 David?

    He doesn’t care about Flynn, via Rubio, and Beasley or Pekovic would be the cost of getting a very good player.

  • Les Ferdinand

    Why in the world would Golden State trade David Lee for Andray Blatche?

  • ryan

    I mean… this trade looks great. The most important players we’d lose would be booker and seraphin, but there’s no way the warriors would go for it. Lee’s value more than trumps the value of what they’d be getting. That being said- if Grunfeld can fanangle a way for us to get rid of Blatche AND pick up D-williams I’d say give him lifetime tenure.

    AND DON’T GIVE UP MCGEE. NO. FREAKING. WAY. once he gets his head on straight he’s a top 10 possibly top 5 center FOR SURE

  • RonJ

    This would be awesome, except for the fact that Golden State would have to have a total brain fart to drop lee for blatche and booker/seraphin. We’d probably have to throw in a future 1st rounder and/or Crawford or Young somewhere in there as well, which as a rule of thumb I wouldn’t like but in this case I do think we need to make a move THIS YEAR in order to prevent another season of frustration for John Wall.

    And you guys are definitely right. We can’t give up on JaVale. As infuriating as his dribbling tendencies may be, the guy just oozes potential. He may end up over 7’2” and can jump over the ceiling. There are so many terribly slow, unathletic, disappointing starting Cs out there, and there will always be wing players to be had.

  • wolvesfann

    well…as a minnesota fan, it doesn’t do much for the wolves. david lee is a power forward, which the wolves already have Love and this is the reason that they aren’t interested in williams to begin with…and, the only reason they are willing to let the draft rights to d williams to go is that they have beasley. they aren’t going to trade both of them. wolves need a center and an off guard and i don’t see them trading the pick unless they get help in either of those areas.

  • David E

    T-Wolves fan here….Wiz fans are correct, McGee is going to be a stud. Watched him in College when he was just a pup, awesome !! Wolves would never agree to this trade, don’t need Lee, but….. if the Warriors exchange Ellis for Lee in this proposal it might work ??

  • AjWiz

    If we could keep Booker, that would be a great trade.

  • Joe K

    I love to hate on Javalle. I agree he has upside, alot of it, but if he doesn’t start to produce in the next 2 years. CONSISTENTLY. He is a bust.

    I was reading up on Hasheem Tabeet and his journey to develop. I see him, as another 7 foot plus big man, developing into a much more solid big man. He is not as explosive, but he has a much better head on his shoulders.

    McGee just doesn’t seem to get it. Sure his blocks, when he makes them, are great. But he misses so many other opportunitys. He doesn’t get it. Sadly.

    We do need to keep him for a few more and really give him a chance. If he develops slow, then we ship him out later on for someone more solid.

    Getting rid of Blatche, and I think Nick Young, would be good. If we get something in collateral that is better.

  • ukmdrake1024

    I think David E was on the right track.

    Wolves get Ellis
    Warriors get Blatche and Flynn and #6
    Wizards get Martell Webster and #2

    Wolves get rid of a couple bad contracts/busts for a proven scorer to catch outlets from Love and lobs from Rubio. Warriors get rid of a backcourt that doeesn’t work and an opportunity to maybe take Kawhai Leonard to provide some lacking defense. Wizards get their man at #2 (presumably Williams) and trade Blatche’s contract for some Nick Young insurance.

    If the Warriors or Wolves feel slighted, we can add #18 or #34 to sweeten the deal.

    The Wolves would maybe want to look at trading Matthews and/or Beasley for a more defensive oriented wing in a second trade, but I think they make the deal to move the scoring redundance out of the 3/4 position and over to the 2.