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A Post-NBA Lockout Washington Wizards Website

Updated: July 1, 2011

It’s not like the Washington Wizards official website was ever a beacon of circus fun where you’d lose hours of your life trapped in an Internet conundrum of entertainment — where food, water, family members, and bathroom breaks have no bearing on quality of life. Nope, it was not like that at all.

And in this post-lockout world that NBA fans find themselves in, buried under the fecal matter of rhetoric from both sides of the aisle? Well, the Wizards website looks a bit different, much worse, and now most aptly compared to the sports fandom of an 11-year old girl (no offense, 11-year old girls).

You see, with this lockout, NBA teams have been required to scrub all images of their players from their http:// (there are legalities involved, etc. — read this report by TrueHoop’s Kevin Arnovitz) — the imagerial evisceration of post-suspension Gilbert Arenas seemed to develop over days, this other thing… overnight (although, after weeks of planning).

Let’s take a screen-shot review…

TOP STORY! G-Man goes to China.

I’m about as interested in this as my bowels are interested in consuming the entire menu at one of those places that sells the dubious combination of Chinese food, Mexican food and “Sub.”


Why, of course you can buy season tickets … why not support your local team by allowing them to earn interest off of your money for you? Any business would do it — can’t blame ’em — I just hope someone thinks about the fans when the league starts saving all this money that they are purportedly losing.


This is an advertisement promoting your electronic ability to ‘like’ something so those who rig the algorithm can gather data and cater specific advertising toward you. It’s a very efficient way to target those marketing dollars, folks.

The ROSTER?!?!

Wait, what is this? Player profiles? Information on those who have been locked out?

Not really. At post time, the links to each and everyone on this page, with the exception of Flip Saunders, Drew Cleary and Eric Waters, re-directs you to the grim image below on the NBA.com homepage. Why, thanks.

(Yes, all the assistant coaches, for some reason, re-direct to the Stern of Uncertainty.)

The only thing the NBA (players and owners) has been good at reminding people about during this whole ordeal is that the fans who are the lifeline of their league are left forgotten.

Otherwise, the Wizards website has essentially turned into a promotional flier for the Wizards Girls and what others think of the Wizards’ new look. Congratulations ladies.

Lastly … thoughts and good karma go to all those who have real-life NBA jobs and are financially affected by this lockout. Sure, some may be part-timers. And sure, the Verizon Center (and other arenas) will have alternate events, as usually is the case when basketball and hockey are not in season. But there are many who are not only fans of the sport, but are thoroughly connected to the professional basketball industry in the United States.

So here’s to all those people, in hopes that this uncertainty does not drag out… although please don’t hold your breath, because the players and the owners (as a collective group, not as individuals) are not thinking about you either.

Happy Fourth of July. (And sorry for the inconvenience.)

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