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ShareBullets: Wizards Weekender of Lockout Links

Updated: July 2, 2011

Wizards links in bullets with general commentary on the side, and a picture…

[NYC subway transit, E line – photo: K. Weidie]

> Is the NBA destined for a lockout? Why yes, it was. But check out my pre-lockout contribution about the lockout on ESPN’s 5-on-5 anyway.

> I know it’s very old now, but he’s what I wrote for the DCist about the draft and the kiss that saved it.

> If you want to feel somewhat encouraged that the NBA lockout won’t drag out too long, check out this brilliant post by TrueHoop’s Henry Abbott. Huge point No. 1 from Henry:

The starting point of these negotiations was not “will the next deal be better for the players or the owners?” The starting point was “how much better will this deal be for the owners?”


> The Washington Post’s Mike Wise has an excellent column about NBA players needing to be aware of their perception during a lockout. Wise, who through the publishing of PR-detrimental quotes from Kenny Anderson in a column for the New York Times during the lockout in 1999, admits he partially contributed to the poor perception of the past. The Anderson of the past is also described as a millionaire who cared — because he passed out turkeys to the impoverished, I guess — but he is still probably a bad modern-day example because he lost ALL of his money. Perception is fine, we just don’t want the rich to be stupid as well, that goes for players, owners, coaches and general mangers. Isiah Thomas is also quoted in Wise’s column about concern over perception, which is quite hilarious in itself. But the money quote in Wise’s piece comes from Patrick Ewing in 1999, “We make a lot of money but we spend a lot of money,” which probably contributes to the reason why Ewing is not an NBA coach today, even though he is clearly jonesing to be one.
[Washington Post]

> Ted Leonsis is totally right, the last two drafts under his ownership have been stellar. And he says he doesn’t get involved with the decisions.
[Ted’s Take]

> If you haven’t seen the scouting report on Jan Vesely at, check it out. Notice in the defensive clip how Vesely has gumption, that relentlessness Flip Saunders was talking about, when working to slide his feet laterally on the perimeter. Sure, he can improve, but it’s a sight not often seen by Wizards big men, from Antawn Jamison to Andray Blatche. Vesely’s free-throw form, however, looks as painful to watch as Chris Webber’s.
[NBA PlayBook]

> I’m not sure how I feel about it all, but Dan Steinberg’s post about debating sports coverage with Ralph Nader is a must-read.
[DC Sports Bog]

> Gilbert Arenas is doing anything he can, i.e., ‘lawyering up’, to keep the mother of his children off of VH1’s Basketball Wives. I’m not sure how I want this to end, seriously. On one hand, it would force me to do something I normally hate, watching train-wreck reality shows. On the other hand, I can’t, in good conscience, live a life blinding myself from the idiotic ills of humanity paraded on television for money to the dumbed-down masses who are entertained by such. Exactly, I’m just some blogger, so I’ll definitely watch (actually, I suppose that answer had something to do with the above link).
[Washington City Paper]

> Gilbert Arenas’ thoughts on the lockout aren’t that terrible.
[SB Nation]

> TAI’s Rashad Mobley also recently took part in an ESPN 5-on-5: How will we remember June 2011?

> The Wizards, as is evident, consult with, or run by, or prematurely inform John Wall of moves that they make and/or could be considering. Keeping that in mind, I imagine there’s a certain reason why the Wizards selected Shelvin Mack (he and Wall go way back). Shelvin could be the steal of the draft, at least as far as the Wizards are concerned (yes, even more so than Chris Singleton).
[Wizards Insider]

> Evidently Nick Young wants to change his Twitter handle from ‘Swagy P’ to ‘Nick No Homo Young’ — I can only assume that he’s celebrating the gay marriage bill passing in the State of New York.

“yall thought was sumthin u aint seen nuthin yet lol i might as well change my name from swagy p 2 nick no homo young” @NickSwagyPYoung

yall thought was sumthin u aint seen nuthin yet lol i might as well change my name from swagy p 2 nick no homo young

> Steinberg probably has the best comment about the John Wall vs B.J. Raji ESPN dance-off commercial:

This is meant to appeal to the “They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?” demographic. Either that, or Colin Cowherd.

[DC Sports Bog]

> The lockout is making the NBA look like the NCAA. From Yahoo!’s Marc Spears:

If team officials have a chance encounter with players, they are ordered to record details of the meeting and report it.


> Antawn Jamison says that players are more unified in the current lockout than they were in ’98. Well great.
[AP/USA Today]

> Jamison also says that lockouts hinder the development of young players. Now that Ted Leonsis says it’s time to develop — and the Wizards, via Flip Saunders, obviously provided their players with workout materials before the lockout — how will Washington and other teams eventually make up for lost ground?
[Cleveland Plain Dealer]

> For some reason, Toni Kukoc vs. Popeye Jones.
[Ball Don’t Lie]

> If you are voting NBA owners off the island, let it be Donald Sterling. If it’s a player, Stephen Jackson is your man… if he’s not careful with his contract demands, he’s going to be Latrell Sprewell Pt. Duh.
[Ball Don’t Lie]

> You’ll probably want to watch this video of Epic ‘Vale dunking:


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