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ShareBullets: Alyssa Milano Is Everywhere, Including The Wizards Website

Updated: August 15, 2011

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Notice how ever since that gig on Who’s The Boss? Alyssa Milano has been pretty much everywhere? Now, this former dream of teenaged boys’ affection hasn’t seemed to tap into a post-sitcom television movie career like Christina Applegate (via Kelly Bundy), but Milano looks like she’s barely aged since her role of Sa-man-THA! Micelli.

Well, not really… considering she was age 10-20 on Who’s The Boss?, but whatever. (And I’ll attribute the increased present-day Applegate popularity to her being blonde … as unfortunate as that may be, in that similar preference has splashed inconsequential news stories like Natalee Holloway across our television sets, but I do believe I’m digressing. Also, while I’m at it, I don’t know anything about the show Charmed (which Milano was on more recently) other than it would be on TNT sometimes when I got up for work in the morning because I’d left the channel on the late NBA game from the night before and I would hate it.)

In any case, good for Alyssa Milano — for staying ‘relevant’ — like I said, she’s been everywhere, including the Washington Wizards website. And I got no complaints. You’re welcome.

One of the rare Tweets of any significance during this lockout from the official Washington Wizards Twitter account, @WashWizards, has implored followers to: “Check out some of the great new items at the Official Wizards Online Store!”

And that I did, but without the enthusiasm behind the exclamation point. The click went straight to our friend Alyssa, who has not only been PhotoShop’d wearing new “DC Logo” Wizards gear, but also gear featuring old man Wizard in old team colors (as seen above). Note: this is regarding with Milano’s “Made by Touch” clothing line which established a relationship with the NBA in 2009.

There’s also plenty of other gear for sale — retro “Bullets” gear, an entire section dedicated to Gilbert Arenas — which goes to show you that as much as things change for various reasons, you can almost always submit your dollar to merchandise from the time period some people no longer want around.

Look, in summation, there’s a path you take and a path untaken. The choice is up to you my friend.


> Last Friday some of us, including TAI’s Rashad Mobley and Beckley Mason of HoopSpeak, dropped our opinions on five questions surrounding the Washington Wizards for ESPN’s 5-on-5 series. No, it wasn’t our choice to compare John Wall to Derrick Rose, we just answered the questions.

> Tonight John Wall will join a bunch of other ex-Kentucky Wildcats in an exhibition game against the Dominican Republic National team (coached by UK coach John Calipari) at Rupp Arena in Lexington. The Wildcat returning with the most time away from the school: Nazr Mohammed, 13 years.

> Are the Wizards facing a ‘DEVELOPMENTAL CRISIS!’ in the wake of the lockout potentially costing the NBA an entire season? Perhaps so. Simply makes one wonder, in terms of reports indicating there could be a schism between NBA owners who want to settle and get the season started, and those who want to stick it to players and fans no matter the cost (except when considering their own bottom line, which isn’t always in tune with the health of the sport), where does Ted Leonsis stand? Does his experience with NHL labor issues make him want to/able to bust the NBA players more? Does the fact that Leonsis owns the Verizon Center make him less apt to aim for a quick deal? Or does he simply want to move on with rebuilding his franchise? Who knows… but the answer can’t be simple.
[Bullets Forever]

> I found this to be fair, well-reasoned look at John Wall’s rookie year statistics.
[Alone In The Green Room]

> About three years ago I wrote an in-depth piece on ex-Bullet Larry Stewart. Taking a break from attempting to sell tickets for a possibly not-to-be-played season and the latest reports from Wizards cheerleader tryouts, the team website has a very good article catching up with Stewart, one in which he opens up about the time he got shot by robbers inside of his home.

> Yi Jianlian’s Chinese national team, and their American coach, Bob Donewald, didn’t exactly fare well at the recently China-hosted Stankovic Cup (they won just one game). China now has their hopes set on September’s Asian Championships, where a birth in the Olympics could be on the line.

> Michael Rand wonders if Minnesota Timberwolves basketball history would be different — much, much better — had it not been for a back injury to Wizards assistant coach Sam Cassell in 2004.
[Star Tribune]

> Hey, look at ex-Wizard Oleksiy Pecherov set a pick and pop out to hit a big three for the Ukraine in a “friendly” against Turkey.
[NBA Playbook]

> Decent read about athletes, specifically basketball players, and hip-hop.

> JaVale McGee with a very ‘JaVale McGee’ Tweet:
(Not factually supported, but Denis Roman may have invented the Roman Candles that people shoot on the Fourth of July, etc. — This only could have been better, and even more JaVale McGeely, had he replaced the ‘a’ in ‘tats’ with an ‘i’.)

> Finally… LeBron tooling around and getting dunked on by a random Asian cat:

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