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DISCOVERY: The Beginning of the NBA Play Offs, Washington Wizards Style

Updated: September 23, 2011

The truth of the matter is that no one really knows when or where the NBA Playoffs or “Play Offs” starts. Hell, it might even, oddly enough, begin with the league’s official Twitter account, @NBA, announcing the ‘symbolic’ cancellation of 43 preseason games IN ALL CAPS today.

It’s just so hard to tell.

Rumor has it that a locked-out Washington Wizard, Andray Blatche, recently discovered the commencement of playoff aspiration at a small, obscure gym in Clarksville, Maryland. However, Truth About has learned, according to unnamed sources which do not exist, that the path to the post-season actually started long ago. Once again, we turn to technology to tell the story of how the Washington Wizards are preparing to “play off.”

Off of what? Well, that’s still a mystery.

First of all … who says the playoffs has to start in Clarksville, Maryland? Why not where Andray Blatche has been training all summer, South Beach Miami? Remember in Rocky IV when Ivan Drago trained with scientists while Rocky chopped wood in Siberia? Well this could be the exact opposite of that.

Sometimes success comes out of sadness resulting from failure… Or the acceptance of failure through contemplation of life… Or just three down bros caught in the moment and captured forever. Here, perhaps Shane Falco is thinking about beefing up; maybe Andray Blatche is thinking about how he wants to be coached by Gene Hackman in a movie; and maybe Flip Saunders is thinking about coaching Shane Falco. Whatever the case, certainly a potential start to play off action. Just makes you wonder, what are they looking at that Andray isn’t?

Speaking of coaches … perhaps it’s with them that the playoffs truly starts. This photo brings us back to a moment last season. Saunders was imploring Blatche to do one simple thing: eat at the salad store. Instead, Blatche insisted on having a Rum Ham because he saw actor Danny Devito enjoy one on a television program, It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia.

As usual, Flip relented… because that’s the type of person he is. Meanwhile, Flip also had a polka-dotted tie.

So is Andray going to go ‘ham’? Do those letters actually form an acronym that stands for being hard as a…? Does playoff have a different meaning?

Questions… or a discovery? The Play off or Playoffs starts here.

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