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ShareBullets: John Wall & All Star Appearance(s)?

Updated: September 16, 2011

Commentary, links, John Wall, a poll, (not that kind of poll), etc., …

BaSkEtBaLl NeVeR sToPs

Dude, bro, chum, mate, chap, bloke, scallywag… Derrick Rose, Rajon Rondo, Chris Paul (probably as a New York Knick), Deron Williams … John Wall will never be an All-Star in the East.

I wouldn’t be so sure of that. Guys change conferences, there always seems to be someone who can’t play for one reason or another, and if Wall continues to show his talent, the coaches got to vote him in a couple times, right? But he must/should win first, which will be a tougher task to do consistently than make the All-Star team.

I took part in’s 5-on-5 Friday. We had to take the over, under, or a push on a variety of NBA Southeast Division potential occurrences. Regarding the Wizards, the over/under was six All-Star games for John Wall. I took the push. You can read it here, but what do you think?

By the way… did you know John Wall was doing the damn thing?

And by ‘damn thing,’ I mean, “Sweet Baby Jesus!

The arc on that developing jump-shot is something to behold (among all those other things).

There’s something to also consider during Andray Blatche’s recently pumped press positivity, in addition to evident benefits from him recently getting a new agent, Andy Miller, after not having one last season: a guy like John Wall is not-for-long going to tolerate lackadaisical B.S. on the court. We all knew who Wall was talking about when he questioned the effort of teammates after that late February loss to Philadelphia. Wall is not only a game changer, but he’s going to be a teammate changer as well.

Speaking of… check these perhaps partially and potentially unseen highlights from Wall in high school … at a tournament in Kansas in January 2009 (Damn, wasn’t that yesterday?). “We made it in Amer-i-ca!”


> It took Trevor Booker going to play in Israel for him to realize that you could put grilled onions on a hamburger. Sounds like Andray needs to present him with a “C’mon Son” sign.

> Rashard Lewis says, “You can’t blame the players”… for taking the huge contracts teams have been willing to give them. True, no one would disagree with that. Others have been screaming, “It’s the fault of team management for making bad decisions!” Not many would disagree with that either. Still, Ted Leonsis’ theory of preventing owners from taking “stupid pills” continues to ring as a necessity. In such a unique environment of risk and pressure, it’s inevitable that some managers take risks like monopoly, the game … very stupid risks. There must be a better system in place to prevent that from happening. Sorry players.
[Wizards Insider]

> So far, Chris Singleton seems to be impressed with Andray Blatche, so far. Also, he “likes” four NFL teams at the same time, so far: Falcons, Ravens, Colts and Eagles.
[Washington Times]

> Nick Young is taking a stance against gang violence in L.A.
[NBC Washington]

> Free-agent Josh Howard is blogging/writing on his website, says his knee feels 100-percent, FWIW … doubt it means much for the Wizards. After missing out on his talents for the most part, as a Wizard, it would be nice to eventually see him back on the court in some regard, for some team.

> I know, I know … “bloggers” criticizing “main stream media” can get a bit old, especially when it comes to the Washington Post’s Tracee Hamilton. Her recent column on why a shortened NBA season would be a good thing is just … yuck. Not sure why I’m bothering to mention it right now, it’s not even worth linking.

> In a “Sarah Palin is a totally hot white lady in glasses” moment on the radio from Charles Barkley, we get this Matt Moore quote out of a blog post from the online version of CBS pro basketball:

You’ve no doubt by now heard about the report from… wait for this one… the National Inquirer quoting an upcoming unauthorized biography of Sarah Palin ( brought it to mainstream knowledge).

Take THAT mainstream media!
[Eye On Basketball]

> Marreese Speights dunked on JaVale McGee a couple times in Las Vegas. 1) This will happen when you are a shot-blocker; 2) This will happen when you lazily lose track of your man (second time, first time was understandable as a shot-blocker in the video).

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