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ShareBullets: Basketball Wives & Crittenton’s Tweets

Updated: September 2, 2011

Links, commentary, a D.C. photo…

[Key Elementary School – NW Washington, DC – photo: K. Weidie]

Eventually, soon, I would like to make a more comprehensive post regarding Javaris Crittenton’s Tweets on this here site. There’s a problem with his Tweets… in that it’s Twitter. It would be very hard to gather context from each and every one of Crittenton’s Tweets, much less the small sample used for my piece on TrueHoop, or even from any number of people publishing thoughts and ideas on the social media tool.

To put it clearly: Nothing can be gathered, inferred, or deduced from Crittenton’s Tweets. They are simply an additional window into the life of a figure whom so many people are now trying to futilely gain information about. Yes, the Tweets came directly from his mind, but we don’t know what kind of filter he was putting his thoughts through… just like we don’t know what type of filter athletes, or anyone, puts themselves through during interviews and other media interactions.

There is, however, one misconception, or instance that needs more clarity: Crittenton’s six Tweets from the day of the murder in question, August 19.

From his timeline, it’s evident that he was at the movies, watching Planet of the Apes, on the night of the 18th and was tweeting about it past midnight into the 19th. Hence, some of his Tweets about the movie were date-stamped on the 19th. And while I don’t have time-stamps on Crittenton’s Tweets, his fifth Tweet from the 19th was a “@” reply to someone, reading: “@[Twitter name deleted] just been grinding. What’s up big boi? Ain’t seen you in a min” Looking at that user’s timeline, he replied back to Crittenton at 11:15 AM on August 19.

Crittenton’s fourth Tweet on the 19th quoted and responded to another user:  “@[Twitter name deleted]: @JayCrittDTE was it good??” Movie was real good. You gotta see it.” That user, according to their timeline, asked Crittenton the question at 11:15 PM on August 18 and responded “Cool” at 1:30 AM on August 19th.

So clearly, according to timestamps of other users, in lieu of the now unavailable timestamps from Crittenton’s deleted account, most all of Crittenton’s Tweets on the 19th occurred in either the morning or early afternoon hours. The murder purportedly occurred at 10 pm on the night of the 19th; Crittenton’s last Tweet of that day: “Good night world. Gotta get some rest. Super early workout in the am.”

What does this all mean? Well, if you read the first paragraph, nothing. What it does mean is that Crittenton, according to his Tweets, was not watching Planet of the Apes on the night of the murder, as some have wrongly concluded.


Like all humans I am susceptible to bad judgment and making mistakes. It’s in this regard that I watched the debut VH1’s Basketball Wives earlier this week — you know, the one featuring Gilbert Arenas’ ex and mother of his children (whom he tried to keep from appearing on the show). So you see, if anything, I simply had to watch what Arenas’ money and lawyers didn’t want us to.  I meticulously took notes on the show in hopes of filing an official report, while paying a very snarky and cursory attention. Here goes…

  • Laura Govan is on early, talking about dealing with rumors of an affair “with someone famous” and a public breakup… but names no names.
  • The phrase, “You can’t help but to respect real,” is said by any number of involved parties.
  • Someone says, “Smoke and mirrors,” which would seemingly become the  theme of choice for those on the show to describe each other.
  • “Real” is said several times in one scene; “Gravy” is only said once.
  • Someone says, “Did Malaysia really took off?” — Malaysia is evidently a volatile character on the show, associated with Jannero Pargo, and it’s well-advertised by her and others that she grew up in Compton.
  • Suddenly some of the girls seem to be reading from a script, which strikes me as odd for reality television, but again, I’m not paying any attention.
  • Then they end up in some restaurant and the estranged wife of Jayson Williams (ex-NBA player who is currently in jail for shooting his limo driver) says to the waiter: “Let me have what you consider to be the best thing here.”
  • The thought then enters my mind about how deserving the involved players are/were of these seemingly terrible women whom I don’t know — the characters involved are: Matt Barnes, Gilbert Arenas, Ron Artest, Stephen Jackson, Jannero Pargo, Doug Christie, and all the NBA guys who slept with some other groupie chick on the show whom all the “wives” seem to hate.
  • Exactly.
  • It’s revealed that Govan evidently gained 84 pounds resulting from her latest pregnancy with Arenas’ child. DAMN THAT’S A BIG BABY!
  • Things happen, people talk, I hear “smoke and mirrors” again.
  • The Malaysia character keeps getting into it with Ron Artest’s lady… all I can think of is Mugatu, Will Ferrell’s character from the movie Zoolander, saying “Do as you are trained… AND KILL THE MALAYSIAN PRIME MINISTER!”
  • Laura Govan then calls Malaysia a “rat,” evidently because she uses her middle name as her first name. Makes total sense.
  • The show kind of ends with more confrontation. Somebody tells Govan, who was pregnant when this episode was filmed, “You’re having a baby, sit down!” — It might have been Malaysia, I don’t know, but then Malaysia punches Govan in the face (or something like that).
  • And, done. We are all terrible people living in a terrible world, via Basketball Wives, and to the best of my ability I will try to cope with this.


> As so many media members try to relate “their” story about Javaris Crittenton, I particularly appreciated Scott Carefoot’s piece. Here’s an excerpt:

I’ve long suspected that most people who interview others as a significant portion of their jobs flatter themselves that these interviews allow them a glimpse into the windows of the true spirits of their subjects. More and more, I’ve become convinced that none of us should believe that we can understand what people are capable of, given the situation. In fact, I believe most people don’t really understand themselves well enough to know what they’re capable of doing. Maybe you have yourself convinced that you would never commit murder or adultery or betray your best friend, even if you could get away with it — but maybe you just haven’t been presented with the right motivation.

[The Basketball Jones]

> Wizards draft pick Chris Singleton seems to be penning some guest work for the Washington Times with the assistance of Carla Peay… and it all sounds nicely impressive. This excerpt:

I know the gossip about what some of these guys have been doing off the court, and frankly, some people need to grow up a little and eliminate some of that. But over time, we will develop our chemistry, and we’ll make the city of D.C. proud of us.

[Washington Times]

> Truth About It’s John Converse Townsend went to the Goodman-Melo League game last Tuesday and has written a nice column about Kevin Durant for TrueHoop.

> If Nick Young signs to play in China, which would likely keep him from playing in the NBA in 2011-12, I imagine he would end up greatly regretting it… just a feeling based on observation. Then again, if the money isn’t bad and the NBA isn’t playing… I wouldn’t blame him.

> Learnin’ in Baltimore via Craig Stouffer’s coverage of Goodman League vs. Melo League:

Similarities between street ball and actual NBA games are subtle but significant » The player hierarchy takes on exaggerated importance — Durant, James, Anthony and Chris Paul never left the floor and hogged the ball repeatedly — but it doesn’t change. James deferred to his all-star teammates (Anthony and Paul), and while Paul talked to reporters, he was meekly whisked out of the arena by his security detail.

[Washington Examiner]

> NBA owners don’t give a damn about winning the PR battle during the lockout. Why? Because winning the PR would be bad for them says Beckley Mason.

> Gilbert Arenas didn’t take too kindly to a jokester, Joe Mande, making jokes about his jokes, via a post of Arenas’ past Twitter avatars. Aside from all the static, the point seemingly is that a guy who will turn 30-years old next January has a lot of issues with women. One can only wonder why.
[The Basketball Jones]

> Michael Lee reports that Trevor Booker is in good shape after coming back from a broken foot experienced in March toward the end of last season. Booker will travel to play for a pro team in Israel on September 13.
[Wizards Insider]

> Speaking of playing overseas and traveling on the road overseas… Ernie Grunfeld’s son, Dan Grunfeld, wrote an enjoyable guest column about his experiences playing ball on the road domestic and abroad.
[SB Nation]

> Is there a chance for a Kwame Brown resurgence in Charlotte, where *gasp* he could be the starting center?
[Queen City Hoops]

> The D.C. Attorney General is NOT siding with Dan Snyder in the owner’s latest legal maneuvering to limit free speech.

> A good, honest review of Wale’s recent mixtape, The Eleven One Eleven Theory, which I wasn’t the biggest fan of, but still am a fan of Wale.
[Passion of the Weiss]

> Danny Chau takes us back to ’92-93 and the lost season of Richard Dumas.
[Hardwood Paroxysm]

> The big baller strip club that so many D.C. athletes like to attend, Stadium Club, actually started as an idea, with city funding, as a job training center for residents with HIV/AIDS. How it became a strip club, under the involvement of former gangster Cornell Jones, has led to some shadiness and a lawsuit from the city.
[Washington City Paper]

It must be fun to be able to dunk like JaVale McGee…

Hamady N’diaye’s workout (and interview):

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