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ShareBullets: The Andray Blatche Coloring Book Comes To Life & Summertime Hoops

Updated: September 13, 2011

Commentary, links, a picture, a photoshop, etc…

[This was one of my favorite pictures that I took at Capital Punishment back in August;
James Harden drawing a late-game shooting foul against DeMarcus Cousins.]

> Of course…

Andray Blatche has a coloring and activity book, of course, images of which via Bullets Forever‘s Mike Prada — It’s for the kids and all. At the DC Sports Bog, Dan Steinberg has noticed that Blatche is très muscular in the renderings. Here’s an example:

> Using technology, DNA samples, sheep-cloning etiquette, and vodka, we were able to bring a page from Andray Blatche’s coloring book to real life…

(idea via @SaleemTheDream)

> It’s that time of year again, time for Andray Blatche to start making promises. This latest instance via Michael Lee of the Washington Post, among other outlets.

The District’s own Punxsutawney Phil has now even become fodder for the national blogs, Hardwood Paroxysmin the ESPN TrueHoop Network or Yahoo!’s Ball Don’t Lie for example. They readily mention that the Wizard has been down the path of meaningless weather predictions words before. But at this point, criticizing this latest bout of Andray verbiage would be just as meaningless.

Of course, one part does strike me as, you know, curious. It’s when Blatche, somewhat legitimately, defends “Lap Dance Tuesdays.” Lee writes:

“That’s the one thing that kind of got me frustrated,” he said. “People were like, ‘Aw, he’s at a strip club!’ Or ‘He’s at a party where they give lap dances!’ That was far from the case. It wasn’t even close to the case. Everybody down in Miami knows that on Tuesday nights it’s a club called Cameo. It’s a club. Like if you go to Park, Josephine or Love here. On Tuesdays, it’s their theme. That’s how it is. It was a regular club. There were no lap dances involved. Nobody got no lap dances, no nothing.

“Why is everybody tripping on me hosting a party?” Blatche asked. “I host parties in D.C. all the time and I get no problem out of it. I went to Miami and it’s the offseason. The season is over. I’m just at a party and I get this. That was the craziest thing. I was like, I must have a target on my back, because if I can’t go to Miami and host a party and have fun with my friends, what can I do?”

Not much to say here other than Blatche, and only Blatche, is the reason why there is a target on his back. John Wall can club with all the strippers and rappers (and Rudy Huxtables) he wants for his 21st birthday and it seems different, because he has already proven himself to have a better attitude on the court and off. Granted, Wall could prove himself to be just as susceptible of making horrible decisions, but I doubt it.

In the meantime, when Wall clerbs, we say “kids.” When Andray Blatche says anything, we say “We’ll see.”

> Of course, one visible positive step is that Blatche is hosting local workouts for teammates. Sure, only Hamady N’diaye and Chris Singleton showed up, but as Mike Prada points out, no one else is really available.
[Bullets Forever]

> Summertime hoops may never end… John Wall, Jordan Crawford and Nick Young, along with Shelvin Mack, Larry Owens and Rashard Lewis, are now playing together at the Impact League in Vegas. That can only be good for the chemistry of the young guards.

> There’s also another basketball event planned in D.C. this weekend, Saturday September 17, at Coolidge High featuring pro basketball players from Washington and beyond —Kevin Durant, Jeff Green, Jarrett Jack, Greg Monroe, Eric Maynor, Corey Brewer, James Harden, Kemba Walker, DeMarcus Cousins, and John Wall (maybe) are slated to appear.
[Washington Examiner]

> Hopefully Kevin Seraphin is learning a LOT by watching the likes of Joakim Noah this summer (and not the likes of Andray Blatche … DIG! — can’t help it)… According to this piece by Mark Woods it sure sounds like Seraphin’s eyes have been opened to relentless hustle.

> The Goodman League has announced that on September 24 they will face the Indy Leage at the Indiana Convention Center, and on September 30 they will play the EBC Rucker League in New York, NY.

> Michael Lee has some follow up details on the games, including that the game between D.C. and N.Y. could take place at St. John’s, and this fitting gem on why a D.C. vs. L.A. rematch has not yet taken place:

[Miles] Rawls and Drew League commissioner Dino Smiley cannot agree on why they were unable to schedule the rematch, which might offer an indication of why the two sides can’t come together on an agreement now.

[Wizards Insider]

> Marc J. Spears has a general overview column about John Wall wanting to do things, more of them. This excerpt struck me:

“I learned that when you are supposed to come back one week, you wait another week to make sure you’re healthy,” Wall said. “I’m just making sure I take care of my body. I’m getting stronger this summer and that is the main thing I need to do. I’m not trying to get big, just get stronger to take the hits I was taking last year.”

Easy for Wall to say now, but certainly going to be very tough to moderate when he’s actually in an injury situation.
[Yahoo! Sports]

> Uh, yea… not sure about this one. John Wall is shirtless, holding a new edition of his shoes, with perhaps a cream pie or shaving cream all over his face/head. Ahhh… the 21-year old birthday parties of NBA stars.

[via F*ckYeahJohnWall]

> And Trey Kerby has a little more fun with subtle jabs on just how less-than-ideal Wall’s “Grown Ass Man” Reebok shoes seem to be.
[The Basketball Jones]

> Ted Leonsis is NOT happy with politicians right now. After a long rant on his blog, one of his ending lines:

If you are a politician, don’t call on me for support or for dollars. On any side. I am not buying what anyone is selling right now.

[Ted’s Take]

> When it comes to his stance amongst NBA owners in pursuit of a new CBA, Ted Leonsis is said to be a hawk (as in closer to being willing to miss an entire season). However, one can imagine that he’s also as anxious as possible to get his rebuilding team back in his care and supervision, and most importantly back on the court. Read this about NBA owners…

> Whether it be politics or basketball, Kwame Brown is just not a good name for Washington, D.C.
[Washington City Paper]

> There is some sort of “Xtreme Basketball Xhibition” coming to Washington, D.C. on November 11 — I’m sure it will have much more to do with athleticism than actual basketball.

> Evidently, Gilbert Arenas and Laura Govan are getting back together, evidently.
[The Reliable Source]

> The Washington pro football owner who shall not be named has finally dropped his lawsuit against the Washington City Paper.
[Washington City Paper]

> But alas, via an article that came out before the suit was dropped, the stupidity will likely continue for a long, long time.
[New York Times]

> A good run-down of the ridiculous numbers surrounding the lawsuit.

> Oh, and then there’s this from the Washington Post’s story on the matter:

By the end, only the story’s statement about forgery was at issue, said someone who has worked with Snyder. The owner and his advisers became satisfied by assurances that the forgery comment referred to people who worked for Snyder Communications, not Snyder himself, said the person familiar with Snyder’s position, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because he is not Snyder’s official spokesman.

The allegation in question involves Snyder Communications and GTE Communications, which agreed to pay $2.5 million to the state of Florida in 2001 to settle allegations of “slamming,” the unauthorized switching of long-distance accounts. At the time, Florida officials said they found “thousands of instances” in which employees of Snyder’s company switched customers from their existing provider to GTE without permission. GTE had hired Snyder’s company to market its phone service. None of the parties admitted wrongdoing.

In his statement, Wyllie said: “The lawsuit was pursued as a means to correct the public record following several critical factual misstatements in the Washington City Paper article. In the course of the defendants’ recently filed pleadings and statements in this matter, the Washington City Paper and its writer have admitted that certain assertions contained in the article that are the subject of the lawsuit, were, in fact, unintended by the defendants to be read literally as true.”

[Washington Post]

> Riiiiiiiiight. In conclusion…

Be Careful Ballers.

[via F*ckYeahJohnWall]

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