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The Rawness of Summertime Hoops

Updated: September 17, 2011

[John Wall tough travels to the hoop at Capital Punishment – photo: K. Weidie]

[Editor’s Note: Summertime hoops is raw, folksy, grassroots. NBA players have been putting on shows nationwide, and people have resoundingly enjoyed them. They’ve featured small gyms with varying levels of organization and management — if anything, these games have given us an appreciation of the sourcing it takes to smoothly run an entertaining pro basketball event in a big arena. By the time this is all over, people will be craving the beauty of organized game play and coaching strategy battles.

Another exhibition concluded today at Washington, D.C.’s Coolidge High School, I watched it online via “The Clash of the Superstars,” it was dubbed, because city alliances weren’t really involved. A team featuring John Wall, DeMarcus Cousins and Kevin Durant beat a team with Michael Beasley, Kemba Walker, Jeff Green, Greg Monroe and others 144-128. Truth About It’s Rashad Mobley and John Converse Townsend covered the match and will be providing stories at some point in the future.

Until then, let’s take a look back at “Capital Punishment,” held at D.C.’s Trinity University back on August 20. With the video below, TAI’s Adam McGinnis brings the rawness that makes these summer hoops games likely so comforting for those mysterious basketball gods, but not comfortable enough to where they’ll be content with watching them forever. -Kyle W.]

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Adam McGinnis
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