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Kevin Seraphin Already Bloodying Fools Up In Spain

Updated: October 9, 2011

Sometimes you hear about guys playing overseas, especially young guys, and most reports involve limited minutes and much time on the pine. Their Euro-stats are weird, you have to adjust for them. Other fast-traveled messages more recently have informed us of the struggles of economic basketball defectors Deron Williams and Ty Lawson with their respective teams in Turkey and Lithuania. Overseas ball seems more like yard work than a day at the park for some of these NBA guys.

Kevin Seraphin seems to have ignored perceived tradition in not approaching his Euro assignment with a meek demeanor, surely making Wizards brass and fans alike proud that more toughness is in the future. Seraphin’s temporary Spanish team, Caja Laboral, opened their season this weekend with a 73-60 win over Cajasol; and Seraphin is making his presence felt, bloodying fools up.

Seraphin started the game, played 30 minutes, and finished with 11 points (5-6 FGs, 1-3 FTs), oddly enough only one rebound (on the offensive end, told you the stats can be weird), to go with one assist, one steal, three fouls and three blocks. His 11 points tied with three others for second most on his team. But proof is in the pictures. In the embedded game highlight video below (linked here if that doesn’t work; H/T: Ball In Europe) you will notice:

  • 0:18 – Not two minutes into the game Seraphin takes it strong to the hoop and ends up bloodying the nose of his opponent, Canadian Carl English;
  • 0:27 – Big block by Seraphin, but Cajasol gets the offensive rebound put-back;
  • 0:56 – Seraphin lets former Wizard and former Millionaire Match-Maker participant Paul Davis lose him with a spin move for a lob basket, which is essentially the equivalent of a teenager falling for an exaggerated head fake where nothing else moves from his 70-year old grandpa;
  • 1:07 – Seraphin throwing a powerful dunk And-1 on Tomas Satoransky;
  • 1:18 – A reject of  Guillem Rubio and at 1:25, a block of Txemi Urtasun;
  • 1:34 – Seraphin catches a lob dunk over everyone.
  • 1:41 – They do that thing where they clap their hands high in the air to the crowd after a win.
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  • What was good about all of Seraphins points was that they were all power dunks.

  • jon damian

    Sorry but I respectfully disagree. watch both games in full (both on youtube)…….I was less than impressed with his toughness. Multiple times he could have gone up strong and didn’t against guys smaller than him. he also did a poor job boxing out and getting rebounds the whole time iw as like C’mon KEVIN Get TOugh dude

  • FTT

    wooo, look at that lateral quickness @ 1:14. Is it crazy to think he’ll be getting 15 minutes a game next season? Foul-rate is the only thing that i can see keeping him off the court. I loved watching him body dwight out of the paint last year, and level unsuspecting players with picks. He looks like he’s completely recovered his physique that was missing last year. Great to see him having a self-motivated, proactive off-season during the lockout.

  • FTT

    i do agree that rebounding is definitely kevin’s crux. Don’t understand what his issue is since he easily has the rear-end to box out ala kevin love.

  • jn

    He recently complained because of some injury. The coach replied to the press that “when a player wants to play, he does it on just one leg if necessary; when a player does not want to play, there is always some sort of injury”. I think the coach is not too impressed with Seraphin.

  • JN…

    Interesting about the injury thing…

    Seraphin, through reports, seems to have known the consequences of playing for a tough coach going into reporting to Spain for duty…

    So while I imagine Wizards’ brass appreciates the stern learning, they probably don’t like him playing through injury so much.