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Washington Wizards Suspensions & Fines Since 1995

Updated: October 3, 2011

Seeing that pro basketball fans are essentially suspended from the NBA due to squabbling amongst millionaires and billionaires, passing time might be aided by chronicling all NBA and team suspensions of the Washington Wizards since circa 1995. Why? Well, because we humans love stories about crime and punishment, and to most, the NBA lockout fits the bill for both.  So away we go (with old basketball cards to accompany on occasion)…

[Note: This listing is incomplete and unconfirmed for accuracy; information has been gleaned, copied and pasted from eskimo.com/~pbender and prosportstransactions.com with the understanding that all suspensions and fines might not have been publicized or reflected.]

Bernard King
suspended by team for altercation with head coach at practice.

Washington suspended Kevin Duckworth for 3 games for not staying in good physical condition.

Washington suspended Kevin Duckworth indefinitely for not maintaining playing shape.

The NBA fined Chris Webber (Was) $7,500 and suspended him for the first game of the regular season and fined Luc Longley $7,500 and suspended him for the first game of the regular season for fighting in October 17’s Was-Chi game.  Rasheed Wallace was also fined $5,000 for throwing the ball at Longley during the fight.

Chris Webber
suspended by NBA for 1 game (reason unknown).

The NBA fined Juwan Howard (Was) $12,000 and Bimbo Coles (Mia) $6,000 and suspended each for one game for fighting in the Mia-Was game on January 17.

The NBA fined Juwan Howard (Was) $5,000 for making an obscene gesture after being ejected from Tuesday’s Was-Cha game.

The NBA fined Ledell Eackles (Was) $7,500 and suspended him for one game for throwing a punch at James Edwards (Chi) in Friday’s Was-Chi game. Eackles will miss the first game of the 1995-96 season.

Washington placed Terry Davis on the suspended list (reason unknown).

Washington fined Rod Strickland and Tracy Murray $25,000 each for fighting at the team hotel Wednesday.

The NBA fined and reprimanded ref Joe Borgia for calling a foul on Calbert Cheaney (Was) when the foul was actually committed by Chris Webber, who had 5 fouls, in Friday’s Was-Van game.  Borgia actually told Cheaney after calling the foul that he called the foul on Cheaney because it would have been Webber’s 6th foul.

The NBA fined Rod Strickland (Was) $5,000 for verbally abusing the ref and failing to leaving the court in a timely manner after being ejected during Tuesday’s Por-Was game.

Washington suspended Rod Strickland for 1 game for missing practice.  He will sit out Thursday’s game vs Cleveland.

Washington suspended Rod Strickland for 1 game for skipping practice.

Washington suspended Michael Smith for 2 games for conduct detrimental to the team.

The NBA suspended Michael Smith (Was) for one game (the first game of the 2001-02 regular season) for his guilty plea for driving while intoxicated.

The NBA fined Jahidi White (Was) $7,500 and suspended him for 1 game for head-butting Zydrunas Ilgauskas (Cle) during Thursday’ Was-Cle game. Ilgauskas was fined $5,000 for his actions and DeSagana Diop (Cle) was fined $5,000 and suspended for 1 game for leaving the bench during the altercation.

The NBA fined Allen Iverson (Phi) and Michael Jordan (Was) $10,000 for skipping All-Star game media session.

The NBA fined Eddie Jordan (Was) $5,000 for criticizing the refs after Sunday’s Was-NY game.

The NBA suspended Christian Laettner (Was) for 5 games for violating the league’s drug policy.

Eddie Jordan
fined $7,500 by NBA for failing to leave court in a timely manner after game.

The NBA fined Jerry Stackhouse (Was) $5,000 for throwing the basketball into the stands during Sunday’s Was-Mil game.

The NBA suspended Gilbert Arenas (Was) for 1 game.  He will miss the first game of the regular season.  Arenas recently pleaded no contest to  misdemeanor weapons and vehicle charges for possessing a concealed weapon  and driving without a license in 2003.

The NBA suspended Brendan Haywood (Was) for 3 games, Antonio Davis (Chi) for 2 games, Eddy Curry (Chi) for 2 games, and Larry Hughes (Was) for 1 games and fined Kirk Hinrich (Chi) $10,000 for their involvement in the melee during Monday’s Chi-Was game.  The suspensions will start with the beginning of the regular season.

Anthony Peeler
suspended for one game (reason unknown).

Washington suspended Kwame Brown for refusing to join the team huddle during Wednesday’s Den-Was game.

The NBA fined Gilbert Arenas $7,500 for criticizing the refs following Sunday’s Was-Sac game.

Washington suspended Kwame Brown for the rest of the playoffs.

12/18/05 (not related to the Wizards, but yea…)
Dallas fined Darrell Armstrong (a long time Washington fan) $1,000 for his comment of “How about them Redskins” on the mic after wishing the fans a  safe holiday prior to Sunday’s Dal-Orl game.  Washington defeated the  Cowboys 35-7 earlier that day.  Dallas planned on donating the fine to a charity of the Cowboy’s choice.

The NBA fined Eddie Jordan (Was) $25,000 for criticizing the refs following Cle-Was game 3 on April 28 (the fine was not previously announced by the league).

The NBA fined Eddie Jordan (Was) $15,000 for failing to leave the court in a timely manner following his ejection from Saturday’s Was-SA game.

Washington suspended Etan Thomas for 2 games for his fight in practice with Brendan Haywood.

The NBA fined DeShawn Stevenson (Was) $25,000 for making “menacing  gestures” during Sunday’s Was-Cle game.

The NBA suspended Darius Songaila (Was) for 1 game for hitting LeBron James (Cle) in the face during Wednesday’s Was-Cle game.

The NBA fined Gilbert Arenas (Was) and the Wizards $15,000 each for Arenas missing media day.

The NBA fined Gilbert Arenas (Was) $25,000 for failing to make himself available to the media for interviews and Washington was fined a matching 25,000 for failing to ensure that its players comply with NBA media interview rules.

The NBA suspended Gilbert Arenas (Was) indefinitely.  The league is investigating Arenas having guns in the locker room.

Washington fined Randy Foye, Andray Blatche, JaVale McGee, and Nick Young 10,000 each for joining Gilbert Arenas while he made fun of his gun elated problems by using his fingers as guns during the pregame huddle prior to Tuesday’s Was-Phi game.

Washington suspended Andray Blatche for 1 game for complaining about not getting enough plays called for him.

The NBA announced that Gilbert Arenas (Was) is suspended without pay for he rest of the 09-10 season and that Javaris Crittenton (Was) is suspended without pay for the rest of the season.  The two players had an argument that resulted in both players bringing guns in to the team ocker room, a violation of the collective bargaining agreement.  In a Washington, D.C. court, Crittenton had previously pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor count of possession of an unregistered gun and was sentenced to 1 year probation and fined $1,250.  Arenas had previously pleaded guilty to a felony count of carrying a gun without a license and sentencing is scheduled for March 26.

The NBA fined Washington owner Ted Leonsis $100,000 for unauthorized public comments regarding the collective bargaining negotiations.  Leonsis said that he expects the next CBA to have a hard cap.

Washington fined Gilbert Arenas an undisclosed amount for faking an injury to keep from playing in Tuesday’s Was-Atl game.  Arenas told the press after the game that he faked the injury so that teammate Nick Young would have a chance to start.

The NBA suspended Hilton Armstrong (Was) for one game for his flagrant foul against Joel Anthony (Mia) during Monday’s Mia-Was game.

Washington suspended Andray Blatche and JaVale McGee for conduct detrimental to the team.  The two reportedly threw punches at each other outside a club late Friday night.

The NBA suspended John Wall (Was) for 1 game and fined Juwan Howard (Mia) $35,000 and Zydrunas Ilgauskas (Mia) $25,000 for their altercation during Wednesday’s Was-Mia game.

Until next fine…

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