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An NBA Lockout Life: From John Wall In Alaska To Yi Jianlian In China

Updated: November 21, 2011

While some Wizards are attempting to eat spoonfuls of cinnamon… While some NBA players, including John Wall, are avoiding bullets at a place called the Juliet Supper Club in New York City… While Ted Leonsis welcomes the “buzz and interest” created by a show making fun of the Wizards team name (but don’t ask him about changing it, he’ll get annoyed)… While Jan Vesley returns to the Czech Republic to contemplate his basketball life… While real estate sites are getting in on the lockout action by posting about NBA player and owner housing

While NBA players seem rather frustrated about the Lockout, but doing alright nonetheless, the rest of us have done… Not much, aside from being working-stiffs, or in school, or entrenched in unemployment, or perhaps involved in a myriad of issues more concerning than the NBA Lockout. Some days for some of us are good, some days for some not so much. Maybe all is not that bad… unless you’re a Redskins fan in a rainy and foggy District of Columbia the Monday after the football kicker couldn’t pull it out against the rival Dallas Cowboys in overtime.

Perspective. No one on either side, players or owners, seems to have it. Fans, especially those who will inevitably come back to the NBA game anyway, are left with a feeling of helplessness. We are often only left, in the midst of this NBA Lockout, with social media and online pictures. Could you imagine if this happened in 1998? The game and its players would’ve disappeared from our visual pixels exponentially.

I can’t even begin to try to name all the states in which John Wall has played exhibtion basketball this summer — Maryland, Texas, North Carolina, South Carolina, Nevada, Washington, California, New York, Kentucky, and the District of Columbia (there were events in Minnesota and Connecticut where he didn’t show up). I’m likely missing several. He’s been playing basketball overseas as well. Trips to Paris, France.

For the most recent exhibition event, the ‘Good Squad Classic’ held on the campus of UC-Davis outside of Sacramento, Wall showed up, but didn’t play. Jonathan Santiago of Cowbell Kingdom writes, “I had overheard some chatter about his groin giving him some issues, forcing him to sit out the contest.  Donté [Greene] told me that that Wall was indeed injured because he had been playing overseas and that the Washington Wizards guard wanted to ‘rest his body’.”

Now, Wall is set to play in Alaska on December 1 at yet another exhibition game, every next one seemingly more terrible in basketball action than the last. If Wall even plays in the 49th state. But don’t forget, there’s also a game slated for December 12 in Washington, D.C. that’s supposed to be a campaign fundraiser for President Barack Obama. I imagine Wall won’t be missing that one, which is also set to feature several other current and past NBA stars. Will the lockout be resolved by then? Don’t count on it.

And for that, we share a picture of Wall drinking out of a pineapple with two phone/devices on his belt while a guy in a denim jacket nuzzles into the picture… An NBA Lockout Life.

 [The was taken at Howard Homecoming his year., via]

What else? Well, now that there will likely be no NBA season, players are flocking to play in China… Former Wizard Lester Hudson, Tyson Chandler is getting offers, J.J. Barea and Rodney Stuckey too. This is in addition to the players who already signed in China, knowing their CBA (Chinese Basketball Association) contracts would not include an opt-out clause allowing for them to come back to the NBA should the lockout be resolved (with exception of Yi Jianlian). J.R. Smith already hurt his knee and is heading back to the states (UPDATE: It seems that Smith is not seriously hurt, and he is still playing in China. Reports of him being a jerkface continue to surface, however.)

An entertaining picture? This sketch from the China Daily featuring Yi powering to the hoop over who I’m assuming is Kenyon Martin, the former NBA player who recently deleted his verfied Twitter account after suggesting that his critics contract the AIDS virus. He later denied it was him, already en route to China having signed the richest contract in CBA history ($2.65 million for one season) not a month prior. Sounds fun.

[via China Daily]


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