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Faces of A Post-NBA Lockout Negotiations Presser

Updated: November 10, 2011

Representatives of the owners and players emerged from the umpteenth NBA lockout negotiation session on Wednesday (actually, Thursday — this one was of the 12-hour variety, 1 pm to 1 am), with an agreement to continue to negotiate on Thursday. Neither black nor white smoke emerged, but rather a bunch of smoke blown up our collective butts. That and the telltale sign from covering media via Twitter: ‘Two different press conferences, you know what that means.’ It means no basketball.

No news is not good news, it’s no news. Yet, people are forced to look for silver linings, some citing the mere fact that NBA commissioner David Stern “stopped the clock” (his words) on a previously given ultimatum of a 5 pm Wednesday deadline (for a player acceptance of the owners’ offer) as a positive sign. Afterward, neither side could publicly say whether progress was made.

“I can’t characterize whether they showed flexibility or not in certain system issues,” said player rep Derek Fisher. “Nothing was worked out today,” said Stern. Media sources have, however, indicated a semblance of progress. “Progress was made on three system issues,” wrote the Twitter account @WojYahooNBA.

When asked by Howard Beck of the New York Times if the NBA was in a position where they could give the players some semblance of what they want (in terms of in exchange for a 50-50 Basketball-Related Income (BRI) split) Stern said, “I don’t know how you would define ‘some semblance’.” Exactly.* Nothing appears as it seems, or vice versa.

There are no indications optimism nor pessimism the Commissioner told us. So into an uncertain tomorrow (or later today) we go. The mystery on the evening/morning, however, might not be the details of the negotiations, but why player union rep and Washington Wizard Mo Evans seemed unable to restrain chuckles on several occasions. I like to imagine that Dikembe Mutombo was sitting in the front row with a dry erase board drawing pictures of things that would like to sex him.

These are the faces of a post-NBA lockout negotiations press conference:

[*TrueHoop’s Henry Abbott tells us to count on 50/50.]

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  • Michael

    This is whole process disgusts me.

    Player salaries have been 57% of BRI since 1998. The last 13 years, salaries have been stagnant as a percentage of BRI. It’s virtually a fixed expense. Increases and decreases in connection with league revenues.

    With that said, the NBA claimed 15 teams were losing money in 1998. In 2011, the NBA claims 22 teams are losing money. So how does the NBA propose to solve this “problem”? They cut player salaries which have a NOTHING to do with the problem since player salaries have been stagnant as a percentage of BRI for over the last decade.

    When the next CBA is up, the owners will come out of their holes crying again about losing money because cutting player salaries does not address the problem. If I’m a player, whatever deal is agreed to, I’d lock it in for the next 30-50 years cause it’s only going to get worse during the next CBA.

  • Adam McGinnis

    Well said Michael and does anyone believe the next deal will just ignore this one that is struck? That is essential what the owners did this round and what upsets me the most is that they have won handily but still can not take their victory so we can have basketball.