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A Christmas Miracle from THE WIZZNUTZZ

Updated: December 25, 2011

NOTE: If you’re familiar with the work of the WIZZNUTZZ, then there’s no need to explain the unexplainable. If you’re not familiar, then I won’t even try. Either way, with a now dormant WizzNutzz website and a more recently dormant @wzzntzz Twitter account (resulting from what one can only assume is non-basketball reasons within the Mothering Hut), people miss the WizzNutzz. No need to miss them anymore, for now, because here with a Christmas miracle, via electronic mail, is a brief return of the WizzNutzz on Truth About It.net, with an assist from Jordan Crawford’s Twitter account, @jcraw55. I’ve written too much already, so without further ado, the email in full below… -Kyle W.

 ———- Message ———-
From: WizzNutzz <wizznutzz@gmail.com>
Date: Sun, Dec 25, 2011 at 6:30 PM
Subject: wzntz xclusivce 4 truth abotu ti!!!
To: truthaboutit@gmail.com


we  locked out of we site & dont know how get back, but we have LAST MIN incite for Chriosmtas MIRACLE!!! below is a collection of J Craw’s Dec tweets as writ like letter home from camp to we wizznutzz, he best friends & only people who speak same language. it’s HIGHER PLANE SHIT. please to print in apropriate forum on your website should u FIND NEED!!!!

Merry Christmas to all! Have a Bless one! I feel where you was goin wit that jeezy! I relate. Maintain to cool but she dumb Hot! Thought my name was Charlie the way she kept sayin she was over the moon for me On ice wit somethin that make ya melt! Yall take it easy on the Xmas eve! God Bless.

Head Nod to jeezy for super freak!!! Respect!! lol that’s what I needed to hear! Throw a word in fa ya mans!! how dem new friends look? Lol respect Get expose like baby nuts!!!!!!

Always know YOUR goal! Can’t live for everybody!

Prayers up! R.I.P Brent Darby we got you on the cut famo lol I would schedule Brent team(family) b4or after my team (yung gunz) cuz he said he wanted 2 see They was out there bangin!!!!! hit my line!

WHOISSEANKILPATRICK WHEREISSEANKILPATRICK Let’s go half on a sandwich, you make it and I eat it…”that’s how you feelin rite now huh?? You a ill dude!!!

Would be selfish to do it jus for me! This is for everybody comin out of Detroit who was talented enough to make it jus wasn’t in God plans yo I have no words to Express how I feel….

Scooped her off twitter but she get mad when I call her a bird?? Huh what he say? Hahahahaha Danny talkin bout he was working on his dunking this offseason!! Dude is tooo funny!

My post game & flexibility…& dunking lol  What have u been working on this offseason? Lmao

Somebody on ESPN gotta holla at this dude commentating! Seem like he got something personal against Cheekz!! the other one!! Nig hatin crazy Who is this commentator????? we gotta find him!!

Mack my mans been there for four years and you still wanna play games wit em huh? Only cuz you know you can win this game wit out em Malcolm Grant left to right is only second to A.I! He got his own name for his!! Jus grab the duck off spot in the District! Same hood as Obama…

Headed to Baltimore Murda land!!! Quick S/O to Shatyra! Heard her say it first Bird to Obama crib!

Kenny said charles drink pancake Juice! Im Cryin dawg homie live!!! don’t even like talkin bout it dawg! Too trife they forgot they posts to win! Lol why they buggin like that YES IT IS!!

10pm Mass to receive my blessings.. been doin it since he got there! Last few in LA the nig @JCrawford3rd a meanie doe!

Hahahhasha be talkin to his homies wild Time to upgrade to the DJ beats… This battery shii weak! yea C’Mon young fella coolin! What ya on? I’ll take it!!!

can yall go kidnap kenny so he can’t get back in!! #TrashBagEm Take everybody out play 2 on 5! Yeekz and tu The UNC UK game coo but them real KILLAS come on at 2 Best backcourt in college Basketball

Get it how U live. Xav purdue Yall say how many pros on the floor? He broke cheese!!

She blacker den a ********* too Happy born day mieeeeessss lol! She say she can’t see me pushin the team Jordan rover! Mite turn her off! I dig!!

nah my dude Got the team Jordan land rover rite now! Much love to my mans 100 grand on upcoming season! Been kickin it wit dude all summer!

#LetEmBeAManshe can smell the work on me when I work on her

Time to eat Too many emotions.

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