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Channelling More Incites From The WIZZNUTZZ

Updated: December 31, 2011

…Because, well, why not? A man once said that you have to laugh to keep from crying. That man was 2009 Caron Butler, evidently with a message to Wizards of the future then that holds true now. Exactly. In other news, the year is almost over, but the season has just begun. Whatever that means. -Kyle W.

———- Message ———-
From: Wizz Nutzz <>
Date: Fri, Dec 30, 2011 at 9:17 PM
Subject: incites!!!

we seriously & truly locked out of we webstei & twitter cant contain we incites. 140 words is for gutter bowlers, not 300 kings like we!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so u is r conduit for incites as long as you wants (or until somebod can fix we FTP problem)

7dray: Twats for G*d

After one day old the S.S. Wiz look like it hit iceberg of akimbo narcissism when 7dray tweets to call out coaching staff. Not so true, Jahless rebel: 7dray is but a helpless lamb of God. EMPHASIS ON HELPLESS. Thereforeskin, Metacontext is needed and incites are desirous, so let we break it down.

7dray was merely quoting scripture. The concept of “the scapegoat” is as biblical as male pattern baldness (4 Kings 2:23-24) and Salieri stroking his talking donkey (Numbers 22:28-30). In Leviticus (16:22), a priest toss a goat over cliffs near Jerusalem to remove sin from city. This done to please Azazel, the fallen angel who became a demon in the wild — aka Kwame.

When Gilbert pull Fingagunz, he not making fun — he was making Kwame proud, honoring broken wings of Wizards’ graceless angel. When Gilbert was sent into exile and tossed over cliff of Chinatown arch, the spirit of Azazel enter the next strange captain and convince him to find a goat and slit its throat. The Latin name for goat is “Flip,” so it no surprise that the possessor of the possession pointed he haunted knife at coaching staff.

As we type, the catapult is being built, to be loaded with symbolic carcass of Capra Aegagrus Flipus. But the Main Mutton isn’t a believer. Though he has read story of Thargelia many times — two ugly men are permitted a feast before being driven out of Athens with a severe beating from branches in order to protect the city from harm — the chevon doesn’t believe he own fate. Despite being a wether, this castrated buck will continue to fucks with the lineup, thinking some combination of cabritos will save not only he soft hide but the entire herd’s silky pink underbellies.

Alas, the rapacious Azazel will not have it. The billies must run free, and thus, the scape must be landed — with a thud, with a wimper, with history.

It is the will of the Lord.

Hosanna and J Craw in the highest.

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