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DC Council Game 2: Wizards 83 – Hawks 101: At Least Nick Young Looks Good

Updated: December 29, 2011

[The DC Council — After each Wizards game: setting the scene, rating the starters, assessing the bench, providing the analysis, and catching anything that you may have missed. Unlike the real DC Council, everything here is over the table. Game 2 contributors: Gregg Cobert, Sam Permutt and Kyle Weidie.]


Washington Wizards 83 at Atlanta Hawks 101 [box score]

Quick STAT: Most of the stats were of the usual losing variety, so let’s check out the best, more astounding stat of the night: Nick Young’s assists. He had four of them… FOUR! Out of 296 previous career regular season games, Young only has 10 total games tallying four assists for more (his career high assists in a game is five). Not much of a humble-brag for Nick here, but making time No. 11 or four assists or more in just his second game this season has to count for something, right? -Kyle Weidie

Scene of the Game

The NON-highlights.

{Or Lowlights… whatever the case… Wizards vs. Hawks, in less than two minutes…}

D.C. Flag 3-Star Ratings

w/ Gregg Cobert, Sam Permutt
and Kyle Weidie

<***> Rating the Starting 5, Bench & Coach out of 3 stars.

John Wall

John Wall

SAM PERMUTT: Wall looked like a second-year point guard bound for future stardom who isn’t there yet. He routinely exploded by his defender with ease, but had difficulty finishing when the help defense collapsed. He showed flashes of the leadership and competitiveness we have come to expect, such as when he sought to take advantage of guard Jannero Pargo with relentless ball pressure late in the first quarter. He was the best player on a bad team.
1.75 Stars (out of 3)
COLBERT: Blur quick getting to the rack, but decision-making must improve 1.75 Stars
WEIDIE: He seemed to counteract Jordan Crawford’s selfishness with some of his own early in the game. Finishing at the rim is becoming an issue (6-15 FGs), and my lord, the turnovers (6 TOs, 6 ASTs). 1.5 Stars

TOTAL: 5 out of 9 stars

Jordan Crawford

Jordan Crawford

GREGG COBERT: Crawford’s return to Atlanta for the first time since the trade was needlessly inauspicious. In the first six minutes, Crawford cranked up an ill-advised, one-pass three-point attempt and committed two turnovers, one of them an offensive foul. It didn’t get much better from there. In 22 minutes he finished 0-6 from the field with one point, one assist and one rebound; evidently those add up to three turnovers. His effort seemed to be lacking, as with much of the team; Crawford’s biggest contribution was missed shots.
0 Stars (out of 3)
PERMUTT: They always say fight until the very end. At least he was trying to score?
0.5 Star
WEIDIE: Not a single fu*k was given by Jordan as he simply hoisted shots at the end. 0 Stars

TOTAL: 0.5 star out of 9

Rashard Lewis

Rashard Lewis

GREGG COBERT: Lewis had eight points in the third period, knocking down shots from inside and outside to try and keep team close. He finished with 13 points and three boards, and he seemed much more focused against Atlanta as opposed to against the Nets. Lewis’ shots came within the flow of the team and he didn’t force anything. Defensively, he is still a liability, but did make a couple smart, veteran decisions. Once, when Lewis was beaten in the post by Josh Smith, he made sure to foul hard to avoid giving up a three-point play.
1.5 stars (out of 3)
PERMUTT: 2 Stars
WEIDIE: I think he scored in the paint at some point in the third. So, um, nice. Going 2-3 from deep was cool.
1.5 Stars

TOTAL: 5 stars out of 9

Andray Blatche

Andray Blatche

KYLE WEIDIE: I’ve seen a lot of the trials and tribulations of Andray Blatche over the years — and there’s a good chance that this is just the immediacy in me talking — but I’m a bit concerned for Blatche, and for the franchise. I’m not sure what has surprised me more, how hard it is to balance not over-reacting and assuming Blatche’s tenure with the Wizards is now running into grave territory, or how truly bad Andray was on the court Wednesday night in Atlanta. He was 2-13 with four rebounds, one assist, one turnover and one missed free-throw in 27 minutes. Josh Smith bullied him in the post, Al Horford rejected his soft attempts under the rim; Blatche’s wherewithal and confidence looked to be at an all-time low. Want optimism? There’s no where to go but up after that game.
0.25 Star (out of 3)
COBERT: It’s tough to buy the sudden “I need the ball in the post more” sob story. 
0.75 Star
0 Stars

TOTAL: 1 star out of 9

JaVale McGee

JaVale McGee

SAM PERMUTT: Never one for subtlety, JaVale announced his presence on both his good plays (a baseline spin followed by a dunk, plus the foul) and his bad ones (a loopy outlet pass which was easily picked off, followed by a ridiculously athletic goal-tend on an ill-advised block attempt). His first effort is explosive, but his second effort is nonexistent. Too many times he succeeded in stepping up in help defense, only to give up on the play two seconds later. Good work on the offensive glass, keeping alive plays to limit the Hawks’ fast-break opportunities.
1.5 Stars (out of 3)
COBERT: 2 Stars
WEIDIE: Improvement from the last game, but his inconsistency never fails to astound.
1.75 Stars

TOTAL: 5.25 stars out of 9

The Bench

The Bench

KYLE WEIDIE: The fact that Nick Young looks as good as he does despite the dastardly surroundings in kind of amazing. 21 points in 32 minutes on 12 shots — 6-12 from the field, 3-6 from deep, and 6-6 from the charity stripe. Otherwise, Singleton continues to impress, and since he’s more of a “bench player” than Young (or at least that should be the case), Singleton gets the sub of the game. If he’s not, perhaps, earning a starting nod over Rashard Lewis at some point soon, then the signal sent might be counter-intuitive to all the youthful rebuilding messages the franchise has been offering.
2 Stars (out of 3)
Sub of the Game: Chris Singleton
COBERT: Nick Young was incredibly efficient.
2.25 Stars
Sub Man of the Game: Singleton. Dude plays hard and smart. It’s refreshing.
PERMUTT: Kevin Seraphin was close to making a great post-move for a dunk, he just took an extra dribble and ended up… a little confused.
1.25 Stars
Sub Man of the Game: Chris Singleton

BENCH TOTAL: 5.5 stars out of 9

The Coach: Flip Saunders

The Coach: Flip Saunders

SAM PERMUTT: The early decision to go zone when the Wizards defense was already lacking energy and the Hawks were 3-3 from behind the arc was questionable, and resulted in an immediate fourth three pointer. The late-game substitution pattern made it seem like he was caught between sending a message to his starters (benching them) and trying to win the game with his best line-up. Either option would have been understandable, but the combination of the two accomplished little. He did tell the TV camera to get out of his timeout, which was fantastic.
0.5 Stars (out of 3)
COBERT: Team didn’t seem prepared and the defense was atrocious to start the game and to start
the 2nd half costing team.
1 Stars
WEIDIE: Saunders said he was “tired of looking at that” after the first preseason game, part of me wonders if it was a call for help.
0.75 Star

COACH TOTAL: 2.25 stars out of 9

Seen on the Screen

w/ Kyle Weidie

During his post-game chat, Comcast’s Steve Buckhantz went over some numbers, saying the closest the Wizards got, aside from the jump ball, was within two points at … [wait for it] … at 35-33. Exactly.

Sure, if you look it as the Wizards “clawing” their way back into the second quarter after starting the game down 0-11 with the most apathetic of zone defenses, then it doesn’t seem so bad. Nonetheless, searching for positives amidst the total product is like being satisfied with finding a beetle in the sand while starving in the dessert.

And not that there’s anything wrong with Buck pointing out how close the Wizards got at one point. It is what it is, as Mike Miller would say. But for all those who must search high and low to highlight the good things the Wizards did in getting their butts kicked from start to finish by a semi-middle-to-lower-end-of-the-pack playoff team in the weak Eastern Conference… Well, bless their hearts, because they know not what such falsetto epithets do to their basketball psyche.

Circle the Cavaliers, Raptors, Pistons, Bobcats and T-Wolves on the schedule, folks. If this keeps up, those might the only games where you see the Wizards compete.

Fan Tweets

@gheorghetheblog: Blatche now two of 11 from the floor. Please, for your sake, stay off the tweet machine tonight Andray.

@StillUnknown85: thats his workout spot RT @Abstract_cool: I bet you Andray go to the club tonight

Slept-On Moment

  • COBERT: During the draft in June, Chris Singleton was rightfully praised for his defense. His energy in proving that praise right in both games have been a breath of fresh air in a dingy dungeon for the Wizards. Even his range has been underrated; he confidently knocked down a three against Atlanta, making him 2-3 from deep on the year. He also had a nice steal and breakaway dunk (to the delight of his hometown ATL fans) when the game was all but over. If Singleton can knock down shots consistently, he could become the steal of the draft and the franchise’s cornerstone defender.
  • PERMUTT: During the third quarter, a Jordan Crawford box-out caused a loose-ball foul against Atlanta. Coach Flip, excited by this unexpectedly positive turn of events, sought to congratulate his young player for his hard-nosed execution by approaching him with a high-five. However, Jordan was on his way to the bench already, and the high-five was completely whiffed.
  • WEIDIE: Jan Vesely is already out due to a mysterious right hip injury, and he didn’t make the trip to Atlanta and Milwaukee due to the flu, but with his girlfriend making her way to the District around the holidays, he’s likely not losing much sleep in not being part of the on-court mess. Otherwise, I’m growing suspicious that John Wall doesn’t like playing alongside Jordan Crawford so much; it’s just in this case, fans would be appeased as well if Crawford was relegated to the bench with Nick Young taking his place.

End Scene


Crawford missed all six of his shot attempts, including four questionable shots in the final minutes that angered Saunders. “I was disappointed with how he finished the game. Those shots, you finish the game in a respectful way to the game,” Saunders said.

[via Michael Lee, Washington Post]

{Chris Webber does not approve.}

[Screen Shot via NBA TV]

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