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Jordan Crawford’s Camp Letters, as told to the WIZZNUTZZ by the Twitter Machine

Updated: December 28, 2011

NOTE: Look, I don’t profess to know why Truth About has found itself as the intermediary between Jordan Crawford’s Twitter account-cum-letters from camp as transcribed by the WizzNutzz… I just know that these things need a venue, which kind of makes TAI like a cross between Larenz Tate in The Postman and Larenz Tate in Dead Presidents — stuff is about to get weird, futuristic, apocalyptic, violent, or all or none of the above… Oh, and someone might have their face painted like a mime at some point. In any case, communique as-is below… Goes without saying that none of the following represents the thoughts, ideas, etc. of those at TAI … nor is any of this censored (with the exception of two of these: “*”), because this site, nor Tweets from @JCraw55 (which is what all this is based off) are venues for such. -Kyle W.

———- Message ———-
From: Wizz Nutzz <>
Date: Wed, Dec 28, 2011 at 12:33 AM
Subject: j craw camp letters 2

dear Kyles,
J Craw LUV we use he tweets from camp letter to give incite into NBA lifestyle!!! he say, “EXPLAIN NOVEMBER, DIG?” and we do below!!! insides include incites on birds, backcourts, Jerry Sandusky & Ben Sherman clothes — that right, J Craw a mod!!!! +++DUDE BOUNCE IS WOWZERS!!! please to use if you fit!!!

Deeece Nutzz,

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahaha I can’t condone this lol.

Gotta know how to change a tire hoss! We sit in front of the curtains when we take flight! Out west in a bit.

Man O Man. Jordan Siber So you gone get baked, Fried,cook,grilled like that? Let me know! This gone be a long 24! Tough L. KDs lockout mixtape doe??? Thought it was Easter time cuz those were baskets!

Shortie say she down but I’ll be a fool to listen. I called dem KILLAS before the game I think don’t remember doe Get it how you live!!! tooooooo trash tho!!!

Get number 32 out! I’m not gonna spell his name! Trife! we bout to get them up outta here! We didn’t come to Nashville for games! you are top 3 on here easy! Gotta ask murph hahaha
C’MON @DubbsWilliams25… You really gone ask homie that? You a trip lol. Tune in to them KILLAS and I mean KILLAS on espn2! Best BACKCOURT in college Basketball, shii don’t know yet when you out? yall ain’t hip doe.

Sorry people I gotta rock wit this voxer app! My tel use to bang in 05. my bad lol. shortie leave all that anger off twitter! Damn.

Easter week at Joe D!!!! Means givin out a lot of Baskets!!!! Jay say he ain’t trippin he aint trippin on his mins he jus gone keep rockin is Gucci!!! Hahahaha he is a sick dude. We not gettin them Boyz outta here like that are we?

Tin Fish!!! Good lookin!!!

You da coldest in da spot!! ” you say that to every chick” yea but I was lying to them! Ya dig. She need in on all deals “Pepper spray shawtie” It was some Fish in Tin Fish! I dig no I DIG
Snuck into The city again on you nigs! I sneaks into the city everytime I go home!! Jus the way I like to do it! *Ducks Off*

Love goin playin at a regular gym!! Get that reality check real quick! But you know I stay in my ways! you stupid fam lol. you a clown if you think that happen/ bring it soon as I find ya red nose!!
Dem tall stallions get ya boy everytime!

Got this cold fiber glass break away rim to go on my door!! Shit jus takin ya boy forever to put it together! my bad fam!! Let me take two steps back lol. look at you always tryin to find out sumthin! Smh lol

He pussy! I got real story for you. Slide to the windy city for Thanksgiving! Midwest Neighbors yall holla at me!

Try to to change the ways…. but you can’t do it? Got somebody who can. can ya boy slide thru and grab a couple cookies? Ya dig me? Lol

Bring her off the oak but it’s about who finishes! If yall ain’t jus see the look of the players on his team when rivers jus thru that pic. PLEASE call him out!!!! Need Answers


Happy Bornday hoss!!!

Lost my phone in the whip! still looking for it.

Some good cook food and nice clean drawers by a Bad Immigrant! Everybody got them some bad ones!! How you handle yours doe? Thats da Difference! Rocks wit my nigs!!

Blowin bogies, takin shoes off!!! Gotta get outta here T.I time!!!! ASAP. White squeezes forgetting they white squeezes!! Shame

Since we got a lil time til this hoopin season! I’m takin all bets in bowling!! All bets! Ya dig me. sweet ass n*ggas

How he aint lettin dude rock? He ain’t got nobody to let rock!! you got me tears over here solo!!! Dude stinks

Dem 80s frames got me couple cold pieces!! I see you was digin that one? Haha my mans (Mayes voice)

This Sandusky article I’m reading is disturbing! Couldn’t believe dude didn’t go to the police after seein that! he was crackin lil boyz backs my dude!! How sick is dude

For me to sit here and do nothin during this lockout would be a crime! Played half of 9th grade, None 10th, played half 11th, none 12th, year a prep,played freshman at IU, sat out first year at X… Use to it

You gone shoot me down like that lol. Think I’m bout to get this Degree!! Is that how u feel?? jus tell me no homie

These n*ggas only real in a comfortable situation!!

Jus got a txt from lil bro he say ” all the black joints on campus call him Gucci Gucci!! Hahahahahahah he a trip!

Damn drizzy you couldn’t give us a couple more like Lord knows? Not a couple more??? Guess I gotta wait for God forgives I don’t joint since dude got female problems

Rock wit ya boy one time!! The journey be da best. Coolin.

If yall don’t know I’ma inform yall Ben Sherman clothing is the way to go

Soon as I landed shortie made me take off!! Too ill. Never catch me slippin! Bumping knees is for the birds!

“Got so many shades you thought I had a lazy eye” shade game ape shit hahahaha

Hate goin to spots where you know the scene HOT! Wheew close one lol. Brian Wilson is a funny ass white boy! Dude is really funny tho.

Stay complaining. Oooweeee I forgot how much they dig!!!! Ya dig. Dude bounce is wowzers!!!!!

Never will I be a exit,
J Craw

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