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What You Will See: Motion Pictures From Day 4 of Wizards Training Camp 2011

Updated: December 13, 2011

Washington Wizards Training Camp 2011: Day 4

By 7 pm on Tuesday evening, toward the end of the fifth day of training camp, the Washington Wizards will have 72 hours before their first preseason game. How NBA teams are coping with such short turn-around times is anyone’s guess, but the young Wizards have seemingly adjusted their seriousness with the abbreviated schedule. Aside from the hanging free agency status of Nick Young, this preparation experience coincides with the fewest distractions (including the distraction of expectation) that the Wizards franchise has had going into a season in a long time.

But ask most involved if they’re ready for Friday’s contest against a Philadelphia 76ers team in D.C. and a disregard for the affirmative will come back like a knee-jerk reaction. “Uhh… No way,” Roger Mason said with a smile, “but we’re going to do the best we can. The coaches have prepared us great. The emphasis has been on defense, defense, defense.”

“I’ll tell ya in a couple days,” was Flip Saunders’ response, playing down the importance of Friday’s game in terms of basketball judgement and playing up the gauge of game conditioning it will be. Although, Chris Singleton seemed very ready to go against an opponent instead of a teammate. Plenty of anxiousness to go around either way, but it’s evident that this inexperienced squad is aware of the work ahead. Let’s take a look at some of the action in motion pictures…

What you will see:

The Blue team pressing, and Ronny Turiaf trying to get Jan Vesely in the right defensive position to help on a streaking John Wall. Vesely quickly learns about Wall’s speed as he zooms past Jan and finds JaVale McGee for a lob dunk over unsuspecting foes. Thank you.

What you will see:

No one wants to hear someone yelling “By yourself!” when John Wall is coming at them with the ball and gaining speed. But that’s the exact situation that poor Shelvin Mack finds himself in as Wall blows by and lobs the ball to McGee for another dunk. It all happened before Chris Singleton knew he was drafted to this team.

What you will see:

John Wall pulling the ball back in the half court, surveying the situation, directing Andray Blatche’s traffic, making a pass to a cutting Blatche, and then Blatche finding JaVale McGee, who draws a foul.

What you will see:

John Wall imploring JaVale McGee to run with him. When that doesn’t happen, confusion ensues and the duo just about stop play, which leads to a turnover due to an aggressive Shelvin Mack. Wall recovers and blocks Mack’s layup attempt on the other end, then he gets on McGee some more about running with him. Wall eventually finds Blatche for an easy lay-in, and then finishes his instructional request to McGee, saying, “Just run, ‘Vale! You want the ball?!”

What you will see:

A Jordan Crawford tear drop over Ronny Turiaf after he gets past Roger Mason. In addition to learning point guard duties, in addition to his diverse array of shot-making capabilities, Crawford will have to be excellent at moving off the ball, especially in a Flip Saunders offense.

What you will see:

Jan Vesely chasing Rashard Lewis around a screen, getting his hands up and in the passing lane for a deflection, but then Andray Blatche ending up with the ball and traveling on a drive to the hoop against Vesely. The traveling doesn’t get called.

What you will see:

An easy out of bounds possession where Andray Blatche takes advantage of Chris Singleton when no defensive help is to be found from neither Vesely nor Ronny Turiaf. TIME OUT!


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  • Incandescent Rex

    Hell yes to Wall telling Vale to just run! I love Wall’s leadership and think that as a second year player he’s going to feel more comfortable taking that role. On the minus side, i’m not too excited about Vale’s body language in response to Wall’s chiding, what with his arms stretched out a la “what do you want me to do?” Really shows that that puff piece Wash Post article about Vale “maturing” this year isn’t worth the paper its printed on.

  • Williesurvive

    when u eliminate cinnamon sipping from the equation who knows what is on the other side of the equal sign….one down one to go……

  • MrRogers

    Like the video narratives. If any other sites are doing this, I haven’t seen them. Your site certainly gives a better view of the team than what MLee and his associates do for the WashPo. Keep it up.