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64 Points of Wizards History: Who’s Gonna Shoot?

Updated: January 11, 2012

In terms of winning percentage and shooting, two kind of big things in basketball, this lockout-shortened season could be rock-bottom for the rebuild of the Washington Wizards. And in terms of record books and scoring, it is. They scored 64 points tonight against Chicago, a franchise all-time low, to 78 points for the Bulls. The previous Washington franchise low was 65 points scored in an away game against the New Jersey Nets on December 13, 2002.

The Wizards shot 31-percent from the field on Wednesday in Chicago, at least they shot 36.6-percent that night in New Jersey — and Michael Jordan and Larry Hughes were chucking up shots (14-34 FGs, 31 points combined) instead of Jordan Crawford and Nick Young (6-23 FGs, 19 points combined).

Speaking of Young and Crawford, their shooting and passing stats this year:

>Crawford is shooting 33.3% from the field
while averaging 17.9 FGAs per 36 minutes as well as 3.6 assists/36.

>Young is shooting 37.7% from the field
while averaging 16.8 FGAs per 36 minutes as well as 1.7 assists/36.

In Young’s first five NBA seasons, he’s averaged 2.0, 1.9, 1.2, 1.3, and 1.9 assists per 36 minutes. So he’s not passing as much as ever so far in his sixth season.

In terms of Crawford, pretty much no one since 1961 has averaged more than 18 minutes per game and greater than 17.5 FGAs per 36 minutes while shooting less than 34% from the field… Other than Jamal Crawford with the Portland Trailblazers this season. How fitting.

Nick Young is 26-years old. Jordan Crawford is 23-years old. Um… Kids?

Otherwise, Chris Singleton and Trevor Booker look like great starters and JaVale McGee, dare I say, is making encouraging progress.

Oh yea, John Wall did this:

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  • TomD

    Unbelievable that you would point out poor shooting stats for Young and Crawford and then highlight a dunk by John Wall. John Wall is the worst starting point guard in the NBA. In fact his efficiency rating is not only worse amoung starting point guards, but is also worse than seven backup point guards. Wall has one talent – he can dribble the basketball in a straight line very fast. He can’t shoot; he is a horrible passer; he can’t get his teammates involved so the offense is non-existent; he has no idea how to play defense. Leonsis wants to build the Wizards around John Wall!? That should tell you a lot about what Ted understands about basketball.

  • I hear ya Tom, and don’t necessarily disagree.

    John’s only offensive move right now is a fast break, and he’s way too careless with turnovers, but I’ve seen enough that I believe he can ultimately be a top-notch PG… it’s just that he’s in a bad soph slump now, giving people reasons to be less than encouraged.

    But with Crawford and Young… They are supposed to be shoot-ing guards, and neither of them are doing that or much of anything else very well right now. Nick has shown some flashes, but is overall still a one-dimensional player.

    Trust me, Wall is and will continue to be criticized by us, it’s just that this post was more dedicated to the terribleness of Young and Crawford… No fault in that, right?

  • finnigan

    How long until start talking about who the Wizards are going to take with the 1st through 3rd (lowest possible pick for worst record in the league) overall pick in the draft?

    On that note, what can we do to get rid of Blatche, Young, & Crawford for picks (And McGee if he doesn’t learn to pass the ball)?

  • Jason

    John Wall is not to blame. Teams coming in know they only have to keep an eye on one player, and they watch John Wall at all times. Look at replays how every looks back when he brings the ball up fast. They know Nick Young is either going to make or miss a shot and you cant stop his wild jumpers. After that who else?

  • Al
  • Adam


    Which team could possibly want to give up picks for any of those guys? And someone talk me out of my irrational love for McGee. I’m going to be sad if he goes, even though he’s the only non-Wall player on the team with any value.

    Also, the 4th pick is in play for the worst record in the league.

  • finnigan


    I know, its a disaster. But I’d trade all three of them for pennies on the dollar (2nd round picks and trash) just to get their poisonous lazy attitudes and abysmal basketball IQs off the team.

    I did not realize 4th pick was in play, knowing our luck, we’ll get it and still have the worst record.

  • petteytheft

    Tired of Andray Blatche getting so much hate. Along with Wall who is currently in the bottom 10 of starting PG’s (maybe being nice), the worst combo of SG’s starting in basketball, Rashard Lewis whos probably the worst start and McGee who’s just an idiot who at best is a decent garbageman, its tough for him. Blatche is not a 1st option in the right role. He’s a 2nd, probably 3rd option on a very good team. He says the wrong things a lot unfortunately so he makes for an easy target for fans.

  • Dave

    John Wall looked amazing sometimes lost year. 17 and 8 is a pretty amazing year for a kid his age. I can’t figure out for the life of me how he has declined like this.

    Is Larry Brown available?

    I knew this team was doomed when they resigned Young. Their best run last year was at the end of the year when he was out of the lineup. he is the worst player I have ever seen in the NBA. One dimensional? What dimension?

  • Alex

    Dave u cracked me up…What dimension is correct on Nick Young. I’m suprised none of his teamates have punched him in the face for his obscene ballhoggery.

  • Ayo Obayomi

    Dave and Alex you have both cracked me up! Young is the best SG on the team, which isn’t saying much, but I think it’s hilarious that you think he’s a ballhog. What do you guys think of Chuckford then? Also, if you actually watched the games, you would see that the defenses don’t respect anyone on the Wizards except Young, so they double him. he’s not good enough to get out of doubles, so he takes a bad shot (occassionally, not always) or gives it back. No one else can score, so Young gets the defensive attention that he can’t handle. Also, I love how the stats show that Young has a positve +/- in pretty much every game, so obviously he mostly holds his own on D (unlike Wall or Crawford)

    Dave, it’s funny that you don’t mention during that best run of the season, Blatche was putting up 20 and 10 on over 50% shooting. THAT’S WHY THEY WON, not becuase Young was injured! Get a clue!

  • Dave


    Look at the chart above, Crawford assists at TWICE the rate of Young. Don’t get me wrong, Crawford is also horrible, but Young takes bad shots all game, that’s why he shoots 35%, despite his skill as a shooter.

    And yeah, I, like you, waste a lot of time watching this garbage. At least when I was a kid we (yes, we) were terrible but Bernard King or Micheal Adams were fun to watch. This is terrible.

    I stand by my statement: In my 25 years of watching the Clippers East, Nick Young is the worst player I have seen. He contributes nothing of value. Seems like a nice guy, but man…

    Please join my guerrilla campaign to get rid of Nick Young.