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Andray Blatche Goaltends A Free-Throw & Does Other Andray Blatche Things

Updated: January 5, 2012

{Andray Goaltends a Free-Throw, of course.}

Andray Blatche is a human centipede of wicked pixels.

Sure, he does things like goaltend free-throws… a plumb stupid mistake. However, his continued laziness is hard to ignore. It’s also hard to ignore the stated goals of toughness that Ted Leonsis keeps touting during the Wizards’ rebuilding process, and how Blatche is the antithesis of those goals. With a presence so counterintuitive to Leonsis’ vision, Blatche has rendered meaningless previous pixels of support from the franchise owner.

When it comes to Blatche, everyone from team management to coaches is all talk, no action, much like Blatche himself. Until otherwise, they are all peas in a pod, reflected in the murky waters of Blatche’s vastly inconsistent play. But wicked pixels that form words from the typing fingers of someone in the web world only goes so far. Video solidifies these points, so let’s watch some video.

Not sure how long the Wizards will allow John Wall to tolerate someone like Blatche running with him on the break… Or maybe it’s just that Orlando’s Ryan Anderson is a very intimidating guy. Either way, no guy Blatche’s size, no NBA power forward, no man who claims to want the ball more in the paint should ever pull up softly on the break like in the video below. Do you need me to say that this is not tough? Well, it isn’t. This happens in the first minute of last night’s contest.

John Wall gets blocked by Dwight Howard on the break. You know who is there to clean up the mess with a tiny feather? Why, it’s Andray Blatche with a scoop shot around guard Jason Richardson that misses. I’M NBA POWER FORWARD WHO WANT BALL IN PAINT! This happens in the second minute of last night’s contest.

Sure, Blatche can make a nice post move sometimes. Again, he’s got skill and height, but not hustle and toughness. Plus, such post moves aren’t worth much as long as you keep giving losing effort.

Speaking of losing effort… Here, Blatche, the paint prowling power forward, just watches others try to rebound the ball. You know who gets the rebound? Ryan Anderson, Blatche’s guy, who snuck by unbeknownst to 7-Day.

Want to see Blatche give Anderson little resistance as he keeps an offensive rebound alive for Orlando, ultimately tipping it out to a teammate? Of course you don’t, but here’s the video anyway…

Not to end on a bad note, Blatche can still fire and sometimes make jumpers against guys like Big Baby Davis. Go him.

Film Don’t Lie, y’all.

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