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Numbers, Stats and Ratings That Help Define The Wizards Season Thus Far

Updated: February 28, 2012

Numbers, stats and ratings that help define the Washington Wizards season thus far… John Wall’s ability to find offense at the rim (and finish); the Wizards’ ability, as a team, to shoot and pass to each other at certain points of the game; and Truth About’s on-going DC Council 3-Star player ratings for each game.

JOHN WALL at the rim.

Wall’s offense is finishing at the rim, so let’s check on how he’s doing and who he compares to.

Among all NBA players, of any height, who have played in at least 20 games this season, John Wall is tied for 12th in average attempts at the rim per game (5.9, tied with Derrick Rose and Gerald Wallace; Wall’s attempts are up from 5.3 last season). This is more than Andrew Bynum, Nene Hilario and Rajon Rondo (each averaging 5.8), but fewer than Blake Griffin and Greg Monroe (who are both tied for the league lead with 7.7 FGA at the rim per game), Tyreke Evans, David Lee, DeMarcus Cousins, Dwyane Wade, Nikola Pekovic, Dwight Howard, Russell Westbrook, Kevin Love and LeBron James (6.6).

Out of those top 20 players, of which JaVale McGee is a member (5.5 FGA at the rim), Wall shoots the second-worst percentage at the rim (57.9-percent); his Kentucky buddy DeMarcus Cousins is ranked 20th-worst at 51.6-percent; and LeBron James leads with 77.5-percent. Other guards in the top 20 at the rim: Dwyane Wade (65.1%, 9th), Derrick Rose (63.3%, 11th), Tyreke Evans (63.2%, 12th), Russell Westbrook (62.9%, 13th), and Rajon Rondo (60.2%, 17th). Last season Wall shot slightly better at the rim at 59.9-percent.

Wall gets blocked 1.21 times per game, ranked 10th-most in the NBA; his shots get blocked 8.9-percent of the time. DeMarcus Cousins leads the NBA in getting blocked at 1.69 times per game (12%), and is followed by Kris Humphries (1.59, 15.5%), Amar’e Stoudemire (1.45, 9.6%), Ty Lawson (1.40, 11.3%), Carmelo Anthony (1.28, 6.9%), Kevin Love (1.28, 7.1%), Rudy Gay (1.26, 6.7%), Russell Westbrook (1.26, 6.7%), and David Lee (1.24, 8.0%). Quite an interesting crew of characters. In his rookie season, Wall was blocked 1.23 times per game, 89.7-percent of the time.

[STATS via]

WHO’S READY to play HERO ball?

When the Wizards shoot best and share the most.

If a challenge exists, the Wizards have had problems overcoming it this season. Whether it’s getting off to a good start, finishing quarters, finishing halves, coming out ready in the third, or finishing in the fourth quarter, they have found trouble in just about any situation. All of this is mostly thanks to the Wizards offense — occasionally featuring focused shooters and willing passers, but mostly a team of heroes fighting to save an old lady crossing the street from an oncoming car with no brakes (hint: usually she gets hit while they fight).

This pretty little graph below represents minutes in a basketball game (48), in six minute increments. It starts with minutes 0-6 at the top and is read clockwise until the 42-48 minute mark. The blue line represents the Wizards’ Effective Field-Goal Percentage (eFG%) in those six minute increments, the red line represents the Wizards’ percentage of assisted field-goals (%Asst’d) during those increments.

What this shows is that the Wizards have the most trouble starting games (0.421 eFG%), finishing the first half (0.419), and that they shoot the worst in the game’s final six minutes (0.408). They traditionally shoot the best at the beginning of the second quarter (0.484), at the end of the third quarter (0.483), and have the highest eFG% at the beginning of the fourth quarter (0.532).

In terms of passing to each other, or the percent of assisted made field-goals, the Wizards do the best at the end of the first quarter (0.552 %Ast’d), at the end of the first half (0.521), and at the end of the third quarter (0.556). The Wizards pass to each other the least for buckets in the game’s first six minutes (0.477), coming out of the locker room after halftime (0.460), and of course, they pass least of all in the game’s last six minutes (0.414).

The complete table:

eFG% FGs Ast’d %Ast’d
Q1: First 6 mins. 0.421 151 72 0.477
Q1: Last 6 mins. 0.467 163 90 0.552
Q2: First 6 mins. 0.484 147 71 0.483
Q2: Last 6 mins. 0.419 144 75 0.521
Q3: First 6 mins. 0.455 139 64 0.460
Q3: Last 6 mins. 0.483 153 85 0.556
Q4: First 6 mins. 0.532 147 71 0.483
Q4: Last 6 mins. 0.408 133 55 0.414
OT 0.167 1 0 0

[STATS via]

3-Star Ratings, the D.C. Council.

Rating the Wizards starters so far.

This season TAI has introduced a DC Council feature for each game, where each of the five Wizards starters are rated on a scale of three stars (the amount of stars in the D.C. flag, with 3 being the top mark), along with the coach and the bench as a unit. Three TAI contributors participate in each DC Council, each contributor also selecting a “sub of the game” for each contest (cumulative ratings can be found here). Nine different players have started for the Wizards this season, below is a list ranking those starters by their 3-Star average rating per game (with number of games started in parenthesis) and followed by their best and worst games.

  1. John Wall – 1.70 (33)
    Best Game: 1/16/12 vs Rockets; Worst Game: 1/13/12 at Sixers
  2. Trevor Booker – 1.46 (15)
    Best Game: 1/10/12 vs Raptors; Worst Game: 1/16/12 vs Rockets
  3. JaVale McGee – 1.37 (33)
    Best Game: 1/2/12 at Celtics; Worst Game: 1/23/12 at Sixers
  4. Nick Young – 1.30 (31)
    Best Game: 2/14/12 at Blazers; Worst Game: 2/20/12 at Suns
  5. Andray Blatche – 1.08 (13)
    Best Game: 1/2/12 at Celtics; Worst Game: 12/28/11 at Hawks, 1/20/12 vs Nuggets
  6. Jordan Crawford – 1.08 (2)
    Best Game: 12/26/11 vs Nets; Worst Game: 12/28/11 at Hawks
  7. Rashard Lewis – 0.98 (15)
    Best Game: 2/1/12 at Magic; Worst Game: 2/4/12 vs Clippers
  8. Chris Singleton – 0.92 (18)
    Best Game: 1/10/12 vs Raptors; Worst Game: 2/22/12 vs Kings
  9. Jan Vesely – 0.85 (5)
    Best Game: 1/27/12 at Rockets; Worst Game: 2/1/12 at Magic, 2/3/12 at Raptors

Three players have started at least 30 games for the Wizards, Wall and McGee starting all 33 so far and Young starting the 31 after coming off the bench for the first two games of the season. The chart below shows the starting 3-Star trends for each of those three players. [NOTE: this is on the cumulative 1-9 star scale since three TAI contributors each rate the starters on the scale of 1-3.] Wall had a rough start to the season but has come on strong; McGee has recently dealt with a big slump, but has somewhat come out of it lately; and Young has been sporadic as expected.


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