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The Wizards Said WHAT? Mo Evans on Jeremy Lin’s Dunk: ‘It’s Just Wizards Basketball Right Now’

Updated: February 9, 2012

Look, the Washington Wizards gave Jeremy Lin a wide open lane to dunk. You understand, don’t you? Let’s watch.


Yikes. Not good. I’m not sure if Jordan Crawford or Mo Evans or Jan Vesely froze, but… um… wow. John Wall and Trevor Booker also totally got duped by Lin turning down Tyson Chandler’s screen. So, team effort. Evans was asked about the dunk after the game. Let’s watch his answer.


Yes, it is just Wizards basketball right now. Also, take note of the crowd cheering Lin’s dunk. Very loud.

John Wall on the Verizon Center fans:

“When you play against certain teams, you already know the crowd is against us sometimes. So we just go out there and play. You make it a game, the crowd gets on your side.”

The Wizards lost 107-93 to the New York Knicks on Wednesday night. You can read a piece I wrote about the game on’s Daily Dime.

The Miami Heat come to Washington on Friday.

This has been a very special edition of ‘The Wizards Said WHAT?’

Oh yea, John Wall had a dunk too, Lin was around for that… but Wall’s team also lost, so things are different when that happens.


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  • Patrik Trimmer

    Mo Evans is horrrrible

  • Patrik Trimmer

    this is a wizards site, right? i’da thought you’d at least have a vid of Wall’s dunk ON Lin…smh look what the team’s doing to you guys.

  • Fixed… just for you Patrik.

  • Jeremy

    There IS a video of Wall’s dunk. Idiot.

  • It was me Jeremy… I went back and added it.

  • The broken hearted

    John Wall – “The crowd is against” you because the team, generally speaking, exhibits too much stupidity, selfishness and laziness on court.

    Until DC gets a basketball team they can be proud of you’re always going to have more out of towners cheering than locals who’d prefer to stay home, have a look at the first half and then turn off the game and do something more useful with their lives.

    Right now the only good thing about having an NBA team in DC is we get to watch all the other good teams come here and play.

    Also – while I’m ranting – remember Lin put it on Wall in summer league a couple of years ago. So while it looks like he’s getting better, quickly, you certainly can’t say we are seeing the same development in Wall’s game and I can’t help but worry that playing in such a polluted basketball environment will result in him never fulfilling his potential. Ted, please tear this team down and build it from scratch. Enough waiting on Blatche to “get it”, McGee to run in the right direction and Nick Young learn how to defends and rebound at an average level. This team has a ceiling of mediocrity at best and as soon as Wall gets a chance, he’ll split – you watch.

  • Corey Rice

    Disgusting. Mgmt is so focused on…okay i’m not sure WHAT they’re focused on. But they need an “Oakley”. Just, a brute who is not going to allow a free 2 points like that. I think Singleton can be a reasonable facscimile for now. How about a D-League call-up? When you don’t have talent, you gotta make up for it with the other “t”s – toughness and togetherness. And I blame coaching & management just as much as the players. Okay now I’m just ranting…

  • Derwin

    Was it me, or did it look like Wall was trying to anticipate where Lin was going all game?

    It seemed to me Wall was jumping to a spot where he thought Lin would dribble, trying to avoid picks. Once Lin figured it out, he just waited for Wall to move outta his way.

    The Wizards need to go to the Pick and Roll Academy.

  • Patrik Trimmer

    Harsh jeremy….harsh. Thx for the vid bro

  • David Rude

    The Wizards(ALWAYS THE BULLETS TO ME) are not that good right now but hopefully this year they will come together as a team.They need a no nonsense coach that will play team ball.You have to be a team to win.Keep an eye on Booker,needs help on defense but overall pretty good so far.

  • Jeremy

    Sorry Patrik, I was still furious about the game when I posted that. No harm intended.