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ShareBullets: Blatche’s Shape, Positive Feelings About Nene & Kobe’s Thoughts On The Rebuild In Washington

Updated: March 21, 2012

ShareBullets… a run-down of commentary on recent Wizards subjects, and links…

Kobe on the Rebuild in Washington.

The below video is a bit old… it’s from the Los Angeles Lakers locker room after they lost to the Wizards in D.C. on March 7 (The Lakers said WHAT?); Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol and Derek Fisher speak in the video, sort of. Kobe tries his best to keep his answers to one word (he’s even asked by if his post-game media session in Washington is the most “Belichick” he’s ever been), Gasol says the loss was “embarrassing,” and Fisher, playing in his final loss as a Laker, says, “I’ve been around long enough to realize that you can’t allow yourself to be defined by the changing opinions of the critics or media personal that cover our game.”

The most pertinent question for Wizards fans, however, is when Kobe’s asked what needs to happen in Washington to get the franchise to the point of respectability. “Got to make the right decisions,” said Kobe plainly. “You got to make the right decisions from a management standpoint, the players you bring in here. That’s all it is, just making the right choices.” With calls for Ernie Grunfeld’s job reaching the generic sports column platform of the Washington Post, you have to wonder how the current team president’s track record of decision-making has been evaluated by current team ownership.

Nene Positivity.

Dan Steinberg has a post on the DC Sports Bog discussing plenty of reasons to be positive about Nene, most of them are because he is not JaVale McGee. But the Wizards clearly want to move past who McGee isn’t and more into what Nene can do.

Why else should you feel good about Nene? Well, if you are a statistical plus/minus person, Nene kills in that category. So far this season, Nene is considered to be having a down year for a variety of reasons. But even at that, his 2-Year Adjusted Plus/Minus for 2011-12, according to, still sits at plus-3.19, which is good enough to rank 48th in the NBA (593 minutes minimum).

Now, this comes with a couple caveats: Trevor Booker leads the Wizards this season with a plus-5.66 2-Year Adj. Plus/Minus; Andray Blatche is second at plus-3.27, JaVale McGee third at plus-1.33, and Rashard Lewis fourth at plus-0.69, for what it’s worth; John Wall has a 2-Year Adj. Plus/Minus of minus-5.10 this season. Blatche had a plus-1.33 in 2010-11, plus-1.99 in 2009-10, minus-1.75 in 2008-09, and minus-6.84 in 2007-08. So, the plus/minus stat is what it is.

Back to Nene. His 2010-11 plus/minus of plus-8.56 ranked eighth in the NBA; only LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Steve Nash, Chris Paul, Dirk Nowitzki, Nick Collison and Dwayne Wade (in that order) ranked above Nene in 2-Year Adj. Plus/Minus. In 2009-10, Nene’s plus-7.52 ranked ninth in the league, behind Wade, LeBron, Nash, Ray Allen, Kobe Bryant, Paul, Dwight Howard and James Harden (in that order). For 2008-09, Nene’s plus-4.90 ranked 32nd. [Note: all these rankings are for those who played enough minutes to qualify.]

What does it all likely mean? That Nene is a team player beyond McGee’s erudite inability to comprehend. On his blog, Wizards owner Ted Leonsis writes:

Also – Nene is under contract – he is secure – he is all about team success now – not about individual stats – this is what I am most excited about – a return to fundamental team oriented basketball.


For more on Nene, be sure and check out John Converse Townsend’s look at Synergy numbers for Nene and Kevin Seraphin; Dan Diamond’s look at the McGee-Nene trade and the Pareto Principle; and Jeremy Wagner’s scouting report on Nene for TAI. Also, on Bullets Forever, Mike Prada has a good video breakdown of Nene.

Zero-Day Dray.

Andray Blatche has been asked to sit out until he can get back in shape. His situation is so sad that it’s hard to comment further. I’ve said enough about Blatche, and I think the team is making the right move. [Note: Michael Lee reports that Blatche will continue to be around the Wizards during home practices and games, but he will not travel with the team.] Does he play for the Wizards again? Who knows. Hopefully not.

Bless Randy Wittman, because he has bitten the bullet for Blatche. Too bad that we know better, but sort of admirable nonetheless.
[Wizards Insider]

Dan Steinberg has a post about Blatche working out at 3 am, at least that’s what Twitter is saying.
[DC Sports Bog]

Remember when Blatche was talking about late-night workouts in October 2009? {Shrugs Shoulders}

About Blatche… Did You Know? Out of 63 NBA players who have played more than 400 games and more than 9,200 minutes before the age of 26, Blatche is ranked 60th in Win Shares Per 48 Minutes. Only Darius Miles, DeShawn Stevenson and Sebastian Telfair rank below Blatche.


An ode to Pierre and Swaggy P.
[Alone In The Green Room]

Roger Mason before the Wizards lost to the Spurs in San Antonio on: “We’re a bit like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.”
[Project Spurs]

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