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Talking NCAA Tourney Brackets & Redskins Draft Trade With The Washington Wizards

Updated: March 28, 2012

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The NCAA men’s basketball tournament and the Washington Redskins trading for the number two pick in this year’s NFL draft (Robert Griffin, III) have been competing for time at the water cooler over the past couple of weeks in D.C. Before the Indiana Pacers game last week, I first asked several Washington Wizards players how their brackets were doing, here are some of their responses:

Shelvin Mack:

“I don’t wanna talk about my bracket. It is awful right now.”

Roger Mason Jr.:

“My brackets are not doing too good, but I still have Kentucky in there. I am hoping that they can win that championship.”

Trevor Booker:

“I didn’t really do one. I just pick them in my head…I had FSU winning it.”

Being a native of Washington, D.C., Mason is a huge fan of the Redskins and approves of the team trading away several draft picks to put them in the position to possibly draft Heisman Trophy winner, Robert Griffin III (RG3).

Mason on if the Redskins gave up too much:

“Of course not. No. If you look at any of the franchise quarterbacks that teams have traded for in the past, they give up a couple first round picks … For a guy his caliber, it is a great trade for our franchise.”

Watch out Todd McShay, because Mason brings it with astute football analysis on RG3:

“The guy is so accurate. You look at this completion percentages, you look at the way he moves, running a 4.4, high character guy, so those are the three things that I saw in college that really impressed me. He got his degree, and he seems like a great young kid.”

Mason indicates it would be a big deal if the Skins snagged a quarterback like RG3:

“It would be huge. It would be huge for the franchise. It is what has been missing for a number of years. I think it would be great. All the fans would love it, I am sure. More importantly, I feel like he has the character to be able to handle that.”

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