The Jan Vesely Diaries: 'Everyone has his own room in the hotel' (says Jordan Crawford's 'Cool White Boy') | Wizards Blog Truth About

The Jan Vesely Diaries: ‘Everyone has his own room in the hotel’ (says Jordan Crawford’s ‘Cool White Boy’)

Updated: March 20, 2012

[Editor’s Note: Lukas Kuba (@Luke_Mellow) has been TAI’s go-to for all things Jan Vesely/Czech Republic-related. Today, Lukas provides a translation from Vesely’s latest self-penned journal for the Czech website Sport.CZ. Enjoy!]

First, a message from Jordan Crawford (via his @jcraw55 Twitter account):

“Ima cool brotha so I gotta keep me a cool white boy”

Vesely: Everyone has his own room in the hotel

March 19, 2012 – via Sport.CZ

“Currently we are on a road trip, until March 22 we play six games overall in the opponents‘ home gyms. Before the last one in New Jersey and after one in Memphis, we stopped in Washington for a moment. On the road everyone has got his own hotel room, but what’s worse is that you have to constantly pack your things. Otherwise, you basically have nothing else to worry about.

I don’t get to shoot or finish as much as I would like, but in the NBA it’s much more complicated than in Europe. Most often here, swingmen have the ball. Nevertheless, I try to work on my shooting thoroughly after practice, and I feel progress [there]. However, in the meantime I’m more beneficial for the team on the defensive side of the court.

Moreover, now I fight a bit for a spot in the lineup with Trevor Booker. We both play the 4, alongside our center; however, he’s more a power type of player. When the opponent has a lighter frontcourt duo in the game, we are out on the hardwood together without worries. As soon as they put a heavier caliber in, only one of us can play, because otherwise they would push us around in the low post area.

Even through Trevor and I are competitors, humanly we get along well. I’d choose Ronny Turiaf as my main man on the team, every now and then we went for a dinner together and had lots of fun. But now they traded him to Denver for the Brazilian center Nene, and together with him went JaVale McGee, one of our team’s key players.

Maybe you wonder who’s the leader in the locker-room. John Wall is in charge of shouting the rallying cry, and when it is necessary for anyone to speak for the players or to the team, it’s his job as well. The mood in the locker-room and at practice is, of course, dependant on the team’s results. When we won in New Orleans, immediately there was a more relaxed atmosphere. So then you can afford some horseplay at practice.

In the United States we changed to Daylight Savings Time last week; here it begins earlier, on the second Sunday in March. So I’m now an hour closer to you guys who live in the Czech Republic. If you would want to watch our games at night, don’t forget the shortened time difference. I’ll be glad when you’ll keep your fingers crossed for us.”

A Celebration: Jan Vesely after the Wizards home win over the Lakers on March 7, 2012…

Lukas Kuba