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DC Council Game 55: Wizards 94 at Pistons 99: Hack-A-Ben-Wallace Backfires

Updated: April 6, 2012

[The DC Council — After each Wizards game: setting the scene, rating the starters, assessing the bench, providing the analysis, and catching anything that you may have missed. Unlike the real DC Council, everything here is over the table. Click here for cumulative DC Council 3-star ratings over the course of the season. Game 55 contributors: Markus AllenRyan Graciaand Kyle Weidie.]


Washington Wizards 94 at Detroit Pistons 99 [box score]

Stat of the Game

w/ Ryan Gracia

The Wizards were able to hang around in this one due to the Pistons’ inability to hit free throws throughout the game. At the end of the first half, the Pistons had made just 13-of-24 free throws, for a 54.2-percent mark, nearly identical to their 52.8-percent the team shot from the floor. Detroit missed 16 total free-throws on the night.

Scene of the Game

w/ Kyle Weidie


Randy Wittman and his Wizards started implementing the Hack-A-Ben-Wallace strategy with Washington down seven points and 2:18 left; Wallace was 0-for-4 from the line at that point.

Well, he made the first two… 95-86 Pistons. Wallace was fouled off the ball again at the 2:10 mark (you see, the Wizards had to scramble to foul him before the two minute mark when such off-ball fouls would have given Detroit the free throws and the ball), and again Wallace hit both free throws… 97-88 Pistons. The Wizards tried it one last time at the 2:02 mark; Wallace missed the first, but made the second, keeping Detroit’s lead at 98-90. Wallace finished 5-for-6 against the strategy and 5-for-10 from the line on the night. He didn’t even attempt a field goal.

Sorry, Randy.

BONUS STAT: In the last 27 NBA seasons (since 1985-86) only six players have attempted at least 10 free throws without attempting a field goal — Ben Wallace is the only player to do it twice, Thursday night against the Wizards and also on Feb. 21, 2010 against the Spurs. Jarron Collins, Darvin Ham (as a Milwaukee Buck, not a Wizard), Larry Smith, Mark Madsen and Eric Montross are the other players who have accomplished this distinguished feat.
[source: basketball-reference.com]

D.C. Flag 3-Star Ratings

w/ Markus Allen, Ryan Gracia, and Kyle Weidie

<***> Rating the Starting 5, Bench & Coach out of 3 stars.

John Wall

John Wall

RYAN GRACIA: Wall stepped his game up after a few lackluster performances recently. In addition to his 10 assists, Wall’s 28 points came from eight made field goals on 44.4-percent shooting and 12-for-15 from the line. This added production came with added minutes, as Wall played more than 42 -– his longest time on the court since he logged 43 minutes on February 29 in the loss versus Orlando. Early on, it seemed that he was going to be completely un-John Wall-like, settling for jump shots rather than attacking the Pistons hoop with reckless abandon as we are so accustomed to seeing from him. He was slowing the game more than usual -– picking and choosing the more proper times to attack. But as the game wore on, Wall’s game came together quite nicely on both the offensive and defensive end, where his active hands grabbed two steals on the night. Unfortunately, he and his starting backcourt mate could not put the right type of performances together on the same night.
2.25 Stars (out of 3)
ALLEN: John Wall did a great job getting everyone involved, and ended up with 10 assists. He played a bit reckless at times, but it payed off with him consistently driving to lane and getting foul calls. He converted eight field goals from the floor and ended up with 28 points.
2 Stars
WEIDIE: There were times Wall got to the hoop so easily that I wanted to check his back under his jersey to see if there was some kind of switch. Or maybe Ted Leonsis and his Theodore Unit started buzzing in Wall’s ear about trying to at least have a little fun playing the game, to make the best of the rest of this meaningless season, the second in as many years Wall has in the NBA. Thus, Wall attacked and played more of a game expected from the soph. Midway through the third, he even attempted to get fancy against fellow UK Wildcat Brandon Knight, but slipped and got called for palming. “Meh.”
2.25 Stars

TOTAL: 6.5 out of 9 stars

Jordan Crawford

Jordan Crawford

MARKUS ALLEN: Jordan Crawford did not have a good night shooting the ball, as he went 2-for-12 from the field for nine points. He also had three turnovers to two assists. Playing in his hometown of Detroit, it’s curious as to why Crawford simply did not have his head in the game.
0.5 Star (out of 3)
GRACIA: Jordan was useless in Thursday night’s game. His circus-like shooting display finally caught up with him. Interestingly enough, though, the first time he jacked up the ball toward the hoop ended up hitting all net from 29 feet away … too bad it didn’t reach the rim.
0.25 Star
WEIDIE: As described in the reaction, JC is now 7-for-35 in Detroit for his career. His step-back 3-point airball with the Wizards down five points and 29 seconds left took the cake. Crawford is clearly going to be used in spurts off  the bench next season, right?
0 Stars

TOTAL: 0.75 out of 9 stars

Chris Singleton

Chris Singleton

RYAN GRACIA: In 20 minutes, Singleton improved his low field goal
percentage by making 2-of-3 shots for five points, and his assists per game, with two on the night. He rounded off his stat line with seven rebounds, two steals, three fouls, and two turnovers. He didn’t have the easiest of times guarding the lengthy Tayshaun Prince. His seven boards were somewhat positive but the main issue with him clearly comes on the offensive end. After solidifying himself as a (not-so-spectacular) spot-up shooter during his first season with the team, it was nice to see Singleton attack the basket in the first and third quarters against the Pistons. Now, his focus should be on doing it without creating offensive fouls on both occasions.
0.75 Star (out of 3)
ALLEN: Chris Singleton only played 21 minutes, but he played his part by grabbing seven rebounds. He also showed some athleticism driving in the lane, and made a 3-pointer, which is encouraging enough for his offensive game.
1.25 Stars
WEIDIE: Singleton had a decent game, aggressively pulled down four rebounds really early (ended up with seven in 21 minutes). However, ye olde Tayshaun Prince made the rookie look silly several times with his long-armed pump fakes. What else can we say? Singleton has barely registered on the rookie meter this season, yet only three other 2011-12 rookies have started more NBA games than Singleton: Brandon Knight, Kyrie Irving and Chandler Parsons.
1 Star

TOTAL: 3 out of 9 stars

Jan Vesely

Jan Vesely

KYLE WEIDIE: SHOOT THE BALL!!!! Otherwise, Jan contributed 10 points, 4-for-6 FGs, 1-for-2 FTs, with five rebounds (three offensive), an assist, a steal, a block, two turnovers and five fouls in 30 minutes. He did some good things, he got some dunks, he attempted to get physical with Jason Maxiell (wasn’t always successful). Seeing Jan play/develop is one of the few reprieves Wizards fans have from crappy basketball.
1.5 Stars (out of 3)
ALLEN: In 30 minutes of play Vesely contributed some offense, scoring 10 points, and played well on the offensive side of the ball with the increase in minutes; but on defense, he couldn’t deal with the Pistons frontcourt and ended up with five fouls.
2 Stars
GRACIA: We all know what Jan can and can’t do as a player. So at this
point in his career, we should just appreciate the little things he does while on the court until he can get some real time to learn this offseason. With ten points, three offensive rebounds (five total), and a few nice dunks, I can appreciate his effort.
1.5 Stars

TOTAL: 5 out of 9 stars

Kevin Seraphin

Kevin Seraphin

MARKUS ALLEN: Kevin Seraphin played well last night, starting at center while Nene sat out another game. He struggled checking the frontcourt of the Pistons along with Vesely and James Singleton (Greg Monroe got off to a hot start); Seraphin fouled out and contributed to the 39 free throws that the Pistons received. Kevin also put his mid-range jumper on display and dropped some baby right hooks with a drop step move turning over his left shoulder. He was also active on the boards, grabbing five offensive rebounds (nine total).
1.25 Stars (out of 3)
GRACIA: At 6-foot-9, Seraphin is clearly at a disadvantage when the Wizards are forced to use him at the center spot. His wide frame helps cope with the difficulties he faces, but too many times the opposing center is easily able to rise above him for a layup or soft hook shot. I commend him for his toughness and willingness to put up a fight, but there is just not enough help for Seraphin when he is defending one-on-one so close to the basket with Nene and Booker both injured.
2 Stars
WEIDIE: Seraphin has doubled-down on his expectations going into next season… it sure is going to be fun to watch him play for France in the Olympics this summer. Hopefully someone can teach him not to be such a flower and get more tenacious on the boards.
2 Stars

TOTAL: 5.25 out of 9 stars

The Bench

The Bench

MARKUS ALLEN: Roger Mason hit three shots from the perimeter and ended up with 11 points in 28 minutes. With Jordan Crawford struggling, it was refreshing to have him and Cartier Martin making shots from deep. When James Singleton checked in the game I immediately thought, “Who is that?” Just back from China, Singleton obviously needs more than just one game back to adjust to the NBA; he had five personal fouls in 14 minutes. Brian Cook went 3-for-7 in 22 minutes of play, and Shelvin Mack played seven minutes and had two points.
1.5 Stars (out of 3)
Sub Man of the Game: Roger Mason
GRACIA: Roger Mason and Cartier Martin each scored six points in the fourth
quarter to keep the Wizards close, but with Crawford struggling so much, the team needed some firepower that the second unit was unable to provide. The lack of depth on this squad is a glaring issue that must be addressed moving forward.
1 Star
Sub Man of the Game: Roger Mason
WEIDIE: OK, so James Singleton, ink barely dry on his passport back from China, much less the 10-day contract he signed with the Wizards yesterday, didn’t exactly provide a boost off the bench. Oh well. Roger Mason (4-for-6 on 3-pointers) and Cartier Martin (2-for-3) damn near shot the Wizards back into the game. Good for them.
1.25 Stars
Sub Man of the Game: Roger Mason

BENCH TOTAL: 3.75 out of 9 stars

The Coach: Randy Wittman

The Coach: Randy Wittman

KYLE WEIDIE: Plus-1 to Wittman for yelling loud enough at Jan Vesely to shoot so that we could hear over the Tee-Vee (pixels, produced). Plus-2 to the “cavernous arena” in Detroit, as Comcast’s Steve Buckhantz put it, for allowing Wittman’s voice to carry. Otherwise, I think Coach Joe Camel is just happy that his three-guard lineups fared well — Wall, Mason, Martin, Vesely and Seraphin finished plus-5 in five minutes as a unit; Wall, Crawford, Mason, Vesely, and Cook finished plus-6 in five minutes. The Wall, Mack, Mason, James Singleton, and Cook lineup, however, screwed the pooch with a minus-9 in four minutes of action together.
1.5 Stars (out of 3)
ALLEN: It probably stings Wittman for his job to be judged without the services Nene and Trevor Booker against a frontcourt featuring the likes of Monroe, Maxiell and Wallace. He tried to combat them by using the bodies he had and distributing the minutes well, but the Wizards continued to get into foul trouble, and that was too difficult to overcome. Still, Witt’s team didn’t quit; the Wizards had a nice fourth quarter, outscoring the Pistons 30 to 23 and cutting their one-time 20 point lead down to a five point loss.
2 Stars
GRACIA: I have been an advocate of keeping Wittman as the team’s
head coach past this season for the effort he has given during his short tenure. But to keep this short and sweet, giving Crawford nearly 33 minutes of floor time despite his disastrous showing may have given me reason to rethink my “Randy For Head Coach” proposal.
0.25 Stars

COACH TOTAL: 3.75 out of 9 stars

Seen on the Screen

Jason Maxiell consumes an itty-bitty baby.


End Scene


“It ain’t your night if he goes 5 for 6.
-John Wall on Ben Wallace, via Washington Post

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