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Randy Wittman Wants Jan Vesely To Shoot The Ball, And The TNT Crew Rips On Wizards-Pistons

Updated: April 6, 2012

Good Day.

#1) Throw out this ‘Jan Vesely was the 6th pick, he wouldn’t be picked there in a re-draft’ stuff. You know what? He’s on the team now, and he’s displayed more than enough signs that he will be A-OK one day, capable of diminishing your concerns about mere draft position over time.

#2) Yea, he can’t shoot. And he’ll never be able to unless he doesn’t develop some confidence, which is why Wizards coach Randy Wittman wants him to shoot, and which is why Coach Witt will yell at young Janny when he passes up an open shot… to keep him in Czech. (See what I did there?) Let’s just watch…

Moving on…

The TNT NBA crew of Ernie Johnson, Charles Barkley, Kenny Smith and Shaq ripped on Wizards-Pistons highlights late last night, so I channeled my inner Dan Steinberg and transcribed…

Johnson: “Simply because we have the ability to, we’re going to bring you the Wizards-Pistons highlights.”

Barkley: “Wait, can we just show this one on DVD?”

Johnson: “No…”

Laughter [inaudible]

Smith: “Straight to video.”

Barkley: “This is like Black Snake Moan.”

[… first half highlights … some talk]

Barkley: “Tell you what, boy, you really have to be lonely to go to this damn game.”

[chuckles… a “come on” and then a “come on, man” from two different voices… more highlights]

Smith: “They played harder than the Magic did today.”

Johnson: “So did you. Detroit up 11 at the half….”

Barkley: “Oh, they had a second half?”

Johnson: “They did.”

Smith: “I thought it was the first to 50.” [Ed. Note: perhaps not a bad idea at this point.]

Barkley: “That’s one of the games that you go to and buy a roof seat and you move down on the front row.”

Shaq: “Hey, question. Do you guys do the ‘Go Fishing’ for teams that don’t make the playoffs?”

Several: “Oh, yea….”

Shaq: “OK, good… Twelve games left, I can’t wait! We’re going to do these two teams!”

Smith: “No, we can do one with these two teams tonight.”

[more laughter, highlights…]

Smith: “I’m telling you, these teams are playing haaaard.”

Shaq: “Both teams played hard.”

Barkley (to Smith): “Come on, man … stop that.”

Smith: “You didn’t think they played hard?”

Johnson: “Chuck, how much of that game did you see in the monitor in the green room tonight?”

Barkley: “That game? Man, we didn’t even have that game on…”

Johnson: “That answers my question.”

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