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Can't Say I Do: The Movie (featuring The JaVale McGee Experience)

Updated: May 1, 2012

[You know what they say about little chairs? Little capacity.]

We just couldn’t let JaVale McGee get away from D.C. without giving him his propers… whatever “propers” means. And actually, “Can’t Say I Do,” the movie (let’s call it a mini-docu-drama, I think), doesn’t give much proper respect to young JaVale. Rather, it aims to convey the story of why he is no longer a Washington Wizard… because he couldn’t say “I do” to willingly understanding the game of basketball like coaches, teammates and fans expected.

All that talent in the world with only JaVale to hold himself back. No need to provide advanced statistics, describe skills and faults, or wax poetic on memories of McGee, because it’s as simple as that. He’s gone and I could [not] care less. It took about three years, eight months and 19 days, but the 18th pick in the 2008 NBA Draft (McGee), along with the 17th pick in 2007 (Nick Young), and a guy whom the Wizards essentially got for free from the New York Knicks last summer (Ronny Turiaf), was finally traded so that Washington could get some competent help at the center position (Nene). Kind of sucks that it took so long, but I’m sure the Wizards will figure it out sooner or later.

[Background: On Leap Day 2012, the Wizards faced the Orlando Magic at home, and JaVale McGee came off the bench for the first time all season. The previous night, in Milwaukee, Randy Wittman benched McGee for the entire second half (with good reason), and after the Wizards lost that game, the coach said, “I’m done with young guys. If they don’t want to play the right way, young guys aren’t going to play. It does us no good.” After the Orlando game, which Washington also lost, Wittman said he spoke with McGee (and Nick Young, to an extent), about why they were benched. After that, I asked McGee if he understood the message his coach was trying to send. He could not say that he did, but seemed confident that he would figure it out sooner or later. And now we have a movie to watch…]

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  • larry smith

    Move the F… on The real stars that every body loved; is going, NICK AND JAVALE Do your thing guys.

  • Jake

    Q: Hey you miss JaVale and his antics?
    A: Can’t say I do!!

    Good luck JaVale, but good riddance. Maybe you’ll get it down the line, but I doubt it.

  • ftt

    hahaha, flip look like he’s been stabbed in the back by his bestfriend @ 3:16. Nice job on the video.

  • hosch

    Stupid move trading Jevale McGee. Could have used a good coach Grunfeld, took him 5 years to start developing, he starts developing, and instead of amnestying Andray Blatche to fix the awful team you trade away a young developing C. What is this.

    BTW this is why NBA players can and do levae their teams. Fans aren’t loyal, why should they be. Ridicule a guy who never got in trouble, played hard, was constantly trodded on by the coacing staff, dumb.

    I’ll take a 24 year old center averaging 10 rpg and 3 bpg any day over a bs terrible european big man who doesn’t rebound or play defense and think’s hes a big help becuase he averages 14ppg. Every team averages 90 ppg, someone is going to score. Luis Scola averages 20 ppg. Anyone can average 20ppg. You want the guy on your team who averages 20ppg to be better than the guy on the other team. That’s what seperates.

  • Antonio

    hosch…. You should never talk about the game of basketball… ever.

  • Callan

    Anyone can average 20 ppg? For real dude? Who averages 20 points for the Pacers? Hmm… Maybe I can suit up and score 20 a night…

  • Young

    wow this hosch guy is so mad about the best trade the Wizards made ever… for what reason… he’ll understand in a few years though that Javale is never going to develop into what he thinks it is. And basketball is not all about stats, don’t you see how John specifically mentions that the team is better with Nene instead of Javale?

  • Cube123456

    Yall just cant let it go I see…I’m talking to the guys who wrote the story and the guys still talking about Javale…He is on a playoff team on the other side of the country let it go….Why dont you write about Seraphin or Vessely….Write about John Wall or Trevor Booker but please stop ridiculing a guy that has nothing to do with this organization cause he no longer matters here…..How about that?

  • elvena

    I feel a bit badly for how JaVale came across in this video, but the video is great–and McGee seems to be closer to “getting it” with Denver so . . . Everyone should be happy.

    Seriously, guys, if JaVale “gets it” with another team, let’s cheer for him. Let’s not get down on the Wizards because he obviously wasn’t going to get it here and trying to keep him here wasn’t doing either party any favors.

  • carl

    “He’s gone and I could care less.”

    Should be:

    “He’s gone and I could not care less.”

  • Good call Carl. But also, in a sense, maybe I ‘could’ care less. After all, I did take the time to make this video.

    And don’t worry Cube123456, we will certainly get to the current Wizards… but there’s always room for remembering history, else Ernie Grunfeld could be doomed to repeat it.

    Otherwise, people should feel worse for Blatche than they do McGee… for a variety of reasons….

  • Alan

    @hosch “I’ll take a 24 year old center averaging 10 rpg and 3 bpg any day over a bs terrible european big man”

    News flash. Brazil is not in Europe.

    Also, averaging 10rpg is a bare minimum considering McGee’s talent. You really think that statistic is admirable for a 7 ft athletic centre on a team like the Wizards?

    Also, you don’t need a “mentor” or amazing coach to teach you not to be an idiot. McGee is unanimously considered the worst decision-maker in the league.

  • Adam McGinnis

    Nene obviously is an upgrade over McGee, but to truly evaluate this trade will be down the road because I have serious doubts that Nene can stay healthy and play a full season. As for McGee, personally I would have kept him and tried to sign him on the cheap. However, a change of scenery was probably for the best and him being a national media running punch line was having a negative affect on the Wizards team.