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Optimistic Like A Mug: John Wall's Washington Wizards

Updated: May 4, 2012

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Mean mug? Mug half full? John Wall’s pups are bull-[dog]-ish on the future.

On Monday, six Truth About It.net contributors gauged their optimism about the Washington Wizards. Collectively, we were 65.2% optimistic about the franchise, stemming from the way the team ended the season into the uncertain future. Individually, our optimism broke down like this:

Our optimism derived from ratings across five categories, each weighted differently. Those categories and our averages below:

65% Optimism – Current Players (rated out of 40 points);
81% Optimism – Future Players via draft picks and free agents/cap space (out of 25);
50.4% Optimism – Coaching/Player Development (out of 20);
60% Optimism – Ownership/Team Management (out of 10); and
56.7% Optimism – Arena/Atmosphere/Fan Support/Etc. (a catch-all area rated out of 5).

We also polled TAI readers across those categories. The results:


19.5% of voters gave this category a 30 out of 40; 75% optimism.

The average rating of all voters, however, was 25.6 out of 40; 64% optimism.

FUTURE PLAYERS (draft picks, cap space and free agency)

37.5% of voters gave this category a 20 out of 25; 80% optimism.

The average rating of all voters was 19.2 out of 25; 76.8% optimism.


25.8% of voters gave his category a 7.5 out of 20; 37.5% optimism.

The average rating of all voters was 9.5 out of 20; 47.7% optimism.


43% of voters gave this category a 5 out of 10; 50% optimism.

The average rating of all voters was 5.3 out of 10; 53% optimism.


32% of voters gave this category a 3 out of 5; 60% optimism.

The average rating of all voters was a 2.7 out of 5; 53% optimism.


When the averages from all categories are totalled, people are 62.3% optimistic about your Washington Wizards in the middle of the year 2012. Sounds so futuristic, yet a little bit surprising considering well-documented, long-standing frustrations.

No where to go but up? Don’t think it can’t get any worse, because it can? When the glass is a little over three-fifths full, at least there’s something to believe in. Sports.

And now, a John Wall bounce pass to Chris Singleton…



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