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The Jan Vesely Diaries: ‘In a half-year here, I don’t dare to assess the lifestyle of Americans’

Updated: May 5, 2012

[Editor’s Note: Lukas Kuba (@Luke_Mellow) has been TAI’s go-to for all things Jan Vesely/Czech Republic-related. Today, Lukas provides a translation from one of Vesely’s latest self-penned journals for the Czech website Sport.CZ. Enjoy! -Kyle W.]

John Wall GIF to Jan Vesely…

Jan Vesely: ‘Never in my life I lost so many games’

April 30, 2012 via Sport.CZ

I have to say that the first year in the NBA was a vast experience for me. I never lost so many games in a season, and dealing with that was difficult. But I kept gaining confidence in how to deal with game situations, and I had an opportunity to indulge the unique atmosphere of the most prestigious basketball league of the world. With the end of season, the improvement of the team and positive feelings came after all.

We started producing much more team ball, and we understood how we have to play in order to be successful. Everything culminated with a six-game winning streak and, actually, it’s a pity that we won’t play anymore this season. Definitely we have something to build on for next season, and if we keep playing this way, the Wizards could achieve great things.

I take the whole season as a really strong experience. I had a chance to compete daily with the best basketball players in the world, of which I always dreamed about. In a lockout-shortened season, there wasn’t time for long analyses, as we [the Wizards] didn’t even have any official conclusion to the season. Rather I’d see it like we, teammates and staff members, will go have a dinner over the weekend, and we’ll talk until we all scatter home.

From a human point of view, the stay overseas has enriched me too. I had to use foreign language before when I played for Partizan, so I didn’t have a problem with it, although it’s different to speak English in Serbia and in the US. In a half-year here, I don’t dare to assess the lifestyle of Americans, but still, I’ll be getting used to it for a while. In the Czech Republic, I lived with family, then in Serbia I had to get used to the fact that I’m by myself. It looks like to me that in America, people follow by certain system/rules in basketball as well. But they seem to me the least relaxed from all the nations which I‘ve had an opportunity to get to know closer.

Since we didn’t advance to the playoffs, I’m rooting for Washington’s NHL team. I had a chance to meet with the Capitals hockey players several times and to see their games as well. Now they have a valuable scalp of Boston, and I’ll continue to keep my fingers crossed for them.

I fly home on Monday [April 30]. I’m looking forward to seeing my girlfriend Eva and my whole family. After return, I’ll take a break for a while, then I begin working out individually. I know there’s an interest from the national team, but their training camp starts in July, so there’s enough time for debate regarding my possible participation in the Eurobasket qualification. It will depend on my plans, apparently summer league awaits me overseas.

-Jan V.


Former NBA player and fellow Czech, Jiri ‘George‘ Zidek, on Vesely’s rookie season…


“Jan didn’t have an easy season at all. He came to the team that wasn’t a quality team, due to the Lockout they didn’t have time to get a feel for each other and build chemistry, and the coach who picked him was fired soon. But he had a successful end of the season, that’s a positive thing for the future. Moreover, Jan continues to be ready to work on himself. He grew up a lot in this last year, and he knows that this summer will be crucial for him. They say that for NBA players, the summer between the first and second year is always the most important.”

Lukas Kuba