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With The Third Pick In The 2012 NBA Draft… #Wizards Fans, Who Ya Got?

Updated: May 31, 2012

John Wall contemplates…
Who the Wizards should take.

Anthony Davis would have been nice, very nice. But the world is not always nice. Sure, the Wizards technically “slipped” one spot to third in Wednesday night’s NBA Draft Lottery. But, looking at the odds going in — a 19.9-percent chance to land the first pick, an 18.8-percent chance to land the second pick, a 17.1-percent chance at third, and a whopping 31.9-percent chance to slip to fourth — you can live with the results. I woke up this morning feeling more than content with either Bradley Beal or Michael Kidd-Gilchrist — almost anxious for either/or to happen already.

But, there could be other options. Thomas Robinson anyone? OR… what about a trade?

Twitter is for excitement and overreaction, sometimes. So, in the hype, a conversation between myself and user @UGotTheseIn10 quickly advanced in the direction of sending the third pick to the Portland Trailblazers for Nicolas Batum and the 11th pick (assuming UConn’s Jeremy Lamb would be available at 11) — the idea of jettisoning Andray Blatche to Portland as part of the deal even surfaced. Of course, the unison of such thoughts heavily weighted with Wizards sensibilities means the scenario would most certainly be too good to be true.

Also, per TAI’s John Converse Townsend, team owner Ted Leonsis claims: “I don’t think we’ll trade the third pick in the draft.”

Still, don’t underestimate what tricks Ernie Grunfeld may or may not have up his sleeves.

BUT, as the Wizards stand right now, in the aftermath of the lottery and about 29 days from the draft, who should they take? A quick post-lottery query on Twitter, #WizShouldTake, yielded a sampling of results:

So, let’s put it to a TAI vote…

Who you got, Wizards fans? Beal?

MKG? T-Rob? Someone else?


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  • hosch

    Thomas Robinson. I haven’t seen someone actually rebound here in a decade. This guy is a beast. Low post players dominate in the playoffs, let’s be smart for once. Zero faith in Grunfeld.

  • Michael

    The obvious answer seems to be MKG I think. Guy looks like a guaranteed all-star imo. Plus he would be perfect for the Wizards cause he has a high motor, something we don’t see much around here.

    But if Charlotte takes him, I would go with Harrison Barnes. Probably not a popular selection, but he is the most offensively polished player in the 2012 class from what I can tell. Seems to have all-star written all over him in a sort of Joe Johnshon-mold.

    Even though I haven’t seen much of him, I wouldn’t have much of an issue with Brad Beal either. Anyone to get Jordan Crawford on the bench.

    I think the main area of need is the wing though. Unless Vesely develops some sort of perimiter game, there is a huge lack of talent in that area for the forseeable future unless we draft/sign someone.

  • If you keep the pick, there are really only two choices here:

    Michael Kidd-Gilchrist


    Thomas Robinson

    Both of those guys will feature on contenders at some point in their NBA careers. Hopefully, one will feature for DC.

    Also, those are the kind of guys the Spurs would choose. And when in doubt, do what Pop would do.

  • Reggie E.

    I go with Thomas Robinson. Sure the Wizards have depth in the frontcourt but can you honestly say that Booker or Seraphin are 20-10 guys that will command double teams? Nope. Sure it’s no guarantee that T-Rob will either but the potential is obvious.

    You want a guard to complement John Wall? Either use both 2nd round picks on shooters OR trade them both to move into the late first round and go for Evan Fournier.

    Not to mention that a quality two can be found via free agency. Potentiall All-Star power forwards, on the other hand, are a bit harder to come by.

  • Michael

    Problem with drafting Thomas Robinson is that you are basically saying our last 3 first round picks were all a waste. All three of those guys basically being power forwards and all which is what Thomas Robinson appears to be.

  • Michael, here is the problem: those picks were pretty much a waste.

    My opinion is there are three guys that will go 2-4. The Wizards need everything except a point guard and a center. One of these three guys will be gone and it will be a coin flip over the other two.

    My top choice would be Gilchrest if he is available. He’s 18 and he’s the character guy in the draft. When in doubt – and we are – go with the character guy.

    The idea of having an elite backcourt is rather appealing. But is is such a crap shoot.

  • Milan

    All 3 are character guys, that doesn’t help too much. So when in doubt, go with the character guy who actually fills a positional need (MKG/Beal). And if still in doubt, the player who fits a skill need, shooting. That’s my thought process at least.

    As for those picks, they weren’t a waste, they just were not made with a lot of other options available. Seraphin and Booker were 17 and 23, Vesely was in a weak draft. Robinson likely will be better than all of them, but getting solid roational guys outside of the lottery is no slam dunk.

  • szr

    I can’t imagine passing on Thomas Robinson.

    Oh wait, Grunfeld is picking….

  • Scotty P

    Drummond to the Wiz !! He’ll need a couple years to develop behind Nene. His physical tools are too great to be ignored. Hall of fame potential

  • jarem

    with the third pick, i made the earth sick, mj, him jay, fade away perfect