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UPDATE: If The Wizards Are With Wittman, Why Not Give Him The Respect?

Updated: June 1, 2012

[UPDATE: It seems the Wizards are actually working on bringing back Wittman for two seasons, per reports. There’s also a quote from a “source” via the Post’s Michael Lee that this is “completely a money decision.” And while I won’t deny that the financial situation could be a factor, to say it’s “completely” about money, whomever is saying that, is B.S. And who is saying that anyway? An agent because a job opportunity for a coaching client isn’t open like they had hoped? Maybe, maybe not, but B.S. nonetheless, at least in this writer’s opinion.]


We’ve heard enough hints about Randy Wittman returning to coach the Washington Wizards, wiped free from the interim tag, that we really don’t need a national report, according to league sources, from ESPN’s Ric Bucher to tell us so.

“…even though no official announcement is expected anytime soon,” concludes Bucher’s first sentence announcing Washington’s plans to retain Wittman.

On May 24, the Washington Post’s Michael Lee wrote:

A source with knowledge of the Wizards’ thinking recently described the situation as “an ongoing process,” adding that the team has no timetable to make a decision. Wittman and his assistants are still under contract for next season, lessening the urgency. But the silence – and lack of aggressiveness in pursuing other potential candidates – has raised speculation amongst agents and rival league executives that they all will be brought back.

Lee also quotes a source who says, “Hey, I could be wrong.”


Ted Leonsis even cooed over Wittman on draft lottery night:

Randy is under contract. The entire staff is under contract. The most important signals to me, was in all the exit interviews, to a man, everyone thought that Randy did a fantastic job. So that gave me confidence that I should interview and I had a quality day with Randy. And we still talking through some things and I feel very, very comfortable that when Nene has been around and a John Wall, both say this was a coach that treated us the right way, respected the game and we listened to him.

So, why the wait to make this official? What’s the hold up?

Is this a slow-drip IV of pixels to gradually diffuse fans who will no doubt express their frustration over the Wizards not going after a Jerry Sloan, or a Nate McMillan, or a Stan Van Gundy, (or a Jeff Van Gundy)?

Some fans are already getting online antsy from Bucher’s report. They shouldn’t be, but they are.

Wittman should be back. The man deserves a chance in D.C. The only argument that can be made against Wittman is his past record as a coach (118-238 all time as a H.C.), but that is irrelevant to what he’s done with the Wizards. Players have responded to him, and look, he’s been around some of these guys for all of their careers — Wall, Booker, Seraphin. Why wipe the slate clean with a new, old-school coach? (I won’t use this space to knock Young/Blatche/McGee per usual, but if there’s ever a reason(s) why Witt deserves a chance…)

I’m with Witt. And the Wizards should be too.

Hell, it looks like they are. So why wait to make a formal announcement?

Due diligence? Are people on vacation?

The Wizards need to end the Internet speculation by uncapping the plug on their coaching-decision constipation.

Wittman, by all means, respects the game of basketball. Now it’s time to respect him and make it official.

But, that’s just me… What do you have to say about it?





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  • Jeremy

    I would have love to see one of the “Van Gundies” coaching the Wizards, but I understand why Wittman is getting a shot. They Wizards won’t be contenders for awhile, even with a big name coach, so what’s the worst it could do?

  • Jeremy

    I would have love to see one of the “Van Gundies” coaching the Wizards, but I understand why Wittman is getting a shot. The Wizards won’t be contenders for awhile, even with a big name coach, so what’s the worst it could do?

  • Michael

    Judging by the amount of minutes Wittman gave Jordan Crawford, I thought Wittman did a pretty terrible job. And for that reason alone, I don’t agree with bringing him back.

    Plus, if opposing teams hadn’t rested their top players in the last month of the season, I question whether anyone could justify bringing Wittman back. The guy got his team to play well against other team’s second stringers. That’s hardly an accomplishment.

    But the reality is there is a such a huge talent gap between the Wiz and the rest of the NBA that I don’t think anyone could be successful with this group.

  • @ Jeremy…

    I wouldn’t mind either of the Van Gundy’s so much…. But each has the potential to make it too much about them, be a distraction — not likely intentional, mind you — but I think Wittman’s demeanor, although possibly similar in a quippy kind of way, is better suited, with this Wizards team, to fly under the radar, which is what they need.

  • @ Michael…

    I’m not going to judge Wittman by a single frustrating player when he had no other option… I mean, who else was he going to play at shooting guard?

    Roger Mason? Cartier Martin? I thought he played those guys as much as he could.

    Check back with me when the Wizards actually have competition at shooting guard to allow for Wittman to make Crawford more accountable.

  • jarem

    Give me Sloan, Witt or Hubie Brown (yes i Said Hubue Brown…the real reason Memphis is relevant)…my have coach is adelman but obviously he is not available. No one else though…Shaw wouldn’t fit since he is a triangle disciple and that conflicts with our most talented player (Wall)…

  • Michael

    @kyle- yes all those guys are better options. Even throw in Shelvin Mack at the 2.

    Crawford is a shooting guard who can’t shoot and is a liability on defense. I fail to see how any of the alternatives mentioned are a worse option.

  • N

    Im glad you wrote about this guys. Was reading that hack Lee’s post on my mobile and was going to comment on WP.

    Where is the hometown appreciation for a guy earning a shot the old fashioned way? Why must the WP clowns continue to try and fabricate a story about this being a “money” decision. They of all people should know how Ted operates. Character, commitment, work ethic. Randy showed it and got it out of the team. Thats why he’s here. Not because Ted wanted to save a few million bucks on a coach.

    They continue to report with an agenda – to create a story versus reporting intelligently. I wanted to throw my phone when I read that story. Screw the Post, do me a favor and trip Lee next time you see him suckling espn’s teet in the press box.

  • Robert

    The Van Gundys micromanage every possession and generally their teams play at a snail’s pace….not a fit with the Wizards personnel. I agree with Jarem….Adelman would be a perfect fit. Hubie Brown or Jerry Sloan would be almost perfect. Wittman is ok in my mind, but that’s about it. I just wonder how many guys have been successful in their 3rd head coaching oppurtunity after 2 failed opportunities…that’s my hesitation with Wittman.